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News about elevators

From the world of the elevator. Installation unusual lifts

Assembling original and not conventional.

This article will tell you mitol which lifts worth their weight in gold, both in mind and not for other purposes, you can use the elevator shaft, and how designers «Otis Elevator» made of several ordinary elevators quite extraordinary, almost artistic complex.

Installation of lifts gold

Hotel Parus

The subtitle makes believe that it will be a very expensive on the elevators. However, it should be understood in all senses - mitol tell you about the passenger elevators are made of the real gold.
On the coast, especially in backlight, at sunset, the building can be taken as a huge sailing ship. How much does it cost the building, no one knows, because the owners of the building keep such information confidential. The building is one of the best hotels in the world, which many call the "seven-star". The hotel is located in the United Arab Emirates, and her name - "Burj Al Arab".

For the construction of this monumental building was undoubtedly given the fabulous sum. This can be judged only because earlier at the site of the island, which was built "Burj Al Arab" was the sea, and the island, which is the foundation - artificial. The hotel has the world's highest lobby, and is one of the champions of the cost of living - the amount varies from a thousand to 28 thousand US dollars.

Hotel Parus lift

Passenger elevators in the building are each in a separate circular shaft. Installation of elevators made the specialists of «Otis Elevator», which probably were surprised by the fact that the elevator car on the project should be covered with a layer of the gold leaf.

How many temptations otkolupnut a piece of the elevator ...
However, even without the gold coating, these high-speed elevators, designed and created the world's best professionals, for sure, too, "gold" - in terms of money.

Installation of the lift-toilet

Lift tualet

Elevator, about which we will tell you now, in fact, not a lift. It's just a toilet, which for several reasons was undeveloped in the elevator shaft. How did this happen?
In one of the old Mexican town, whose name is read from the first time will not all - of Guadalajara, has fifteen-old house, which was built in the 70s of the last century. The building is in colonial style and when you look at it, satisfied tourists exclaim, "Bueno!".

Despite a presentable appearance, interior layout of the building, in terms of convenience for the residents, it leaves much to be desired: small apartments and narrow rooms. In some apartments there is no toilet, so creatives design studio, which received an order from the highest paid of the owner of one of the housing on the fifteenth floor, had pretty smash his head as vtesnit restroom in a narrow space. The decision came unexpectedly ...

During the construction of the house it was planned that there will be two elevators, but in the end the elevator installation was performed only in one of the mines, and the other was left vacant for more than thirty years. By happy coincidence, the apartment, which took in the design studio, was just next door to the mine lift.

Instantly solving organizational problems with local house management, our experts carried washroom in the mine. Are not limited to, the Mexican creators made the floor "lift-toilet" transparent and mine equipped with illumination that lights up with the light bulb in the bathroom, covering fifteen-defeating.
Now the landlord really is where to reflect on "high."

Installation of the elevator. Classic and speed

Sheraton Nashville

Four magnificent passenger and freight elevator in the hotel «Sheraton Hotel Nashville» US state of Tennessee, in fact, are the usual lifts one of the basic configuration of the company «Otis Elevator». However, the designers gave it "to the full" in order to enter the elevators in the design of the hotel and make quite an unusual standard lifts visually complex.
The function of the guide lift metal structures operate on the edges of open mine, and she recalls the railroad tracks. From the hall of the hotel it can be seen that the wall up and down scurry small cylindrical capsule, like a mini-train of the future. Taken together, this is reminiscent of a certain sound visualization system, which bars are jumping up and down in a chaotic manner.

Inside the cabin, through the glass wall can be seen as a rush by the many floors of the hotel. The speed of the elevator car - about seven meters per second.

The company «Otis Elevator» - recognized the world leader in the production of passenger lifts. Some of the company's projects, such as installation of lifts gold, immediately become the subject of heated debate in some circles, but the company is making a major bet on the standard passenger lifts. Maybe that's why «Otis Elevator» has always been a leader in this market.

Installation of elevators. Antiquity and today

Installation of elevators. How things have changed

What do the ancient Roman Colosseum and modern hotels in China and America? Since you went to the site of "mitol" You, of course, already know the answer to this question - "elevator". We continue to acquaint you with the beautiful and the terrible, ancient and ultramodern, covert and overt passenger lifts in all the earth. Let's start with the ancient ...

