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News about elevators

Features of elevators in office centers

lift ofis tsentr

The concentration of interests of large corporations closer to decision centers encourages the construction of head offices in capitals and large cities, and the cost of land there drives buildings up. Caring for the outside of the business forces us to purchase the best quality elevator equipment with individual features and reliable service.

The specifics of lifts in business centers

The functioning of high-rise office centers is impossible without the reliable and efficient operation of elevators. They must cope with the following tasks:

  • At rush hours, in the morning, quickly disperse employees into floors, in the evening, without long expectations, lower them to the first floor.
  • Using a controlled elevator access system, ensure metering and security in the office building.
  • A solid and modern looking elevator, with clever organization of transportation, creates the image of a dynamic and prosperous corporation.

Organization of delivery to the workplace

lift ofis tsentr1

The technical capabilities of unloading passenger traffic during peaks in elevators are constantly being improved. Recently, double elevator cabins (double deckers) have appeared, the operation of two cabins in one shaft (twin) and the speed of movement reaches 16 m / s. However, the most popular organizational schemes are two flow control systems.
The classic scheme involves the maintenance of a single cabin part of the floors. The floors that it does not service, the cabin slips non-stop. As a result, the speed of delivery to the desired office increases. Efficiency and energy savings increase by reducing downtime.
A continuation of the classics is the control system for the high-speed delivery of passengers to transfer platforms (Sky Lobby). The user is delivered by a high-speed elevator non-stop to the site, from where he gets to the desired office or next transfer by another elevator. Various combinations of both control schemes are used in high-rise towers of business centers.

Access for guests and visitors

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Control over the elevator management allows the administration to determine the access rights of guests and office center employees. The guest, having received a temporary access card at registration, applies it to the reader in the cabin and gets to the desired floor. Such opportunities simultaneously solve the following problems:

  • Connect the security service on time.
  • Keep records of employees' working hours.
  • Have an automated base of visitors and workers.

Meet by clothes

The office center begins with the entrance and the elevator is its important element. The solid appearance of the elevator portal, successfully fitting into the interior of the hall, as well as the modern decoration of it and the cabin, inspire the visitor with respect for the organization located in the business center.
Convenience of use, the saturation of the cabin with various technical innovations from the well-known elevator brand also contribute a lot to the positive image of the business center.

High-quality installation and reliable operation of such elevator equipment requires timely preventive repair and regular maintenance from a reliable service company.

Installation of elevators. Panoramic elevators

lift panoram

At least half of homeowners are motivated to install a panoramic elevator with their aesthetic tastes and desire to stand out. The rest add to this understandable interest the comfort and amenities provided by this type of ski lifts. However, enterprising people derive a substantial share of the profit from their acquisition.

Commercial use of elevators

The cost of a panoramic elevator is more expensive than usual due to the following expense items:

  • Glass walls of a cabin, shaft and door are more expensive than in passenger lifts.
  • Installation of glass structures is always more complicated and more expensive.
  • The weight of the equipment is much heavier and requires the installation of a powerful drive with comparable load capacity with a standard elevator.

However, in places for profit, the installation of such equipment is more than justified in the following cases:

  • At sea and mountain resorts, where landscape behind glass (panorama) is the basis of business.
  • In shopping centers, where through the glass caress the names of boutiques, cafes and restaurants.
  • Successful placement of graceful designs of panoramic elevators on old buildings makes you want to visit them.

A necessary condition for business success in such places is the number of visits by potential buyers, customers and partners. A significant role in organizing the flow of visitors is played by panoramic elevators.

Features and Specifications

The main objective of this equipment is to provide a wide panorama of the view of the surrounding species, so the more glass, the better. The viewing angle can be any, ideally circular, which motivates designers to a variety of shapes, colors and decoration materials of elevator cabs.
The powerful welded structure of the mine is mounted behind the cabin and carefully masked with mirrors or other decorations of the choice of the customer and designer. For buildings on three floors, the drive is often hydraulic, it makes less noise and is smoother. For resort areas and on the outside of high-rise buildings, the electric elevator is gearless, reliable and environmentally friendly (there is no hydraulic system with oil).
Smooth emergency descent of the cabs is provided in the hydraulic drive by a slow return of oil to the tank, and in elevators with electric drive, when the main power is disconnected, a backup from the battery is provided. The equipment is placed more often at the top of the structure, but by order it can be any or no machine room at all.

