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"MiTOL Housing" LLC
Director Anatoly Kumakshev
Number of employees - 95 people.
Tel./Fax: 8-263-3-30-39; 8-263-3-24-99

"MiTOL Housing" LLC specializes in overhaul, maintenance and repair of the housing stock. Professionally engaged in all kinds of orders. technical work any modern materials (plastic, polypropylene).

Manufacture and install towel customized diameter from 15 mm to 50 mm (black, galvanized, stainless steel, metal-pipe), and to carry out repair and finishing work using any finishing materials. We provide quality repairs and decoration of apartments.

Based on advanced materials professionally overhaul envelope housing (interpanel joints, insulation of roofs, facades, painted facades).

Will repair soft and hard roof, using the latest technology - liquid rubber coating, performance was acquired Canadian-pumping station for spray solid membrane of rubber-rubber mixture. Guarantee for the work performed for 15 years.