Installation of lifts at the Coliseum


The inventor of the first elevator is often called Archimedes scholar. Historians, meanwhile, argue that the elevator was invented much earlier. Who is right and not judge us. However, it is known that during the Roman Empire, passenger lift, as well as his brother had been in the cargo load and is widely used for its intended purpose. A striking example - passenger lifts at the Coliseum.

Historical movies about gladiators, we often suggest that a fighter before entering the arena, sitting in his closet, and after the announcement of his name mouthpiece slowly gets up and straightens his shoulders - "Going to die salute you, Caesar!". Actually closet gladiators were at the lower, ground floor of the Colosseum. How much groundwater levels were in the Coliseum while historians can not say so far - of the dungeons was littered with hundreds of years ago.
On the lower floors of the arena gladiator raised just the same passenger elevators, driven by the most popular at the time the device - slaves. Slaves were pulling winch - the elevator car drove up with a gladiator. Of course, no winch or wooden cabin lifts up to now have not been preserved, but the number of elevator shafts, historians have determined that the Coliseum was just 12 passenger lifts for the gladiators.

Lifts at the Coliseum actively remodel, reconstruct ancient drawings on hunches and modern designers. Most recently, the Minister of Culture of Italy made a presentation of the first in the restored Coliseum elevators for a few hundred kilograms. Use the lift to the scene of the Colosseum brought large animals. This invention is an engineering marvel of the ancient world: the cunning system of ropes, counterweights and balances, with the rise could handle eight people.

Installation of elevators in the pyramid

Hotel Luksor

Mitol already acquainted its readers with the "theory of the lift", according to which, the tomb of the Pharaoh Cheops in the largest Egyptian pyramid, is a great one elevator that worked once, down to the bottom of the deceased ruler's facilities, where it is still lacking. This time we will focus on the modern pyramid and how it makes installation and maintenance of elevators.
Pyramid - this hotel is "like Luxor and Casino," which was named in honor of the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor. He is among the fifty best hotels in the two continents of America and represents tridtsatietazhny body in the form of a pyramid made of dark glass. At the entrance visitors are greeted by a giant pyramid Sphinx, which, actually, is that of the entrance: a passage to the hotel is located between his huge paws.
However, Sphinx wonders for guests' would Luxor and Casino "does not end there. After registration, the visitor will sail on a boat through the hall, decorated with statues of the pharaohs. After the boat trip is a guest at the door of one of the four passenger lifts, which are an interesting feature - are not raised vertically and at an angle of 39 degrees (practically the same slope of the walls of the pyramid). Elevators are also mini-pyramids and the corners move away, to the roof, making stop on floors, each of which protrudes slightly forward relative to the lower. A cage inside is dotted with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, fancy badges and sustained in earthy tones. Installation of lifts at the pyramid "like Luxor and Casino was performed by« Otis Elevator ».

Installation of elevators in Chinese tower

Zhemchuzhina Vostoka

In 1997, Shanghai Pudong TV tower was built, which is dubbed the "Pearl of the Orient". The grand building, which from the spire to the ground - 468 meters, until 2007 it was the tallest building in China and to this day remains the world's third television tower height.
The peculiarity of the TV tower in its device. It justifies its name, indeed resembles a string, strung with pearls on it. Supporting structure strong three columns, the diameter of each of which is ten meters. On the "trunk" of the tower there are two large areas that, in fact, are the "pearls", and several smaller areas. In these areas are located the various agencies as the official appointment (TV studio) and entertainment - restaurants, supermarkets. At the top of the sphere is a panoramic viewing platform, where a cloudless day has a beautiful view of the city on the Yangtze River.
Between the spheres runs the double lift that can carry at a time up to fifty people. Besides, in the barrel of the tower is made assembling who develop speed up to seven meters per second. Such lifts in the building of seven, one of which - panoramic. Works on installation of lifts and maintenance of elevators in the building are made firm «Otis Elevator».

Installation of elevators. From the world of elevator 2

Installation of elevators. Elevator, Philharmonic Hall, Chelyabinsk ...

