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News about elevators

Installation of elevators. The fastest elevator in China

China is building the fastest elevator in the world and a journey of 95 floor will only take 43 seconds.

New skyscraper in China will have the fastest ultra-high-speed elevator.

CTF financial center of Guangzhou-Guangzhou China

This CTF Guangzhou International Finance Center building which will be completed in 2016
Inside, it will have two fast elevators, and with them 93 "slow."
At two can travel 1200 meters per minute at maximum speed.
This makes them the fastest elevators in the world, traveling at a speed of 70kmh, beating the previous record of about 13 kmh.

Hitachi announced that they have to build the world's fastest ultra-high-speed elevator to the CTF international financial center of Guangzhou in Guangzhou, China.
The building will be completed in 2016, and inside will be fast elevators that can climb the 95 floors of 43 seconds.

A total of gigantic structure will have 111 floors above ground and five underground floors. On the four floors of underground parking will be available. The floors of the 70 th will take office offices and technical rooms. Above, 98 th floor will be inclusive 5 * hotel of international hotel Four Seasons. 99 and 100th floor observation area will take a number of cafes and restaurants. On the 103 floor will be a helipad.

Although it will not be the tallest skyscraper in the world, but its elevators will certainly be the fastest. At least two of the 95 lifts.
For example, take a look and compare the already constructed high-speed elevators in the world.

JohnHancockCenterChicago USA

John Hancock Center - Chicago, USA
Height: 1,129 feet (344 metres)
Speed: 20.5 mph (33 kph)
Ground to roof: 38 seconds *

ChinaWorldTradeCenterTower III

China World Trade Center Tower III - Beijing, China
Height: 1,083 feet (330 metres)
Speed: 22 mph (35 kph)
Ground to roof: 33 seconds *


Burj Khalifa - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Height: 2,717 feet (828 metres)
Speed: 22 mph (35 kph)
Ground to roof: 82 seconds *

taiwan-taipei-101 300

Taipei 101 - Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 1,670 feet (509 metres)
Speed: 37.7 mph (60.1 kph)
Ground to roof: 30 seconds *

CTF financial center of Guangzhou - Guangzhou, China (completion in 2016)
The height of 1739 feet (530 meters)
Speed: 44 mph (70 kph)
Ground to roof: 43 seconds *

* If you are traveling at full speed

Installation of the elevators is provided and is powered by a synchronous motor magnet, which allows for high performance required to achieve high speeds.
With a maximum speed elevators will lift you up nearly 1,200 meters per minute, which corresponds to a rate of about 70 kilometers per hour. But the descent speed elevators will be much slower, about 36 kilometers per hour.
Elevators will be raised from the ground floor to the 95th, and this trip will take you just 43 seconds.

Maintenance of elevators will be carried out by Hitachi and as they say - the elevators will have the technology that supports the safety and comfort of their operation, so passengers will have a comfortable ride, even at these high speeds.

Kasumigaseki Building1

Hitachi company has a rich history. More in 1968 was built the first high-rise building in Kasumigaseki Japan in 36 floors, and it was installed elevators. These were the fastest elevators at the time. Their speed was 300 meters per minute. Today, Hitachi once again goes back to the pedestal of the fastest elevators.

The new high-speed elevators, Hitachi provides a lot of security measures:

- They include a brake system and an emergency stop device that can detect an excessive increase of speed.
- The brake system also has high resistance against heat even in the unlikely event of malfunction, they can stop the elevator during operation at high speed.
- To maintain the level of comfort, guide wheels at the four corners of the elevator sideways can also detect vibrations due to wind pressure.
-To Prevent pressure on the man's ears, Hitachi has provided the change of air pressure in the cabin when the elevator going up and down.

Already in 2016 we will see all the virtues of innovation, Hitachi elevator visiting Guangzhou CTF building an international financial center in China.

Installation of elevators. Cottage elevators from the United Kingdom

Home elevators from the company Life Style Lifts


For people living in a country house, which has more than one floor, there is a need to lift the hedgehog under construction cottage. But not only that staircase takes up space, the elevator takes a few squares of living space. Even if, elevator shaft is outside the house that can be used only in the south of Russia, difficulties in installing the elevator will be enough. Until now, traditional home elevators were very cumbersome and impractical for most houses.

