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News about elevators

Cottage elevators

cotteg lift gidravlika

Home elevator is usually used for vertical transportation of objects and is mounted in residential buildings. This equipment is designed for moving goods as well as for transporting people. An elevator for a private house is not intended with a large carrying capacity and is mounted in buildings of two floors and above.

Owners of housing when choosing an elevator to a country house have to face the challenge of choosing between a hydraulic and an electric elevator. The choice is complicated by the fact that when operating the elevator, the difference between them is not noticeable. Many prefer to install hydraulic elevators. This is due to the peculiarities of its installation: the height of the upper floor can be only 2.4 meters and the optional manufacture of the pit that allows you to install the elevator directly on the ceilings.

cotteg lift gidravlika2

Elevators with hydraulic drive type have a lower noise level than with electric drive. Elevator lift height is limited to five floors.

Variants of the elevator to a private house can be both with an open cabin, and with a cabin of a closed modification. Most of them are elevators for closed type homes, since their use guarantees greater safety and reliability of passenger transportation.

Not so long ago, in our country, a new modification of lifting equipment appeared - a cottage elevator. Having a rather compact size, it is ideal for installation in small buildings, in private houses of a two-story building and above.

cotteg lift gidravlika1

As mentioned above, the lifting equipment in private homes is supplied with a hydraulic drive, has compact dimensions and silent operation. Designed to lift passengers (4 people) and cargo up to 240 kg, lifting speed from 0.2 m / s, connecting from a common network with a voltage of 220V and does not require laying of specialized electrical wiring.

In most cases, the elevator to the cottage is made to order, as a result, ideally combined with the interior of the house with its appearance and dimensions, durable, reliable, guarantees complete safety during operation. In addition, the installation of an elevator is possible both at the construction stage and already in a newly built house.

The MiTOL Group of Companies has the opportunity not only to offer various modifications of the above-mentioned elevators, installation of elevators, maintenance of elevators and service lifting equipment, as well as components for any lifting equipment.
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In Moscow, June 26, 2019, the opening of the international exhibition of elevators and lifting equipment

elevator week2019 en

From 26 to 28 June, an exhibition of lifting equipment of Russian Elevator Week will take place at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Manufacturers of elevators and components, suppliers of spare parts, representatives of foreign companies and international industry unions will take part in it.

Exhibitors will be able to see different types of elevators, travelators and lifts for the disabled, to get acquainted with new equipment management systems and solutions for control rooms. In addition, employees of management organizations will be able to test the skills of maintenance and operation of elevators at the exhibition.

The Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, together with the Qualification Assessment Center in the elevator industry, will prepare a special stand where elevators, elevator maintenance specialists and other industry workers will be able to test their qualifications by passing a theoretical exam. Participants in this test will receive a certificate that will allow them to undergo an independent assessment at the Center under special conditions.

"Considering that about half a million elevators are currently operating in Russia, and industry personnel are required to undergo qualification assessment, the presence at REW-2019 of TechnoProgress CSC gives all liftovikam a good reason to combine business with pleasure: to visit the main event of the industry and evaluate their own professional suitability" , - said Svetlana Shevchenko, the head of the Center for Technological Progress of TechnoProgress.

Also within the framework of Russian Elevator Week there will be conferences, round tables, seminars and discussions on topical issues of the industry. To visit the exhibition, you need to register on the event website.

Maintenance of elevators is an important work on which the lives of residents of the MKD depend. You can learn more about the professional standards of an elevator operator and a specialist in assessing the compliance of elevators with safety requirements from our materials.

Five interesting facts about skyscrapers

New-york morning

Today, high-rise skyscrapers are an integral part of the landscape of each major city. And although most of these buildings do not stand out for anything special, some hide really interesting secrets.

Oldest skyscrapers

mayak faros

Although the term "skyscrapers" is relatively new, and in ancient times it was assumed that the farther into the sky, the better. Built in the 3rd century BC, the lighthouse Faros had a height of 135 meters. In 516 AD er The Chinese, in turn, established a pagoda, which reached 137 meters, and its interior housed more than 1,000 rooms.

Space skyscraper

If a few decades ago someone had mentioned the idea of ​​hanging a skyscraper on an asteroid, he would have taken first place in a lineup to a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, NASA is already planning to direct the asteroids so that they rotate around the Earth. At the same time, a concept has emerged that allows a self-sufficient building to be connected with such asteroids. It will use solar energy and get water directly from the clouds.

