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Installation of lifts. From the world of the elevator

Maintenance of elevators from around the world

We continue in our now, as it turned out, the regular column "From the world of the elevator" to tell you about the most unusual passenger elevators, which only a genius could invent human thought. But first, a little about the text bread.
Our regular readers will not just stumble on phrases like "assembling", "lift maintenance," "elevator emergency services," which, like and not to a place in this test, sometimes. Do not rush to criticize it for authors - these words are intended to ensure that the search engines like "Google" and "Yandex" could always find our website for your request. Now that this sorted out, fix, perhaps, "assembling", "lift maintenance," "elevator emergency services." Remember Me? And we begin!

Installation of lifts. Fun and creepy!

floor without elevator1

We will start this time with fun. However, as anyone. Imagine that you, as if nothing had happened, enter the elevator, press the button on the floor board. Lift doors close almost silently, suggesting that maintenance of elevators in this building takes place at the highest level. Cab gently touch it, and it falls to the floor you ...

And if it was just a failure in a mine, it would, perhaps, not so bad. But no - you under fire, hell, and hell. In the first few seconds, must be very scared, and adrenaline (or as it's called?) Just spurts. They say half a meter - not limit the height at which jumped frightened passengers.

The originality of this design, developed by British engineer, designer, and just plain fun guy Andrew Walker specifically for London shopping center «Southside» that passengers do not immediately see the picture (yes, this is the figure) on the floor of the elevator. Only after the elevator car picks up speed, the filter that hides a fiery abyss 3D drawing on the floor, it becomes transparent.

Andrew Walker's idea proved to be very popular. She picked up one of the largest manufacturers of electronics, setting in one of the elevators instead of the floor. When the elevator starts moving, "sex" elevator began to "crumble", but the passengers - frantically jump and grab the handrails for each other.

Assembling in Thailand.

Baiyoke Sky

A ride on the panoramic elevator overlooking the warm blue sea up to 77 floors tower offers visitors "Bayok Sky" - the highest skyscraper in Thailand. And rest assured, dear readers, for this advertising mitol not received from the Government of Thailand penny.
In uninformed circles there is a perception that Thailand - it's just an ordinary, though warm, a third world country. In fact - this is one of the most successful resort powers, which is developing by leaps and bounds. The capital of Thailand - Bangkok - for the abundance of skyscrapers often compared to Chicago. However, a city where a lot of skyscrapers, do not compare to Chicago?

In the 309-meter building "Bayok Sky" (also called "Bayok-2") to place all the necessary infrastructure for life. It's hotels, restaurants, shops of all profiles, museums, observation platforms and even an observatory. The building is being maintenance of elevators in the amount of ten units. Seven of them are designed for guests, three - for technicians and lift the emergency services.
Six standard electric elevators reach speeds of up to five meters per second, and can rightly be considered as high-speed lifts. Panoramic elevator can accelerate up to seven meters per second. That they prefer to use the visitors two viewing platforms buildings. And that is why, in order to take advantage of this lift, it is necessary to defend the multimeter place.

Installation of lifts at sunrise

Tower Sky Tree

Tower "Sky Tree", the highest TV tower of the world and the highest building in Japan, Tokyo rises above the earth at 634 meters. The honorary title of the tallest TV tower "Sky Tree" has selected the "Guangzhou". Build a tower so that it transcend natural disasters that the country of the rising sun like attracts.
Viewing platforms are located in three towers at a height of 340-350 meters. The building work one of the fastest panoramic elevators Japan, rising at a speed of 6 meters per second. If you have strong nerves, lift access to the upper levels of the building, you can drink coffee sitting on a transparent floor observation deck, looking at the capital of Japan, nestled beneath you. However, some of it is enough and dizzying ascent to the top.

Nebesnoe derevo

Assembling was performed by «Toshiba Elevator», which specializes in the design and manufacture of high-speed elevators (which she performed the installation of the fastest elevators in the world Chinese skyscraper "Taipei 101"). Lifts, of course, made to order.

Installation of lifts. Belarus

Assembling in Minsk

Belarus Minsk

While the US reigns supreme company «Otis Elevator Company», in Japan and China enjoys the greatest authority «Toshiba Elevator», and the European market manufacturing and installation of elevators filled products «KONE», Belarus as usual decided to go their own way.

