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News about elevators

Service lift. History of creation

To date, conventional stationary elevators are used to transport passengers and goods between floors. Elevators for the transport of passengers should transport about 30 people, and special mine lifts take for more than a hundred passengers at a time. A simple elevator is capable of moving silently and delivering cargo at speeds up to 4 m / s. A high-speed passenger elevator can reach a speed of 17 m / s. The current freight elevators move loads up to 10 tons between the floors and do this at a speed of 1.5 m / s. In our time, home elevators are considered necessary to create a comfort device. Now it is difficult to even imagine that a multi-storey building functioned without an elevator. Members of modern society daily use elevators - both passenger and freight, but at the same time little knows how the freight elevator appeared. And the story of his origin is quite curious.

history otis

Someone is inclined to think that the semblance of the elevator known to us appeared in the 17th century in France, but in fact, the unit whose successor is the modern freight elevator, appeared a century later in America. Of course, Elisha Graves Otis, who lived at that time in America and who then worked on various construction sites and worked in a sawmill, deserved the elevator creator. When Otis was busy making beds in one of the furniture factories, it turned out that he had to develop a device capable of transporting to the upper floor of the sawing shop on the instructions of the management.

Otisu task seemed very unusual, but he coped with the challenge.

In less than a year, Otis presented his first serious invention to the world: a cargo elevator with a safety emergency system capable of slowing down the elevator car in case of a cable break. It was really the first freight elevator that was safe to use.

Subsequently, Otis founded a small company for the production and installation of freight elevators and elevators for people, which, as we all know, has become well known in a short time. And in 1854, Otis organized an unusually effective campaign in New York, which attracted a lot of new customers. In one exhibition hall with high ceilings, a cargo lift was installed for this case, which operated between supports at a 12-meter height. At the peak point of the construction was a man holding a real sword in his hands. On the platform of the freight elevator, among the construction sacks and boxes, Otis personally was in a dress suit and an elegant hat. Immediately after the elevator climbed to the very top, at the signal of Otis, the assistant with the sword chopped the rope, after which the platform began to fall down. However, after a meter or two, the protective braking mechanism worked and the platform froze in the air. After such an impressive spectacle, Otis cute bowed to the shocked audience, removing his elegant hat. It is not difficult to imagine how an unusual resonance provoked, then shown experiment.

Installation of elevators. Choice of freight elevator

Which is better to choose: a freight elevator or a cargo lift?

Practically any modern production, be it construction or any storage facilities, needs mechanization means for lifting various loads to a given height or a certain floor. And not only production. With the advent of the first high-rise buildings, the problem of lifting all kinds of cargo, from furniture to construction materials, has also become relevant for residents of the first "skyscrapers" and employees located in their offices. Thanks to the appearance of such remarkable lifting mechanisms as a modern cargo elevator and a cargo lift, we now do not need, like the ancient Egyptians, to use a complex system of levers and blocks and enormous physical strength for lifting even the heaviest loads to any man-made height.

gruzovoy lift

With regard to production, then if you need to address the issue of lifting a variety of goods, there is always the problem of choice, which is preferable - a freight elevator or a cargo lift. The tasks of these mechanisms are almost the same, but due to the fact that the production of freight lifts has a significantly lower cost, the price of these two devices is not comparable. A detailed consideration of this alternative, we now and will.

Cleanly structurally the cargo lift differs from the cargo lift in that the vertical movement of cargo is always done with the conductor, the control panel is located directly inside the cargo cabin, and for the operation of the elevator it is required to equip a special shaft that cuts the interior space of the building. In addition, any freight elevator must necessarily be registered with the state bodies of Rostekhnadzor, and this takes time and money.

gruzovoy podemnik

Taking into account all the above, the advantages of cargo lifts become obvious. Especially if it is a question of such lifting mechanisms, as lifts. It remains only to clearly formulate them and list them.

1. Constructive advantages of cargo lifts

  • There is no need to build a special mine. Cargo lifts can be reliably attached outside the building to any wall or floors with the help of such proprietary structural elements as masts and racks.
  • The lack of a control panel directly on the cargo lift itself does not interfere with its functionality, but only makes the design cheaper. The external control panel performs the same functions, either by sending a cargo cabin to the assigned floor.

2. Economic advantages of cargo lifts

  • Significantly lower freight elevator cost.
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs.

3. Other benefits

  • Absence of the necessity of compulsory registration in the bodies of Rostechnadzor.
  • Ease of installation, dismantling and repair.

Installation of elevators for a cottage

Beautiful and comfortable lift for the cottage

Many believe that the elevator in the cottage - this is an unjustified luxury luxury, without which you can do without. But everyone agrees that the elevator in a private house will look beautiful, unusual, exquisite, extravagant. In addition, the practical use of such an elevator is very justified. Moving all day from the third floor to the first and back, along the steep steps - it's tiring not only for people of advanced age. And if you need to move any heavy things - the elevator is very necessary by the way. And imagine that the house is a disabled person, for people with disabilities, an elevator can become an indispensable key element of a cottage.

kottedzh lift

In any case, the elevator for a cottage is, first of all, a design execution, rather than an engineering one. It is necessary to provide for the dimensions of the elevator and its location, so that it fits as closely as possible into the external interior. Undoubtedly, it should become one of their main decorations at home. But when ordering an elevator, do not forget about its practical application. Therefore it is necessary to determine its load capacity, capacity.

The elevator for the cottage has a number of distinctive features. First of all, the elevator has its own hydraulic drive, which contributes to its almost complete noiselessness. In addition, the elevator will not require serious electricity costs. Lifting capacity for a cottage, as a rule, is enough to transport small-sized heavy loads or several (three-four) people at a time.

When installing the elevator there will be no need for a special room for it. Can be mounted almost anywhere in the house. During installation there will be no need for large-scale works, so do not worry about your repair, ordering the installation of such an elevator.

The Day of the Worker of the Lifting Industry

montazh liftov1a

Dear colleagues and friends! We congratulate you on our professional holiday - Day of the Worker of the Lifting Industry!

This year marks 69 years since the adoption of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR "On the organization of production of elevators." Although the official status of our holiday has not yet received in Russia, we have been celebrating it for several years. Although, we are congratulated on the holiday and on the Day of the Builder, and on the Day of the employee of the housing and communal services. We hope that the State Duma and the Russian government will decide this year to celebrate the Day of the Worker of the Lifting Industry.

I would like to wish this holiday to everyone who works in the elevator health, happiness, luck in all endeavors, new creative ideas and production achievements.
Our dear is only up and this is the way to success!

Administration of the Group of Companies MITOL.

Merry Christmas 2018


Merry Christmas! The star has already lit,
That the magi announced this,
To the love of the world spread,
To the faith gained strength.

To hear the good news In every house
where there is a living soul!
Be happy that God is in the world!
Merry Christmas, dear, I congratulate you!

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