Tomskaya filarmoniya organ1

As usual, once a month mitol does for you a selection of funny, funny, touching, and most importantly - interesting events related to the elevators. This time we'll tell you about what a lift is able to do simple Chelyabinsk pensioner fraudsters, posing as employees of the lift emergency service, iPhones stolen from citizens, as well as how one governor, at the right time in the right place, can provide lifts for the disabled half of the city institutions.

Installation of an elevator for the grandchildren


Elevators for handicapped people began recently installed all over the world. Most often, they differ from ordinary passenger elevators only in that the elevator call button at the door, but the scoreboard inside the cab are on a lower level - to a person in a wheelchair could easily reach them. In some cases, all the input-output panel in the car equipped with Braille for the visually impaired.

Practice installation of elevators for people with disabilities is widely used in Russia. Mitol already told readers about how the company works, perform assembling before the Paralympics in Sochi, a Russian city to make as accessible as possible. But in Sochi lift maintenance carried out dozens of the world's best companies, and we'll tell you about the elevator, who built a single person, 66-year-old pensioner from Chelyabinsk Alexander Shustov.


Alexander last engineer. He has three grandchildren. Two of them, 20-year-old Nikita and 3-year-old Michael, can not walk.
The family lives on the second floor. At the entrance of their house, as in most Soviet-built buildings, there are no ramps. In addition, at the entrance of the old sample set decorative metal column, which prevents drive a wheelchair. To the grandchildren could spend more time outdoors, Alexander Shustov designed and performed the installation of the elevator, where the grandchildren down from the balcony straight into the yard. The guide is based in part on the elevator panel house, but an experienced engineer has calculated everything to the last detail - thanks to the foundation of the house does not spoil, but only to stabilize. Winch mechanism craftsman ordered - they can withstand up to 500 kilograms. Passenger lift starts at the touch of a button.

Maintenance lift pensioner produces itself, and periodically lubricating patching mechanism. At first, without knowing what was going on, local public utilities was tried to stop the construction of questionable design, but understood not only left alone a passenger lift and its creator, but also promised to help draw up the documents that will legalize the construction.

Maintenance of lifts. The scam century

krazha tel lifteElevator stuck. People relate differently to this situation. Some terribly afraid of it turn out otherwise - just do not care, others fantasize with whom it would be best to spend time stuck in the passenger lift. But certainly hardly anyone wants to be stuck in an elevator with a crook.

The original method invented by the Moscow crooks looting. No, they are not with you in the elevator and the elevator did not initiate a stop to the narrow space to fleece your pockets. Driving is much easier with the claim by some genius.
So presentable (as evidenced expensive shoes and the latest model of iPhone in hand) passenger enters the elevator. The doors closed, the lift goes up, but stops halfway and does not respond to the drumbeat that hapless passenger fingers or fist fights off on the keypad. Of course, the passenger tries to contact the lift emergency service, whose staff probably already know about the damage to race and did her resolve.

That seems to the elevator and the emergency services. Someone goes down into the mine, sunroof opens the elevator and assures its passengers that worry about - it now pull out. Then the man on the roof and trying to get the phone to call colleagues. Because they somehow did not answer, he asks for the phone from the passenger cabin. He holds out his iPhone, which took a man on the roof disappears forever in an unknown direction. A few minutes later comes a real elevator emergency service and the passenger cabin is safe and saved. But - without the phone.

Installation of elevators under the supervision of the Governor

Tomskaya filarmoniya

Continuing the theme of passenger lifts for the disabled. One of these lifts was established in Tomsk, a Siberian university town, where, finally, also got the program "Accessibility".
It all happened so. Once the governor of the Tomsk region attended a concert at the Philharmonic. On leaving the building, he saw the following picture: the students will wear on the high porch of two people in wheelchairs. Officer did not like it, and he gave the order management Philharmonic consider creating a barrier-free environment in the building. Traditional variant with ramps there was no good - a majestic architectural appearance of the building would be ruined by such a structure that, because of the height of the porch was also completely useless. Attracted engineers who developed the project of installation of elevators.
The governor, meanwhile, are not sitting idly by how magically from the budget of Tomsk have been allocated 98 million rubles for the creation of an accessible environment in the city. By the end of 2015 in 19 schools of Tomsk appear lifts for the disabled. A few of these elevators will be installed in city hospitals.