But a miracle occurred, and the company from the UK Life Style Lifts fill a gap in the market of home elevators. Terry lifts, built a new futuristic elevator to the country house and duplex apartments in the city that can be placed in the corner of the elevator shaft, and without which rises along the guide through the hole in the ceiling.


For people with disabilities who reside in a wheelchair or older who had difficulty walking with a stick, Terry lifts just vital. After all, they solve all problems at once by the movement up and down the floors of the house and has a load capacity of 250 kg, ie two adults easily fit in an elevator and you can even grab a grandson.

The first impression of a new lift, as if you install the shower cubicle in the corner of the room, but this is only the first reaction. But when guests turn away, you move to the second floor and that's a miracle, my friends can not understand where are you gone with shower. Real time travel in the Tardis.

Installation of the elevator will take from 4 to 5 days, with all the construction and assembly work and electrical part, that is the key. The elevator has a backup battery that during a power failure, the lift is easy to return to the first floor. Also, the elevator has a standard 30 minute fire protection function of the EU between the sexes, whether the lift is parked upstairs or down.


Security at the height of the elevator, because it is equipped with micro-sensors, pressure-sensitive panel of the lower and upper. Upon contact with any obstacle, instantly stops the movement of the elevator and pinch-point is only 20 mm. If the home has small children or grandchildren, then lift the company will not cause them any harm, even if the child is put under a special toy or a kitten. Lift stops at once and all be healthy.
Also, the lift is equipped with a remote control, with which you can independently move the elevator from floor to floor, even if there are no people.

Life Style Lifts company has already exported more than 200 lifts from the UK to other countries, including France, China and Australia.

Our company MiTOL plans to organize the supply of these wonderful cottage elevators and make installation of lifts at the facilities of Moscow and the Moscow region.

Installation of elevators in the Ostankino TV tower

Ostankino Tower. Installation of lifts


When the Ostankino Tower was built, it is rightly called the tallest building of the world. It was 1967. Now this position, she lost much more ambitious competitors. However, most of the buildings towering over the Russian capital, the Ostankino TV tower remains the tallest tower in Europe and the fifth tallest in the world.

However, we are more interested in not how much time will step "meter", reaching the top of the Ostankino tower (by the way, 540 times), and that in 70 years this building was completed installation of elevators, which, according to some sources, are first in Russia high-speed elevators.

Installation of elevators. Ground speed


It is difficult to say what are the characteristics of the first high-speed passenger elevator installed in the Ostankino television tower, but, according to some accounts, he developed a speed of six meters per second. Such parameters even today can boast not every passenger lift from those established in the Moscow skyscrapers.

Anyway, lift maintenance was conducted regularly in Ostankino until 2000, when it suffered a major fire. The fire occurred as a result of fault in the cables at a height of about 450 meters. As a result of the accident, all passenger elevators in the building are out of order.
For the reconstruction of the Ostankino television tower, again - according to rumors, it took about a billion rubles.

Installation of elevators. Attempt number 2


Restoration of the tower was under way. Simultaneously with the construction of new structures and ceilings workers makes installation of five elevators, four of which have been specially made in Germany.

These lifts still serve faithfully for employees and visitors Ostankino. Three high-speed elevators working for tourists, raising them to the viewing platform, which offers a beautiful view of the metropolis. The fourth is a high-speed elevator, suddenly, for the transportation of products in the restaurant complex. However, the passenger elevators rise only to the ninth floor. Above - 12 level - goes only one elevator, which has no relation to Germany.

Fifth elevator, large and robust, was made especially for the staff of the Ostankino television tower. Production and installation of elevators made Scherbinsk lift plant, which is a reliable partner mitol.

Installation of elevators. New level


New lifts in "Ostankino" different from the old as "Audi" from "Victory" - introduced himself as TV reporters new passenger lifts in Ostankino. New lifts differ primarily in that the energy supply system in them was the new generation. Previously, each supplied by a separate elevator battery, whereby after a few hours the lift had to be sent to a forced charging is now in each elevator shaft was laid special rail that supplies power. But we should not think that this is the usual guide rails, like bare wires. Power transmission is performed in a contactless manner, the type of transformer. Rails in the shaft - is, in essence, the inductive energy transfer element, and the elevator car is provided with a current collector.

The sad experience of two thousand years has not been forgotten. Elevator shaft, as well as cables and other components are made of non-combustible materials and fire alarm system immediately informs the emergency services to lift the slightest fault in the system. Elevator maintenance is done regularly, and all the equipment is contained in a state of readiness.