The characteristics of most elevators fit into the following parameters:

  • Carrying capacity from 250 kg to 2500 kg.
  • Movement speed less than 2.5 m / s.
  • The cabin accommodates 4 to 10 people.

Individual projects allow a carrying capacity of up to 3000 kg and survey cabins with a capacity of more than 20 people.
Like standard lifts, there are speed limiters, catchers, motion and door closure sensors, and a host of other options included in the safety and control system. Of the features - the use of shockproof glass and its special fastening in the grooves of the frame.
A panoramic elevator for your own home is prestige and comfort, and for a commercial building, a generator of part of the profit.

Inclined elevators and elevators

naklonniye liftiy

Cross-country construction of new buildings or modernization of historic structures may encounter difficulties transporting people between different levels of residence in height. Inclined elevator and elevator is quite a reasonable solution instead of the funicular and cable car where vertical elevation is not possible.

Purpose and design of inclined elevators

Inclined elevators are structurally composed of the same units as ordinary ones, which greatly simplifies installation, repair and maintenance. Their distinctive feature is the angle of deviation of movement from the horizontal of less than 90 degrees in straight sections of the path.

Most inclined elevators can be installed outside and inside structures. Lifts located outside buildings use more often without a gear electric drive on permanent magnet synchronous motors. The absence of hydraulics and a gearbox with oil makes the elevator silent and environmentally friendly.

Main characteristics:

  • Rise angle to 85 degrees.
  • Movement speed less than 1.6 m / s.
  • Payload up to 2000 kg.

The shaft and without shaft version of inclined elevators allows you to equip them with panoramic passage cabins, with any existing security and control systems at the request of the customer.
The variety of species and the inexpensive price makes them a good opportunity not only to provide comfortable accommodation for older people and people with disabilities, but also to equip places of mountain and sea resorts with beautiful views and easy travel.

Inclined lifts for the elderly and disabled

naklonniye liftiy invalid

Another option for inclined elevator equipment, which is useful for elderly and inactive people, is an inclined elevator. It is a platform for moving a wheelchair or chair along the rails parallel to the stairs.
To move the platform, a rack-and-pinion drive with the possibility of autonomous battery power is used. Powerful enough metal racks for guides fasten to a wall and to a floor that reliably provides safe movement.

Advanced models of inclined lifts have the following qualities:

  • They are able to overcome turns and change the inclination of stairs.
  • Rising to the 5th floor, they can make intermediate stops.
  • Automatically fold if necessary.
  • Computer control monitors traffic safety, charging the power battery and timely transition to autonomous power.

Installation of such a lift is an excellent solution for organizing without a barrier environment in 5-story houses without an elevator. Their cost is not great, and the convenience for the disabled and the elderly is wonderful.
A reputable organization that has been operating in the service market for a long time will be happy to fulfill an order for the design, installation and commissioning as soon as possible. She also organizes testing and verification to obtain permits and will provide maintenance during operation.

Pneumatic lift. Advantages and disadvantages

pneumatik lift

The desire of people to live separately leads to an increase in the construction of houses for families without neighbors. However, the desire to receive comfort, of which the elevator is a part, remains and is successfully realized with the help of pneumatic elevators.

Principle and Design

The force lifting the vacuum elevator car is the pressure difference below and above the car. The vacuum pump reduces the pressure in the upper part of the shaft of the shaft and the cab moves up, the faster, the greater the difference. The valve system lets air into the top of the pipe, the capsule slows down, and when the pressure difference becomes zero, it drops slowly under its own weight.

Structurally, the elevator consists of the following parts:

  • Glass or polycarbonate pipe made up of easy-to-close sealed sections, with sealed doors and a metal tip.
  • The cabin of the pneumatic elevator, consisting of a steel capsule sheathed with hermetically transparent plastic, with hermetic doors and mounted on the roof of pressure, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • A vacuum pump with a set of valves and control systems for them is most often located on the lid of the carrier pipe, but sometimes separately, in the technical room in the attic.
  • Security and control system (a set of depressurization sensors, stops between floors, brake system, remote control, etc.).


