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Management company "Comfort"


Managing Company "Comfort" was established in May 2008.
Generals director Anatoly Volkov

Provides services for the management and improvement of real estate adjacent to the housing stock areas.
Company objectives are to improve conditions for people living in homes under management, which makes use of new technologies in the process of maintenance.

In October 2009, the company has put into operation a system of automated control and dispatching ASUD. The system is designed to receive signals and working out of the elevator, gas boilers and heating units and timely transfer of information about failures in the emergency services.

The procedure and conditions for the provision of works and services for maintenance and current repair of the common property in the apartment building.

The content of the common areas

1. Wet sweeping staircases and marches, the lower two floors - daily
2. Wet sweeping staircases and marches above the second floor - 1 day a week
3. Washing stairwells and marches, the lower two floors - 2 times a month
4. Washing stairwells and marches above the second floor - 1 time per month
5. Sweeping the floor of the elevator car and wet cleaning - daily
6. Wet wiping walls, doors, ceilings on staircases, attic stairs,
enclosures for electric and low-power devices, mailboxes - 1 per year (April)
7. Wet wiping windowsills, radiators - 2 times a year (April and September)
8. Cleaning windows, glass - 2 times a year (May and October)
9. Sweeping dust from the ceiling - 1 per year (April)
10. Wet wiping walls, doors, ceilings and ceiling of the elevator car 2 times a month
11. Cleaning the site in front of the entrance - daily

Cleaning of the local area, which is part of the common property of an apartment building

1. Sweeping the local area in the summer - 2 times a week
2. Cleaning debris from the lawn, cleaning bins - 2 times a week
3. Slight shift and sweeping snow in snow - as required
4. Solid waste removal - 3 times a week

Preparation of an apartment building to a seasonal operation

1. Strengthening the drain pipes, elbows and funnels - 1 per year
2. Conservation of the central heating system - 1 per year
3. Replacing broken glass doors and windows in the common areas, minor repairs and strengthening doors - as required
4. Repairs, adjustments, flushing, testing, re-activation of central heating -1 times a year

Conduct inspections and minor repairs

1 inspections, minor faults in ventilation, smoke, electrical devices:
1.1 checks of sewage extracts - 1 per year.
1.2 check for traction in dymoventilyatsionnyh channels - 1 per year.
1.3 Checking the grounding sheath electric cable, insulation resistance of wires - 1 per year.

Structural elements:

1. Current repair steel mounting parts (brackets lestnitsflagoderzhateli fire, tongs gutters) 2. Eliminating leaks krovli3. Current maintenance outputs kryshu4. Current maintenance systems vodootvoda5. Current repair junctions and seal joints in krovle6. Repair, insulation of doors on stairwells cherdak7. Current maintenance doors in common polzovaniya8. Current maintenance windows in common areas

Engineering services and in-house equipment

1. Repair, washing heaters
2. Repair of central and individual heating units
3. Recovering heat insulation systems
4. Repair of elevator assembly
5. Current maintenance of internal networks of hot water
6. Current repair boilers
7. Current maintenance of internal networks of water supply
8. Current maintenance of internal networks sewerage
9. Current maintenance of equipment, appliances and plumbing fixtures PSTN
10. Maintenance of individual boiler and ITP.

In-house electrical, radio and TV equipment

1. Current repair cabinets opening and water-distribution devices
2. Current maintenance of the protection, control and management of public
3. Current maintenance of electrical equipment in-house public
4. Current maintenance Intra electrical networks
5. Current repair floor shields and enclosures
6. Current maintenance of metering and regulating public
7. Current maintenance of lighting systems of common areas


1. Repair the elevator doors
2. Current maintenance of mechanical and other equipment

Other work

1. Emergency service is constantly on the systems:

  • water supply,
  • heating
  • gas supply,
  • sewerage,
  • power

2. Rodent control - 1 per year
3. Disinfestation - 1 per year

Information on the work performed (service provided) for the management, maintenance and repair of the common property in the apartment house

1. Management services to the common property of apartment buildings, including:

  • Management of maintenance and repair (assessment of technical condition and the need for maintenance and repair, preparation of defective instruments and other technical documents, plans ongoing maintenance and sanitary maintenance of the property, the organization and control of the current work) - the period of the contract
  • Financial management (preparation of cost estimates and revenue, providing accounting, attracting additional financial resources, financial reports to the owners of the property) - in the period of the contract
  • Act as a customer for the maintenance and repair (Preparation of tender documents and the search for performers - contractors) - in the period of the contract
  • Providing safe living in the house and property (the organization of fire prevention, monitoring of compliance policies and use of the common property, the rules of redevelopment and refurbishment)
  • during the Contract
  • Interaction with owners, tenants and occupants (contracts with the owners of the premises, the provision of information related to the contents of the house, preparing meetings of owners of premises, accepting applications and written applications) - in the period of the contract
  • Records management, archiving documents, interaction with local governments, state inspections, financial institutions and others - in the period of the contract
  • Control the quality and quantity of public resources provided, the account of consumers of public services, the regulation of relations between consumers of public services in the home - in the period of the contract

2. Services provided by the management company in respect of the common property of the owners of the premises in an apartment building, out of the services specified in the Rules of the content of the common property in the apartment building, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation of 13 August 2006 № 491. - In the period of the contract  

General information about the management-(according to Decree of the RF Government of 23.09.2010 № 731)