Belarusian installation

"Lifts domestic production of cheaper foreign counterparts and are better adapted to our conditions - safely say representatives of the plant" Mogilevliftmash. " - Lifts produced in Belarus, created by modern technology, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. "
In recent years, new buildings Minsk increasingly performed assembling Belarusian producers. Perhaps one of the reasons for this was the last year's incident with passenger elevators that occurred in a residential complex Stone Hill. There was held assembling the infamous German company «ThyssenKrupp», which for some reason refused in three homes, entering into confusion lifts emergency services of the city.
However, in a statement, "Mogilevliftmash" not thrown a single stone in the garden of the famous brands of lift. Claims about the poor quality of equipment and services maintenance of elevators they presented small producers lifts from Greece and China. What agree and their Russian colleagues with Scherbinsk lift plant. According to them, the Chinese lifts do not meet any standards.

Assembling in rombokubooktaedre

Belarus A

No, the author has not dropped his forehead on the keyboard, typing the title. In the geometry of this gibberish is a polyhedron consisting of 18 squares and 8 triangles. It is a form of National Library of Belarus. This 23-storey Rhombicuboctahedron height 73 meters was held elevator installation, which rightfully can stand on a par with the most beautiful panoramic lifts in the world.

The majestic building of the National Library of Belarus, which is rightly considered one of the largest libraries in the world, weighs 135,000 tons, 20,000 tons - is the weight of the books. After sunset on the faces Rhombicuboctahedron, each of which is essentially a color screen, here and there there are patterns, flowers, greeting. Minsk residents proudly (and deservedly!) Called the building of the National Library of diamond and very offended when some tourists compare it with a nut.

Despite assurances from the Belarusian producers lifts the high quality of domestic products, the installation of elevators in the building of the National Library was entrusted to the Finnish giant company «KONE» - one of the main European competitors «Otis Elevator Company».

Panoramic elevator installed on the back side of the main entrance to the library and raises the guests on the 23rd floor, the observation deck. Passenger lift rises slowly, allowing a library to fully enjoy the feeling of floating above the city. Of the elevator car through the transparent prismatic wall a wonderful view of Minsk.
On weekends, from the panoramic elevator doors NLB constantly stretches and turn so that visitors can at any time, down to earth, they are also open freight elevators and lifts, which in ordinary days use only lift the emergency services.

Installation of elevators in "Capital"

Nowadays, almost every celebrity has a community in social networks started normally, the fans. Do you know about the elevators, which are devoted to these communities? Mitol know!

Belarus1 A

Minsk shopping center "Capital" is often compared with the Moscow "willingly close." He goes underground on three floors and, according to Belarusian media, could easily fit a Eiffel tower on its side. And its area, according to the same sources, is equal to the square of ten football fields.
In 2006, the shopping center "Capital" was produced by assembling company «KONE». The Finnish giant then produced to order 3 elevators, 5 trucks, as well as several elevators designed for technicians and lift the emergency services. However, the most delicate work entrusted to do «Otis Elevator Company» - fabrication and installation of two panoramic elevators that connect the three tiers of the building trade.
It is this complex devoted Lifting Vkontakte group, which bears the name of unequivocal: "We love the elevator in the mall capital (Minsk)." Do not believe me? See for yourself - http://vk.com/stolica_lift. Community has a little more than a hundred people, which is not too bad for a passenger elevator.

Installation of lifts in the Red Church

Belarus red Church A

Few people know that in the most famous Catholic church in Minsk - the Church of Saints Simon and Helena, which is popularly referred to only as the Red Church, there is an elevator. - Or rather, was.

Belarus red Church1 AThe Soviet government could not ignore the Red Church. In 1932, all the Christian relics were taken out, and the building was adapted for film studio. It was then and there was made the installation of the elevator to move kinorekvizita the storage chamber, which, for some reason, was located on the top of one of the towers of the church.

In 1990, when the building of the church returned to the Catholic community, maintenance elevator stopped unnecessary. And since the dismantling of the passenger poldemnika and the elevator shaft was to perform expensive and time, owners of the building came easier: top shut out of the lift cabinet and bottom, at the very bottom of the mine made a "grotto Uterine Bosco" - exposition, stone-built, with a statue of the Mother of God in Full-length inside.

Installation of lifts. Curiosities

Installation of lifts and a bit of humor

Ever since Monsieur Otis launched the world's first assembly-line production of passenger elevators, and installation and maintenance of elevators strongly occupied a niche in the market, elevators become actors stories, jokes and cartoons. And almost every funny story about the elevator based on real events.

