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Installation and maintenance of elevators. MiTOL


MiTOL" LLC was established in 1998 to provide services for the installation and mainte-nance of elevators and escalators. Our history began with eight lifts service the Military Academy of the General Staff (Moscow). Currently, the number of elevators serviced grew to 6 thousand. In the year the company produces more than 700 installation of lifts. Just promote its maintenance and management of housing.
The group of companies under the brand "MiTOL" includes companies: "MiTOL"LLC, "MiTOL-Nara" LLC, "OSP MiTOL" LLC, "MiTOL-Bogorodsk" LLC, "MiTOL-WEST" LLC, "OK MiTOL" LLC, "MiTOL-BALASHIHA" LLC, "OLTEKS" LLC, "MiTOL-EAST" LLC, "MiTOL PRO" LLC.

Today the company is engaged in installation of elevators in the city of Moscow and the Moscow region, maintenance of lifts in Balashikha, Noginsk and Noginsk district, Pavlovsky Posad, Fryazino Elektrogorsk, Luhovitsy, Naro-Naro-Fominsk district, Orekhovo-Zuyevo district. Services by the Ministry of Defence are lift the Armed Forces and other security agencies, such as the Central Hospital of the MIA, etc.

LLC "MiTOL" to participate in a federal program to replace obsolete elevator equipment in the Moscow region. Enterprise was entrusted to carry out works on 30% of the total lift of the program (450 out of 1600 elevators). With a specified volume of our organization right regulated period from September 01, 2014 to December 20, 2014. In this case of "mitol" has established itself as a reliable performer, without comments and complaints.

Since its establishment, the foundation has been based on the principle of perfect fulfillment of its obligations. To do this, focused on the recruitment of qualified personnel and modern logistics
The company has established direct relationships with leading manufacturers of lifting equipment, which allows in a short time, with high quality and low cost of the work is for installation and commissioning of lifts and systems LDSS any structure and complexity, as well as for the customer to service the and repair of elevators and systems LDSS.

B1The company produces the supply of lifting equipment, installation and modernization of elevators, installation and service of analog systems, elevator control communication, automated control systems and dispatching elevator systems that allow the manager to make the elevator emergency service elevator in a computer database information about all the works produced by the elevators. On the basis of these data produced daily operational analysis of the elevators.
LLC "MiTOL" has logistical bases in the cities of Pavlovsky Posad, Luhovitsy, Naro-that allows the company to resolve issues to ensure quality and continuity maintained equipment.

Long-term positive experience for installation and operation of elevators and other lifting equipment of various modifications, allows the company to safely participate in projects of any complexity. All-time activity in the enterprise, there are no complaints from contractors. On the contrary, our partners are usually grateful for the work and cooperate on a long term basis.

Today the company is one of the largest organizations of Moscow elevator area. We carry out maintenance over 6000 elevators in various towns in the Moscow region. Each year of commissioning and maintenance take more than 700 lifts.

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