1. Name of the managing organization
Limited Liability Company "Management Company" Comfort "
2. Data on the head of the management company Managing Director: Anatoly Volkov
3. Essential elements of the state registration
Registration Number: 1085072000749, date of registration: May 8, 2008.
Name of the authority that made the decision on registration: Interdistrict Inspectorate
Federal Tax Service № 8 in Moscow region
4. Contact information management organization
Mailing address: 10, Zhukovsky st., Lukhovitsy, Moscow region, 140500

Address of the actual location of the managing organization: 10, Zhukovsky st., Lukhovitsy, Moscow region, 140500

Contact numbers: tel / fax: +7 (496) 636-31-14, +7 (496) 636-31-14

E-mail address: ykkomfort@mail.ru

5. Mode of management organization
Working hours: Mon-Fri from 8.00 to 17.00 hours; break from 12.00 to 13.00
Hours personal reception of citizens: Director: Wednesday from 8.00 to 12.00
Opening hours dispatching service: +7 (496) 634-26-88 (free)
6. A list of apartment buildings under management management organization based management contract
Number p / n Location Total area
1. MR Lukhovitsi st. Ostrovsky, 11 4504.9
2. MR Lukhovitsi st. Timiryazeva 120 15469.3
3. MR Lukhovitsi st. May Day, 52 4449.26
7. A list of apartment buildings in respect of which management contracts were terminated during the previous calendar year
In 2010. cancel the contract no.



Director Bykov Alexander

Tel. 8(496) 255-48-49

E-mail: osp@mitol.ru

With the expansion of the geography of objects maintenance of elevators in 2008, it was decided to establish the enterprise OSP MiTOL.

This company was created by professionals of the elevator industry with the aim of providing services for the operation and maintenance of elevators and lifting equipment.
Today, the enterprise services facilities: in Fryazino, Shchelkovo, microdistricts of new buildings in Balashikha. In each of these areas we have an extensive line of mechanics performing maintenance work on the elevators, as required by the manufacturer; emergency and dispatching services that can quickly and efficiently carry out repairs and maintenance of elevators in good condition.

In addition, the company's management strives to ensure every part of the necessary supply of spare parts to prevent downtime of elevators. At the disposal of the enterprise there are specialists who carry out the repair and commissioning of modern microprocessor elevators as domestic and foreign production. Great importance is attached to communication with the locals and senior at the entrances, as well as citizens' initiatives to improve the quality of services provided.

We are always open for dialogue.

MiTOL - Housing


"MiTOL Housing" LLC
Director Anatoly Kumakshev
Number of employees - 95 people.
Tel./Fax: 8-263-3-30-39; 8-263-3-24-99

"MiTOL Housing" LLC specializes in overhaul, maintenance and repair of the housing stock. Professionally engaged in all kinds of orders. technical work any modern materials (plastic, polypropylene).

Manufacture and install towel customized diameter from 15 mm to 50 mm (black, galvanized, stainless steel, metal-pipe), and to carry out repair and finishing work using any finishing materials. We provide quality repairs and decoration of apartments.

Based on advanced materials professionally overhaul envelope housing (interpanel joints, insulation of roofs, facades, painted facades).

Will repair soft and hard roof, using the latest technology - liquid rubber coating, performance was acquired Canadian-pumping station for spray solid membrane of rubber-rubber mixture. Guarantee for the work performed for 15 years.




"MiTOL-Nara" LLC
General Director Vladimir Brykin
Number of employees - 83 people.
Tel./Fax: +7 (496)342-5775

"MiTOL-Nara" LLC is engaged in service and maintenance of elevators, Naro-Fominsk and Naro-Fominsk.

"MiTOL-Nara" LLC has two central lift emergency services (LAS).
Dispatch system CDC-M (integrated supervisory control for lifts) includes:

  • Protection of machinery spaces
  • Full control of the elevator control circuits with on monitor
  • Disabling the elevator in case of an intrusion into the elevator shaft
  • Ability to disable the elevator control room
  • High quality bi-link controller with a cabin and machine room elevator
  • The ability to connect the engineering equipment in residential buildings.

MiTOL - Bogorodsk LLC

"MiTOL- Bogorodsk" LLC
Director Igor Krasnov
Number of employees - 97 people.

Tel. / Fax: +7 (496)519-15-39, +7 (496) 519-98-37

"MiTOL- Bogorodsk" LLC provides services and provides a full range of services in the field of operation of hoists in Noginsk and Noginsk district.

"MiTOL- Bogorodsk" LLC has a central elevator emergency service (LAS) and 7 on the local control room, which has a ASUD 248.
All crews are LAS mobile communication, enabling them to immediately contact each other and the central elevator emergency service.

"MiTOL-Bogorodsk" LLC was established in May 2006 at the site enterprise LLC "MiTOL", headed Igor Krasnov as director. He clearly organized work of the enterprise that is commendable. For labor achievements, professionalism at work, a great contribution to the development of housing and communal services of the Moscow region enterprise "MiTOL-Bogorodsk" LLC represented by the Director, Ivan Krasnov awarded a diploma of Moscow Region Governor Boris Gromov.
In the future, our company intends to not lose progress and improve the level of service elevators. Will be equipped with all of the elevator car video surveillance systems, upgrade laboratory repair and adjustment of electronic devices. Since its establishment, the company has been the basis of the principle of perfect fulfillment of its obligations.


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