Curve mine

Dneprovskie bashni1

Most probably, an elevator loud funny thing happened last year in Kiev in the construction of a housing estate Vigurovschina-Troyeshchyna. This sleeping area can be called there the analogue of the Moscow Southern Butovo. The legend with a touch of humor (it is clear what content) that go to the people of the area, recently added one more - directly related to the installation of lifts.

At the beginning of the two thousandth in Vigurovschine-Troeschina began the construction of a 34-storey high-rise "Dnieper towers." It was originally planned that the six skyscrapers will be one of the most modern residential complexes in Europe, equipped with the latest models of passenger elevators. But if caught defaulting contractor or, as usual in Russia, some of the money had gone the wrong way: Eleven years after the start of construction, when the skeletons of buildings have already been fully prepared, and began their finishing "turnkey", it turned out that every building mowing, deviated an average of 10 yards. The contractor, however, argued that the slope of the building is not more than one or two meters, and only because the ground on which stands the foundation, very watery.

While the expert committee to sort out who and where screwed up, assembling elevators made their disappointing verdict: perform installation of elevators in this building possible. Due to an error builders building already narrow elevator shaft was bent so that the passenger elevator without going in it and half way, firmly stuck would provide work for elevator emergency services.
However, Ukrainian experts in the service sector are confident that the narrow mine - not a sentence. Produce smaller elevator to order, for companies such as «Otis Elevator» or «Kone» - a piece of cake. In addition, the alignment curves buildings - not a new practice in construction.

Captives lift

Ufa Aigul

There is light at the man-citizen, who has never thought about how it - stuck in an elevator together with beauty? And hardly a single man wanted to get stuck in a small narrow passenger elevator with six players.
Next curiosity, not associated with the installation of elevators, but a valued member of which was the passenger elevator, occurred in the city of Ufa with seven players of the football team of the same name. The day when the football stadium was filled Ufa eyeballs fans awaiting the paint match between "Ufa" and "Khimki" almost became fatal for the home team.

When it's time to go to the stadium, seven players "Ufa" simultaneously squeezed into a passenger lift to pull the front door of the hotel "Agulla." Overloads - the lift got stuck. But the funny thing about this story is not overloaded, and that seven players descended on a small passenger elevator ... from the second floor.

Within an hour, lift the emergency services and the Ministry of Emergencies extracted stuck athletes from the elevator. And maintenance of elevators worked, I must say, it's great: all seven players had to the stadium before the match, and "Ufa" beat "Khimki" with a score of 3: 2.

Ufinsky curiosity was appreciated by many sports tabloids and even entered the top ten most ridiculous situations that fall athletes, according to eurosport.ru. And the players have certainly learned from what happened a good lesson, and next time you need to come down from the second floor, take advantage of the stairs. Or, at least, a freight elevator.

Stuck governor

Odessa veteransky dom

Odessa veterans to May 9, 2012 promised to issue an apartment in a new building. The importance and solemnity of the event exaggerate hard, and oversaw the construction of the house took the governor of Odessa Edward Matveichuk. When receiving the visually finished building, it turned out that passenger elevators do not work. The contractor assured that this is temporary, and services running installation of elevators, solemnly assured the head of Odessa, during inspections lift worked like clockwork. Believe in the word, the governor, showing excellent physical shape, walk up to the top floor, the examination of each apartment, and decided to go back to the freight elevator.

On the way down the freight elevator with the governor and journalists are often twitching, it is unclear to vibrate, and between the first and second floor - all stuck. For a while contractors tried on their own to rescue prisoners from the cab of the freight elevator, but in vain - had to call the elevator emergency services, which dealt with this matter in a few minutes.

It is not hard to guess what mood Matveichuk Edward walked out of the elevator. He at no one shouted, and said quietly, representatives of the construction company that in four days again come to the house and personally ride on each passenger elevators, freight elevators will test all for efficiency.

And the problem was solved - maintenance of elevators passed at the highest level.

Installation of lifts. Canada

Installation of elevators in Canada


In this article mitol tell you about the most amazing passenger elevators of the continent in the world of hockey. In addition, we gently introduce you to the traditions, Kojima strictly follow the service carried out the installation of elevators in Canada and not only, and will tell you about a passenger lift from a trip in which shivers running through the body, more like cockroaches.

