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Director: Dmitry Honer
Phone: +7(496)239-30-72
E-mail: ok-docs@mitol.ru

Active development of the company's services in markets mitol suburbs of lift equipment with inspired leadership of the organization to create a branch in the town of Pushkino, Moscow region. In March 2016goda was open enterprise "OK MiTOL".

To work at the dealership professionals were involved in the highest, spent more than a decade in the industry. Due to the attraction of experienced staff and the active expansion of geography of service of the company "OK mitol" spread to the entire city of Pushkino and Pushkin district.

Smoothly functioning control towers and well-equipped repair and service teams, allow the clock to provide our customers with quality service, to carry out regular maintenance work in accordance with technical regulations manufacturers, promptly carry out repair work.

Not a small value the leadership of "OK mitol" given to establishing contacts with the representatives of citizens at all levels of the various management companies to seniors on the entrances. This interaction can not only solve problems, but also to improve by analyzing public opinion quality services quickly.

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Director Mamonov Vadim A.
Tel. 7 (495) 523-63-49
E-mail: miel_mo@mail.ru

The company LLC "MIEL" was created for the installation of lifts and other lifting equipment on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region. LLC "MIEL" is part of the group of companies "MiTOL" Due to the high qualification of our specialists we carry out the most complex projects and make installation of elevators, both domestic and imported.
The main type of service that we perform:

  • Completion and delivery of elevators in Russia and abroad.
  • Installation of elevators
  • Removing lifts
  • Repair and replacement of equipment for elevators
  • Maintenance of elevators.

    We constantly monitor the latest developments in the elevator industry and the most advanced use in their work.
    Our main advantage - it is a continuous relationship with manufacturers, personal approach to each client and project. The team of professionals decide all questions of the customer at all stages up to commissioning.
    Working with us you will not even notice what time lift maintenance performed on your objects. Strict adherence to all rules and regulations - the key to the success of the whole elevator equipment.

MiTOL-Balashiha LLC

«MiTOL-Balashikha» LLC

GavrilovDirector Sergey Gavrilov

Tel. / fax: +7 (495) 258-63-81, +7 (495) 226-28-54

Tel. single dispatch call-center:

+7 (495) 761-70-68 and 7 (925) 874-85-47

E-mail: info@mitol-balashiha.ru

LLC "MiTOL-Balashikha» is one of the leading companies of the group of companies "mitol».
The main activity of the company "MiTOL-Balashikha" is technical, alarm systems and maintenance of elevators, elevator dispatch communication systems, moving walkways, escalators and other lifting gear in Moscow and the Moscow region eastward. We also provide overhaul and refurbishment work, the replacement of all types of lifting gear, repair and supply of spare parts. We maintain lift and lifting equipment of different models, with all control systems, available in different domestic and import manufacturers.
Particular attention our company pays periodic maintenance of lifts that allows you to minimize downtime and extend the life of elevator equipment. Our employees have a high degree of training and undergo regular training to improve skill levels. We guarantee the quality of our work and the high level.

We are pleased to assist in the organization and operation of elevators issues of any complexity, as well as timely and professional manner to advise our customers.
Flexible financial policy of our company allows to consider almost any opportunities and wishes of our customers.
The presence of own production facilities, laboratories, electronics repair, close ties with suppliers of spare parts imported and domestically produced, to minimize downtime of lifts and the cost of repair and recovery. < br /> The information about the work and able to serve elevator and lifting equipment from all cities is sent to a single dispatch call-center located in Balashikha, where monitors, fixation and control of production processes.

Clients LLC "MiTOL-Balashikha» are:
- management companies, owners of large companies, such as:
group YIT, Group IIC Group of companies «GranelleGroup», Financial Building Corporation LEADER etc .;
- major management companies, HOA, HBC different cities;
- businesses, shopping and business centers, socially important facilities, kindergartens;
- military units, objects, structures MVD and FSB of the Russian Federation;
- and other organizations cities Balashikha, Mytishchi, Shchelkovo, Reutov, Railway and Fryazino.

Maintenance of elevators

Group of companies "MiTOL" conducts maintenance of elevators in Moscow and Moscow region. One of the main directions of our activity is the warranty and service elevators a variety of elevator companies and models. Our experts have 15 years of performing maintenance work on the lifts correctly, quickly and efficiently.

maintenance of elevators

For "MiTOL" not their own and other clients. We carry out maintenance of elevators such as those that have been mounted and installed one of our companies "MiTOL"so , and those that have been established by other elevator companies , and subsequently joined our services. Of course, those lifts that we have set ourselves, easier to maintain , since all the nuances of the object we know already at the stage of design and installation . This allows us to greatly lower the cost of maintenance of elevators. After all, we do not need to be distracted by the correction of errors that were made to us, and adjust the equipment under our lift emergency services .

Group of companies "MiTOL" performs services not only lifts , but escalators , moving walkways , loading platforms , hoists foreign manufacturers : OTIS, KONE, KLEEMAN, SIGMA, AXEL, Hundai, Schindler, Thyssen, KOYO and other .
Among domestic manufacturers of elevators and hoists are: CMH Karacharovsy Mechanical Plant Mogilevky Machine Works, SCHLZ Scherbinsky elevator plant, MEL Moscow elektooborudovanie and elevators , LLZ Lobnensky mashinstroitelny plant .

For customers who wish to give their elevators to our service, we recommend partial or complete renovation and reinstallation of the elevators. For safety, comfort and convenience , as well as improve the design elevator cabs , we offer our customers the most interesting and feasible options for installation and upgrading of any lifting equipment . During the work of the group of companies "MiTOL" found a huge number of models of lifts and service lifts to be more than 5000 . Our services will suit anyone , even the most demanding customers .

Why Choose "MiTOL" :

1) We carry out maintenance of elevators and other lifting equipment in Moscow and the Moscow region for more than 15 years.

2) Dispatch system and alert helps us to quickly fulfill all our customers' applications .

3) Lift Emergency Service "MiTOL" works for you around the clock in all areas of Moscow and Moscow region.

4) Our engineers and technicians for installation and maintenance of elevators have very high qualifications and work with all types and brands of foreign and Russian manufacturers. Also , all of our staff :

• undergo refresher courses
• regularly be certified
• participate in workshops manufacturers of elevators in Russia and abroad

The cost of maintenance of elevators depends on the following factors :

• manufacturer of lifting equipment
• destination elevator
• carrying capacity
• Number of floors ( stops)
• percent depreciation of elevator equipment

Call +7 (495) 523-63-49 . Our specialists will come , inspect the condition of your elevator equipment and calculate the cost of maintenance. Indeed, in each case is different and this price can be reduced through an integrated installation of elevators and its further maintenance.

Call us, we are always happy to !


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