Installation of lifts. From the world of the elevator

Maintenance of elevators from around the world

We continue in our now, as it turned out, the regular column "From the world of the elevator" to tell you about the most unusual passenger elevators, which only a genius could invent human thought. But first, a little about the text bread.
Our regular readers will not just stumble on phrases like "assembling", "lift maintenance," "elevator emergency services," which, like and not to a place in this test, sometimes. Do not rush to criticize it for authors - these words are intended to ensure that the search engines like "Google" and "Yandex" could always find our website for your request. Now that this sorted out, fix, perhaps, "assembling", "lift maintenance," "elevator emergency services." Remember Me? And we begin!

Installation of lifts. Fun and creepy!

floor without elevator1

We will start this time with fun. However, as anyone. Imagine that you, as if nothing had happened, enter the elevator, press the button on the floor board. Lift doors close almost silently, suggesting that maintenance of elevators in this building takes place at the highest level. Cab gently touch it, and it falls to the floor you ...

And if it was just a failure in a mine, it would, perhaps, not so bad. But no - you under fire, hell, and hell. In the first few seconds, must be very scared, and adrenaline (or as it's called?) Just spurts. They say half a meter - not limit the height at which jumped frightened passengers.

The originality of this design, developed by British engineer, designer, and just plain fun guy Andrew Walker specifically for London shopping center «Southside» that passengers do not immediately see the picture (yes, this is the figure) on the floor of the elevator. Only after the elevator car picks up speed, the filter that hides a fiery abyss 3D drawing on the floor, it becomes transparent.

Andrew Walker's idea proved to be very popular. She picked up one of the largest manufacturers of electronics, setting in one of the elevators instead of the floor. When the elevator starts moving, "sex" elevator began to "crumble", but the passengers - frantically jump and grab the handrails for each other.

Assembling in Thailand.

Baiyoke Sky

A ride on the panoramic elevator overlooking the warm blue sea up to 77 floors tower offers visitors "Bayok Sky" - the highest skyscraper in Thailand. And rest assured, dear readers, for this advertising mitol not received from the Government of Thailand penny.
In uninformed circles there is a perception that Thailand - it's just an ordinary, though warm, a third world country. In fact - this is one of the most successful resort powers, which is developing by leaps and bounds. The capital of Thailand - Bangkok - for the abundance of skyscrapers often compared to Chicago. However, a city where a lot of skyscrapers, do not compare to Chicago?

In the 309-meter building "Bayok Sky" (also called "Bayok-2") to place all the necessary infrastructure for life. It's hotels, restaurants, shops of all profiles, museums, observation platforms and even an observatory. The building is being maintenance of elevators in the amount of ten units. Seven of them are designed for guests, three - for technicians and lift the emergency services.
Six standard electric elevators reach speeds of up to five meters per second, and can rightly be considered as high-speed lifts. Panoramic elevator can accelerate up to seven meters per second. That they prefer to use the visitors two viewing platforms buildings. And that is why, in order to take advantage of this lift, it is necessary to defend the multimeter place.

Installation of lifts at sunrise

Tower Sky Tree

Tower "Sky Tree", the highest TV tower of the world and the highest building in Japan, Tokyo rises above the earth at 634 meters. The honorary title of the tallest TV tower "Sky Tree" has selected the "Guangzhou". Build a tower so that it transcend natural disasters that the country of the rising sun like attracts.
Viewing platforms are located in three towers at a height of 340-350 meters. The building work one of the fastest panoramic elevators Japan, rising at a speed of 6 meters per second. If you have strong nerves, lift access to the upper levels of the building, you can drink coffee sitting on a transparent floor observation deck, looking at the capital of Japan, nestled beneath you. However, some of it is enough and dizzying ascent to the top.

Nebesnoe derevo

Assembling was performed by «Toshiba Elevator», which specializes in the design and manufacture of high-speed elevators (which she performed the installation of the fastest elevators in the world Chinese skyscraper "Taipei 101"). Lifts, of course, made to order.

Installation of lifts. Belarus

Assembling in Minsk

Belarus Minsk

While the US reigns supreme company «Otis Elevator Company», in Japan and China enjoys the greatest authority «Toshiba Elevator», and the European market manufacturing and installation of elevators filled products «KONE», Belarus as usual decided to go their own way.