Installation of lifts and magic numbers

Wandering through the expanses of the Internet, you can often stumble upon the assertion that the streets of the United States can not be found at home with the number "13", and in high-rise buildings States, home of the lift maintenance, there is floor with this number. The legend that Americans are afraid of fire as a baker's dozen, passed from mouth to mouth and ... is a complete fabrication.

And here in Canada, the number 13 is considered to be really bad. Installation of elevators, as well as construction of buildings, carried out in such a way as to protect the inhabitants of the country of the maple leaf from the meeting with a terrible baker's dozen: no floors, no buttons, no house numbers. Of course, this is done at the request of tenants: if a person wants to live in the house with the number 13, no one would prohibit him this.

Fear of a baker's dozen in Canada sometimes so strong that it comes to the ridiculous. This led to the fact that a few of the high-rise buildings of downtown Toronto when replacing lifts lifts embedded board, on which there were no buttons 13 floors. While the 13 stories in the building were. Likely to lift emergency services received from tenants of the house a lot of questions ...
In Russia, as we know, these problems when installing elevators do not happen. We come simpler then click neponravivshegosya floor just burn. Or break out.

Assembling turnkey

Canada Vancouver

No, not in the sense in which that expression is usually consumed Russian marketers. We are talking about a system of key controls access to the elevator - Canadian chip.
We, however, do not undertake to say that this is a Canadian invention, but that it is most popular in this country - is indisputable. Installation of elevators in modern skyscrapers in Canada involves embedding electronic circuitry lift access control functions. That is, without a special key in the elevator does not go.
But that's not all. Going into the elevator, you have to make your key to the button with the number of floors, but not anyhow any, namely yours. Otherwise - does not work. That is, you can use the elevator only to go down to the first or the same - up to my floor.

In the freight elevator Canadian homes under the ceiling has small hooks. If the tenant was going to move, it must notify tamoshnem zhilkontoru about it, the exact date and time of your move. On the appointed day, at a set time, freight elevator transferred to a special regime and moves only with floor tenant claimed at first and back. A hung on hooks special fabric that protects the wall of the elevator from scratches.
In recent years, assembling with key access control system is becoming more common in Russia. It's clear why: great live, knowing that nobody will spoil the elevator, and its staircase you will not meet anyone except her neighbors.
But that the residents of these houses do when they need to, for example, from your floor to go to the ninth - a mystery. Probably go up the stairs. Or call the neighbors from above: "Hey, Lucas, where are you? I'm on the fifth. You go with me? ".

Installation of lifts and TV tower

Canada Toronto

15 thick hippos can simultaneously raise passenger lift the tower CN Tower, which pierces the sky of the Canadian city of Toronto. CN Tower, with a height of 553 meters, which is 13 meters longer than that of the Ostankino television tower and almost twice the height of the Eiffel Tower, was built in 1976 and until 2007 was of the status of the highest buildings in the world. No wonder that the CN Tower is considered the hallmark of Toronto.
Tower CN Tower is equipped with six panoramic passenger lifts from the company «Otis Elevator». In this glass, not only lifts the wall, but also the floor. Assembling glass panel thickness of 6.3 cm is made in such a way that each of these lifts, even fully loaded, literally soars to a height of 346 meters at a speed of 11 meters per second, giving a great shake-up passengers. Of course, to ride with such speed was safe, lift maintenance at the CN Tower is held to the highest rank.

In addition to high-speed passenger elevators, tourists like the CN Tower in the first place for the observation deck, glass floor which rises above the earth at an altitude of 380 meters and offers an overview of 160 kilometers (if you look closely, you can see Niagara Falls). As in Chicago Willis Tower, tourists often get up on all fours, if not fall on the transparent floor, trying to overcome a fear of heights. And, as on the viewing platform of the Chicago giant, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of: the floor easily support the weight of 100 kilograms per centimeter.

Assembling «Double-deck»

Canada Toronto1a

Sixty-one lift established company «Otis Elevator» skyscraper First Canadian Place in Toronto. Building height of 298 meters is one of the few skyscrapers in the world where was performed assembling systems «Double-deck» - two-level ski lifts. Passenger elevators «Double-deck» are the clearest example of the successful creation of a barrier-free environment: buttons, handrails, fire safety systems and appliances elevator call emergency services are in reach of a child or a person in a wheelchair
Of 29 elevators in the building and they do not just pick up visitors upstairs, but also lowered into the ground, where there is one of the largest underground shopping world.