Skyscrapers and earthquakes


People have a justifiable fear that an improperly prepared building could roll over or collapse as a result of an earthquake. Until the completion of the construction of the Taipei 101 skyscraper, the place where it was located was absolutely calm, "seismically quiet." The number of small earthquakes tripled during construction, and after it was completed - in 2004 - several cases with a magnitude of 3.5 points were noted at once. But the danger of collapse during hurricanes and earthquakes compensates for the 660 ton ball pendulum, which controls the amplitude of the skyscraper oscillation. The fastest elevators in the world work perfectly in it. The speed of 60.6 km / h allows you to get from 5th floor to 89 in 39 seconds. According to experts, the tower will withstand an earthquake, which can be in this area once every 2500 years.

How long does construction take

dubai burj khalifa

Building a single-family home can take years, and some of them usually remain unfinished. So how much time is needed to build a skyscraper? Burj Khalifa was built in 5 years, the Empire State Building in less than 2 - and this is considered a very good result. But this is nothing compared to the recent feats of the Chinese developer Broad Sustainable Building. Sky City skyscraper with a height of 200 meters is installed in just 19 days, the speed - 3 floors per day! Of course, this would not have been possible if it had not been for the fact that 90% of the building was built in advance at the factory, and the task of the workers at the site was mainly the assembly of prefabricated elements. Mini Sky City is designed to withstand earthquakes with a maximum magnitude of 9 points.

When the end comes

skyscraper 4 km

How high can skyscrapers reach? Engineers responsible for the largest buildings in Dubai say "above the highest mountain". Already today a project has been created for a building with a height of 4 km and a diameter of 6 km. If it was a residential tower, it could accommodate up to 8 million people. Moreover, for its implementation is already quite affordable technology. The problem is that, in addition to legitimacy, the costs will be astronomical and will amount to $ 1.5 trillion!

Terms of use elevator

Before you tell about the rules for safe use of elevators, you need to know what the elevator consists of.

shema liftaThe main constructive of elevators.

All elevators consist of an elevator car, which moves in an elevator shaft along guides. In the engine room, which is usually located on the top floor. It contains:

  • control station;
  • a winch that moves the elevator up and down with cables;
  • safety devices with speed limiter.

The elevator shaft contains: guides for movement of the elevator car, the elevator itself, cable system and counterweights, electrical wiring cables. At the lower level is a pit in which the elevator security system devices are located. These are usually buffers: one for cushioning and an emergency stop for the cabin, and the other for counterweights.

Security system in modern elevators

All elevators today are equipped with everything that is necessary for the convenience and safety of passengers:

  • video cameras outside and inside the elevator car;
  • fire alarm;
  • call button dispatcher with intercom.

How does the emergency elevator service system

You are in the elevator and revealed its malfunction. There are many options here, but in any case you need to call the dispatcher. To do this, press the call button (it looks like a bell or bellun). The signal will go to the elevator control station, and then to the dispatcher in the elevator emergency service.

The dispatcher receives the signal, responds to it and ascertains the cause of the malfunction, where the elevator is located (street, house, staircase, floor). If the elevator is equipped with a video camera, the dispatcher visually assesses the situation, gives passengers instructions on which button to press in order to fix the damage. If it is not possible to fix the fault on its own, it sends an emergency lift service team to the rescue.

Passengers do not panic and wait for the arrival of specialists. Do not attempt to leave the elevator on your own, the crew will come and release you.

Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant began to produce elevators according to new safety standards

zavod KMZ

The capital manufacturer of elevators, PJSC Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, was the first in Russia to receive a certificate of compliance with new safety standards. This was reported in the press service of the department of investment and industrial policy of the capital.

"Moscow manufacturer of elevators, Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, the first in Russia certified products in accordance with the updated GOST, aimed at improving the safety of elevator equipment. Today it is the only elevator production in the Russian Federation that has received the certificate of state standard (GOST) 33984.1-2016. The updated GOST 33984.1-2016 was created in order to maximally combine the safety standards of elevator equipment produced in the Eurasian Economic Union with the European standard EN 81-20: 2014, "the press service reported.

The department explained that the elevators, manufactured in accordance with the new standards, will be equipped with double-sided stoppers, which will allow preventing the excess speed from rising upwards.

"Using a special speed limiter will help prevent uncontrolled movements of the elevator car. Installing an inspection post in the pit will allow the elevator to operate safely with a smaller number of personnel, "explained the department.
According to the head of the investment and industrial policy department, Alexander Prokhorov, the products of the capital's factories are in demand in Moscow and the regions of Russia, including high quality standards and compliance with modern safety requirements.

Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, PJSC annually produces more than 6 thousand elevators, another 10 thousand elevators are maintained by the company's specialists throughout Russia. Elevator equipment of this enterprise is used, including on unique objects in the city: in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, on the memorial on Poklonnaya Hill, in the State Kremlin Palace.

Source: Agency "Moscow"

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