The main disadvantage of vacuum elevators is related to our climate. Manufacturers produce these elevators for installation both outdoors and indoors, but with us, outside the house, it will not last long. The joints of glass or plastic pipes of the mine, as you do not seal, will still bleed air after a harsh winter.
Other restrictions: low lifting capacity, low lifting height, not high lifting speed mean only that these elevators are designed to transport people in buildings with low floors and low flow.


The positive qualities of vacuum elevators for indoor installation in low buildings are undeniable:

  • Simplicity of design, with few components makes the installation process quick and easy.
  • The mounted shaft is load-bearing and practically does not load the structure of the house.
  • Driving medium for moving the cabin air, the density of which is regulated by a vacuum pump. Ecological purity of the process is ensured.
  • Equipping security systems, the level of which can be selected, eliminates the occurrence of emergency situations even with a power outage. The compressed air receiver gently lowers the capsule and opens the door.
  • Remounting to a new location, ease and low cost of maintenance make installation of the elevator a cost-effective acquisition.
  • Modern design at the request of the user, ease of management in the concept of "smart home" will please the owners even more.


Design solutions for pneumatic lifts can emphasize the aesthetic taste of the homeowner, and affordable functionality can solve problems with improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and the elderly. Prices are quite affordable, serious elevator companies will always offer acceptable solutions and will take up installation of the elevator and maintenance of the elevator.

Installation of an elevator in a private house

lift v dome

A private house, which is why it is private, is that the landlord in it decides most of the main issues himself. I made a decision - I need an elevator in the house, which means installation of the elevator is just around the corner.

Motivating reasons

The presence of elderly and disabled people living in a private house is a very good reason for installing an elevator. The desire to make the lives of such people more comfortable is very valuable and to satisfy him with the purchase of an elevator is quite possible.
Frequent and quick movement of people and goods on floors of a multi-storey building, even easier for all residents living under this roof.
And finally, pathos, a country house with a claim to luxury can greatly benefit from the installation of a modern elevator, with a stylish panoramic cabin in combination with other design refinements that make it individual.

Types of elevators

The next step in installing the elevator is to decide on the principle design of the future lift. In low-rise construction, three types of elevators are common:

  • electric;
  • hydraulic;
  • pneumatic.

Electric lift

This type of elevator does not differ in principle from conventional elevators. The electric motor rotates the shaft through the gearbox or without it, raising and lowering the cab. At low elevation heights, all its advantages are lost, but the disadvantages remain: increased noise, design complexity for installation and maintenance. High energy consumption (the engine runs both on the descent and on the rise) increases costs and reduces the interest of users in their acquisition.

Hydraulic lift

The hydraulic elevator car is raised by the piston under the pressure of the hydraulic oil, and lowered when it goes through the valves into the tank of the system. For three floors, hydraulics ensure smooth running, noiselessness, and safety. The power consumption is also less, the lifting speed is less than 1 m / min and is easily adjustable, and the load capacity is at the request of the consumer. In general, the project of a hydraulic elevator is more economical, easier to install and maintain in a low-rise building than an electric one.

Pneumatic lift

Its principle of operation is similar to pneumatic mail, where the capsule moves in the pipeline (shaft) by the pressure difference above and below. Of course, the cabin is provided with the necessary security systems, ventilation, control. At elevations of not more than 12 meters, such elevators provide characteristics similar to hydraulic lifts. However, compactness, ease of maintenance and installation, together with a diverse design make pneumatic elevators the most preferred.

Key elevator features important to the homeowner:

  • carrying capacity, whether it is necessary to lift loads with people or only people;
  • the brand, only the tastes of the residents can decide on the design;
  • The price is largely determined by the brand of the manufacturer and the budget of the homeowner.

Elevator installation

If the decision to install the elevator was made during the design of the construction, its installation will not be difficult. In the case of installation in an already built house, this can lead to serious changes either inside the building or outside. In any case, installing the elevator by yourself is not possible; such work is complicated and dangerous. This device will require a permit for use and reliable service after installation.

The most correct, after determining the main characteristics and deciding on the installation of the elevator, is to choose a reliable elevator company and solve all issues with it from the project to operation. It will be easier and cheaper.

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