Installation of lifts in St. Petersburg

The most beautiful and unusual lifts the cultural capital of Russia.

Zimniy dvorets

Re-start with a story. Putting aside lifts, driven by oxen, and peasant land force, the history of the installation of elevators in Russia should be calculated from the 18th century. It begins in St. Petersburg: it was there, in 1793 an engineer Ivan Kulibin by order of Empress Catherine II completed the installation of the elevator in the Winter Palace.

Installation of lifts for the Empress

Lift Zimniy1"The car of the two large, fixed-pole screws. They like Karetny body place with hoisting it seats, sat with them special, with the rescue of two people who are near, should climb up and down a vertical line "- a documented description of the passenger elevator kulibinskoy design came to our days.
Portions of this elevator were discovered only recently, during the restoration of the Winter Palace in the early 21st century. After the death of the great empress responsible for the maintenance of lifts is not, and the elevator shaft Kulibina laid bricks. However, having heard about the new product, the court of Catherine II as one picked up the idea and began to set in their residences screw elevators and their lackeys, obviously, had to learn the wisdom of elevator maintenance. And in the 19th century elevators, custom, began to appear in state institutions in St. Petersburg. As a rule, the cabin lifts while certainly were faced with precious woods, inlaid ornaments of precious metals and stones, and inside the lifts were installed comfortable sofas.
I must say that lifts themselves, and installation of elevators and lift maintenance carried out so efficiently, that some of these delightful structures have survived to this day.

Assembling for an architect

Not so much the fashion trends as an opportunity to take the more expensive apartments (as mentioned in the ads), led by architect Alexander Khrenova perform the installation of the elevator in his apartment house on the street Tauris, 5, which was built in 1909 in the Art Nouveau style. Admirers of Eldar Ryazanov know that in this house the director filmed a wonderful comedy "The key to the bedroom." In several episodes, and this marked the most lift.

S.Peterburg Tavricheskaya5

To be precise, at the time of the shooting, in the elevator shaft at home Khrenova Alexander has already been completed installation of electric elevator. The old steam hoist and impractical, requiring constant monitoring of lift emergency services, as well as in apartment house merchant Eliseev, dismantled. But the elevator shaft unusual round shape has reached our days, has not changed.

Installation of lifts for the merchant

Lift Fontanka64More precisely - in the apartment house of the merchant Eliseev, which stands on the Fontanka River, 64. It is believed that this is the elevator in the building, designed by the author of many buildings, the architect Gabriel Vasilyevich Baranovsky, was the first steam lift installed in St. Petersburg. Anyway - a first.

Passing through the courtyard of the house with a beautiful facade to the front door, jamb which is lined with decorative ceramics, you will immediately notice the spiral staircase behind the door, lit on both sides of the light entering the lobby of the windows facing into the courtyard on either side of her. The entrance of the house of the people dubbed "Daisy". Unusual shape, painted in yellow color, inlaid fancy moldings, he really resembles a flower.

Steam elevator, located just behind the stairs, according to one version was discharged from America. The assumption that its design was also designed by Gabriel Baranovsky, easily refuted by the fact that the spacious elevator car outside looks flashy and clearly does not fit into the design of the building.
In our time, the elevator in the apartment house of the merchant Eliseev was only round the mine, which employs quite a common sovdepovsky passenger lift with electric.

Installation of lifts for captain

Lift Vitebskiy vokzal2At the main entrance of the apartment building Captain S. V.Muyaki street Rebellion 18 - per. Kovno, 17, central to the main entrance for the passenger elevator, built in the early 20th century, which has every right to be called one of the most beautiful ski lifts in St. Petersburg. But mine forged ornament and a soft leather sofa inside the cabin passenger elevator now serve only a local landmark, which runs a few times a year, elevator emergency services during elevator maintenance to verify that the lift.

Installation of lifts for the "Singer"

Nevsky Prospect, 28 - at this address is "Zinger House", where now based house and office books "VKontakte", and in the early 20th century, as the name implies, has an office of the American company "Singer", which built it in the execution of a large order for tailoring forms for the Russian army.
Three elevators established experts was already world-famous company Otis. Installation was bodices Art Nouveau (in what was then, of course, sense of the word): the cabin was tiled with patterned fabrics, and mine dveripokryty gilded ornament. To date, only one survived from the lifts, which renovated elevator emergency services and is equipped with new modern drive.

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