Belarusian installation

"Lifts domestic production of cheaper foreign counterparts and are better adapted to our conditions - safely say representatives of the plant" Mogilevliftmash. " - Lifts produced in Belarus, created by modern technology, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. "
In recent years, new buildings Minsk increasingly performed assembling Belarusian producers. Perhaps one of the reasons for this was the last year's incident with passenger elevators that occurred in a residential complex Stone Hill. There was held assembling the infamous German company «ThyssenKrupp», which for some reason refused in three homes, entering into confusion lifts emergency services of the city.
However, in a statement, "Mogilevliftmash" not thrown a single stone in the garden of the famous brands of lift. Claims about the poor quality of equipment and services maintenance of elevators they presented small producers lifts from Greece and China. What agree and their Russian colleagues with Scherbinsk lift plant. According to them, the Chinese lifts do not meet any standards.

Assembling in rombokubooktaedre

Belarus A

No, the author has not dropped his forehead on the keyboard, typing the title. In the geometry of this gibberish is a polyhedron consisting of 18 squares and 8 triangles. It is a form of National Library of Belarus. This 23-storey Rhombicuboctahedron height 73 meters was held elevator installation, which rightfully can stand on a par with the most beautiful panoramic lifts in the world.

The majestic building of the National Library of Belarus, which is rightly considered one of the largest libraries in the world, weighs 135,000 tons, 20,000 tons - is the weight of the books. After sunset on the faces Rhombicuboctahedron, each of which is essentially a color screen, here and there there are patterns, flowers, greeting. Minsk residents proudly (and deservedly!) Called the building of the National Library of diamond and very offended when some tourists compare it with a nut.

Despite assurances from the Belarusian producers lifts the high quality of domestic products, the installation of elevators in the building of the National Library was entrusted to the Finnish giant company «KONE» - one of the main European competitors «Otis Elevator Company».

Panoramic elevator installed on the back side of the main entrance to the library and raises the guests on the 23rd floor, the observation deck. Passenger lift rises slowly, allowing a library to fully enjoy the feeling of floating above the city. Of the elevator car through the transparent prismatic wall a wonderful view of Minsk.
On weekends, from the panoramic elevator doors NLB constantly stretches and turn so that visitors can at any time, down to earth, they are also open freight elevators and lifts, which in ordinary days use only lift the emergency services.

Installation of elevators in "Capital"

Nowadays, almost every celebrity has a community in social networks started normally, the fans. Do you know about the elevators, which are devoted to these communities? Mitol know!

Belarus1 A

Minsk shopping center "Capital" is often compared with the Moscow "willingly close." He goes underground on three floors and, according to Belarusian media, could easily fit a Eiffel tower on its side. And its area, according to the same sources, is equal to the square of ten football fields.
In 2006, the shopping center "Capital" was produced by assembling company «KONE». The Finnish giant then produced to order 3 elevators, 5 trucks, as well as several elevators designed for technicians and lift the emergency services. However, the most delicate work entrusted to do «Otis Elevator Company» - fabrication and installation of two panoramic elevators that connect the three tiers of the building trade.
It is this complex devoted Lifting Vkontakte group, which bears the name of unequivocal: "We love the elevator in the mall capital (Minsk)." Do not believe me? See for yourself - http://vk.com/stolica_lift. Community has a little more than a hundred people, which is not too bad for a passenger elevator.

Installation of lifts in the Red Church

Belarus red Church A

Few people know that in the most famous Catholic church in Minsk - the Church of Saints Simon and Helena, which is popularly referred to only as the Red Church, there is an elevator. - Or rather, was.

Belarus red Church1 AThe Soviet government could not ignore the Red Church. In 1932, all the Christian relics were taken out, and the building was adapted for film studio. It was then and there was made the installation of the elevator to move kinorekvizita the storage chamber, which, for some reason, was located on the top of one of the towers of the church.

In 1990, when the building of the church returned to the Catholic community, maintenance elevator stopped unnecessary. And since the dismantling of the passenger poldemnika and the elevator shaft was to perform expensive and time, owners of the building came easier: top shut out of the lift cabinet and bottom, at the very bottom of the mine made a "grotto Uterine Bosco" - exposition, stone-built, with a statue of the Mother of God in Full-length inside.

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