Installation of elevators. Facts and Figures


Metal and glass, as well as a minimum of plastic - on this principle have been triggered passenger lifts Ostankino television tower. Elevators for guests climb to the observation deck, which is located on the seventh level of the building, less than a minute. Lift is able to carry up to thirteen people at a time (about 2015 kg), while moving at a speed of about seven meters per second.

Indicators to show the height of the passenger lift. Lighting of the elevator car changes as recovery. On the lower floors of the green light, then it turns blue, and in the end - blue, the color of the sky.
Elevator that transports products in a restaurant, and can accelerate to seven meters per second, or even higher, but for reasons of safety (products rather than humans), it is limited to the speed of four meters per second. He is able to raise up to five hundred kilograms at a time.

The television tower Ostankino has seven lifts, but they work only five. The two remaining mines is simply used as a trough for communication and, judging by the fact that the staff and guests of Ostankino is enough five elevators, mine will never be used for its intended purpose.

Installation of elevators. Fish, vacuum, pedestrians

Installation of lifts for pedestrians and fish.


We have been told that there are many varieties, types and purposes of elevators. But mostly, they are divided into passenger and freight. There are exceptions, such as elevators for animals and ships. Today we tell about one more such exceptions, as well as to acquaint the reader with a vacuum lifts, which serves as an excellent alternative to a pedestrian crossing.

Installing elevators for fish

Lift fishNo, it is not about the mediocre mini-lift, which serves specialties in fish. Elevator, which was built in the State of Konektikut (on the river of the same name), in fact is intended solely for the transport of fish - more precisely, its rise. What For?

Connecticut River is famous for its shad. This fish, a species of river herring that spawn upstream rises, overcoming thus even small waterfalls. However, CT is not just a big waterfall - the river is blocked by a giant dam, the height of which is about a hundred meters. If a person does not think about the inhabitants of the river, they would be in Connecticut, certainly extinct. But the man thought, and the river was completed installation of elevators.

The lift installed at the dam, about three square meters in size. During spawning, which shad river dwellers the opportunity to continue their family.
Maintenance of elevators at the dam, as well as installation of elevators, was executed by «Holyoke Power».

Installation of elevators. Vacuum

Lift Vacuum

The innovative invention which mitol tell you now, is a marvel of modern engineering thought, who once again proved that all genius is simple. This innovation - namely, the vacuum lifter in recent years complements the standard kompletatsiyu low-rise houses in the state of Florida United States of America.

Mine combined with the mechanism of vacuum elevator resembles a medical syringe. Round polycarbonate elevator shaft completely sealed, its walls are very close contact with the wall round the cabin. Motor powerful pump actuates valve, which is evacuated from the upper part of the shaft, so the cabin starts to rise. The descent is similar: in the space above the elevator shaft begins gradually to the air, and it sinks.

Installation of elevators that rise through the creation of a vacuum in the mine, is quite simple and does not take long: the tightness of the structure provided by the fact that most of the parts assembled at the factory. Maintenance of elevators of this type is also simplified by eliminating the complex multi-level system of cables and winches.

But there are drawbacks. On average, this lift is able to raise just over 200 kilograms. Though, given the fact that holiday cottages where mainly made maintenance of elevators of this kind, they work perfectly, it can hardly be considered a serious drawback.

Installation of elevators. People mover

Lift Schmid Peoplemover1

"People mover Schmidt" - so you can literally translate the name of another unusual elevator constructed in Germany (Schmid Peoplemover). Now the technology that was used in its creation, innovation can not be called since it was assembled fourteen years ago, in 2001.

Lift Schmid PeoplemoverFour-lane federal highway with number 132 in Germany has always been too busy, both in terms of scurrying back and forth cars, and from the point of view of motorists, the road which is constantly trying to cross the residents of neighboring houses. This prompted the authorities to think about the device at this location of a pedestrian crossing, but instead pave the usual tunnel under the highway, it was decided skreativit and build on the track lift.

And, as it turned out, the idea was not so bad. As well as its implementation. "People mover Schmidt" is a semblance of a viaduct over the road: two towers connected by a large cross-section design. And tower and cross rails are supplied, which moves the elevator car, which can hold up to ten people. At first passenger elevator moves up and then freezes at the intersection of tower and cross, it switches to horizontal movement. Designers start two thousandth tried to glory: the elevator car is equipped with a large porthole through which can be seen streaking under the floor line of cars.

