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Demidov1Laboratory "MiTOL" LLC

Head of Laboratory: Maksim Demidov
Address: 12, New str., Noginsk, Moscow reg. 142400
Tel / fax. +7 (496) 515-67-27

For service and repair stations elevator control based on microprocessor technology (UL, UKL, Shulku, SHULM), hard logic (ULZH-10, FDA-10) in the enterprise a laboratory equipped with special equipment and stands.

Scope of works:

  • Start-up of newly commissioned plants elevator control
  • Testing of electronic boards.
  • Repair and adjustment of electronic exchanges UKL, UL, Shulku, SHULM, FDA-10-10 ULZH, NKU
  • Installation and maintenance of computer systems control communication: ASUD-248; "Ob", CDC-M.


The main functions of computer systems dispatch:

  • Control of the elevator;
  • Collect and record the execution of applications from residents;
  • Control of discrete parameters that characterize the work of the engineering equipment and communication networks;
  • Two-position control actuators;
  • Generation and transmission of data over a communications network to the top level or services concerned.

With the power systems ASUD "Ob" CDC-M controller has the ability, using a computer database to conduct daily operational analysis of the lifts in services. System communicate with the elevator safety devices and issuing troubleshoot problems on your computer.

Manufacturing base


Chief manufacturing base Vyacheslav Pchelintsev

For industries to enable rapid problem solving on an urgent repair of lifting equipment, as well as on its storage, which in turn significantly reduces the cost of the customer, if necessary, storage elevators, and the availability of specialized vehicles - to optimize the delivery and loading works. Carried out work on the auxiliary lifting equipment for installation.

Maintenance of ventilation channels

Plot maintenance and smoke ventilation systems in high rise buildings.
Plot Manager: Pavel Kozelev.
Prepared and trained specialists are able to survey, certification, repair and chimney cleaning and ventilation systems in high rise buildings and cottages. The work carried out our service area and smoke ventilation systems in high rise buildings and cottages:

  • examination of ventilation and smoke removal, including the method of TV inspection, taking swabs from the laboratory;
  • cleaning chimneys, ducts and ventilation equipment from dust, grease, grime and dirt combined;
  • disinfection and ventilation chimneys;
  • design of "Log book for the cleaning and disinfection of ventilation, smoke and air conditioning system at the facility"

Quality maintenance of ventilation systems, smoke and air conditioning are correct selection of tools and reagents:

  • machinery and equipment for the cleaning of ventilation systems, smoke and air conditioning modes of use;
  • chemistry reagents for decontamination of air ducts and ventilation equipment, and their optimal use.

MiTOL GROUP, thanks to the huge manufacturing base and unique staffing of professionals will perform the work of any of the cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems, smoke and air conditioning systems in high-rise buildings, cottages and country houses.
We guarantee the quality of work, corresponding to the requirements of applicable law, certain of which:


Lift maintenance and emergency service

Given the different financial capabilities of customers, "MiTOL" LLC offers flexible contracts, depending on the composition of services offered:

  • comprehensive maintenance;
  • Typical maintenance;
  • repair (replacement of major parts and components);
  • maintenance (replacement of small parts and spare parts);
  • laundry emergency services;


At this time, the company has six sites for the the elevator:

1. Balashikha. tel / fax: +7 (495) 524-23-53
2. Pavlovsky Posad. tel / fax: +7 (496) 435-17-79
3. Walnut-Zuevo. tel.+7 (926) 263-59 - 64
4. Lukhovitskii. tel / fax: +7 (496) 634-26-88
5. Fryazino. tel / fax: +7 (496) 564-24-46
6. Moscow. tel / fax: +7 (495) 524-23-53

Maintenance contracts provide for the implementation of technical and qualified emergency elevator maintenance in accordance with the rules of construction and safe operation of elevators with the requirements of GOST R 55964-2014, GOST 55969-2014, GOST 53780-2010, GOST 53781-2010, GOST 53782-2010, GOST R 53783-2010, Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 011/2011 "elevator safety "rules of labor protection and safety, fire Safety Rules"




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