Design, installation and maintenance of lifts performed German company «Schmid Maschinenbau». Installers and engineers have worked on glory: cab rides smoothly, with a speed of one meter per second horizontal half meter per second - vertically. In order to overcome the road, the elevator takes less than a minute. During the day, this time to make a passenger lift for about two and a half thousand flights.

From the world of the elevator. Installation unusual lifts

Assembling original and not conventional.

This article will tell you mitol which lifts worth their weight in gold, both in mind and not for other purposes, you can use the elevator shaft, and how designers «Otis Elevator» made of several ordinary elevators quite extraordinary, almost artistic complex.

Installation of lifts gold

Hotel Parus

The subtitle makes believe that it will be a very expensive on the elevators. However, it should be understood in all senses - mitol tell you about the passenger elevators are made of the real gold.
On the coast, especially in backlight, at sunset, the building can be taken as a huge sailing ship. How much does it cost the building, no one knows, because the owners of the building keep such information confidential. The building is one of the best hotels in the world, which many call the "seven-star". The hotel is located in the United Arab Emirates, and her name - "Burj Al Arab".

For the construction of this monumental building was undoubtedly given the fabulous sum. This can be judged only because earlier at the site of the island, which was built "Burj Al Arab" was the sea, and the island, which is the foundation - artificial. The hotel has the world's highest lobby, and is one of the champions of the cost of living - the amount varies from a thousand to 28 thousand US dollars.

Hotel Parus lift

Passenger elevators in the building are each in a separate circular shaft. Installation of elevators made the specialists of «Otis Elevator», which probably were surprised by the fact that the elevator car on the project should be covered with a layer of the gold leaf.

How many temptations otkolupnut a piece of the elevator ...
However, even without the gold coating, these high-speed elevators, designed and created the world's best professionals, for sure, too, "gold" - in terms of money.

Installation of the lift-toilet

Lift tualet

Elevator, about which we will tell you now, in fact, not a lift. It's just a toilet, which for several reasons was undeveloped in the elevator shaft. How did this happen?
In one of the old Mexican town, whose name is read from the first time will not all - of Guadalajara, has fifteen-old house, which was built in the 70s of the last century. The building is in colonial style and when you look at it, satisfied tourists exclaim, "Bueno!".

Despite a presentable appearance, interior layout of the building, in terms of convenience for the residents, it leaves much to be desired: small apartments and narrow rooms. In some apartments there is no toilet, so creatives design studio, which received an order from the highest paid of the owner of one of the housing on the fifteenth floor, had pretty smash his head as vtesnit restroom in a narrow space. The decision came unexpectedly ...

During the construction of the house it was planned that there will be two elevators, but in the end the elevator installation was performed only in one of the mines, and the other was left vacant for more than thirty years. By happy coincidence, the apartment, which took in the design studio, was just next door to the mine lift.

Instantly solving organizational problems with local house management, our experts carried washroom in the mine. Are not limited to, the Mexican creators made the floor "lift-toilet" transparent and mine equipped with illumination that lights up with the light bulb in the bathroom, covering fifteen-defeating.
Now the landlord really is where to reflect on "high."

Installation of the elevator. Classic and speed

Sheraton Nashville

Four magnificent passenger and freight elevator in the hotel «Sheraton Hotel Nashville» US state of Tennessee, in fact, are the usual lifts one of the basic configuration of the company «Otis Elevator». However, the designers gave it "to the full" in order to enter the elevators in the design of the hotel and make quite an unusual standard lifts visually complex.
The function of the guide lift metal structures operate on the edges of open mine, and she recalls the railroad tracks. From the hall of the hotel it can be seen that the wall up and down scurry small cylindrical capsule, like a mini-train of the future. Taken together, this is reminiscent of a certain sound visualization system, which bars are jumping up and down in a chaotic manner.

Inside the cabin, through the glass wall can be seen as a rush by the many floors of the hotel. The speed of the elevator car - about seven meters per second.

The company «Otis Elevator» - recognized the world leader in the production of passenger lifts. Some of the company's projects, such as installation of lifts gold, immediately become the subject of heated debate in some circles, but the company is making a major bet on the standard passenger lifts. Maybe that's why «Otis Elevator» has always been a leader in this market.

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