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News about elevators

Installation of elevators for transport

Installation of elevators for transport

Installation of automotive lifts

Lift car3

On the roads - traffic jams, the courtyards of houses, organizations and enterprises causing the car, parking space every year becomes more expensive - this is, unfortunately, the reality of each major city of the world. Car is becoming more and it has long been not just a means of transportation, and the whole culture. Everywhere for them arise tire service centers, electronic diagnostics. Why are there - even special movie theaters and cafes. And elevators, of course.

Lift car4

Car lifts are used throughout and all. Car services they purchase in order to repair the car, car dealers and multi-level garages - to transport cars from level to level, car parks - to save space, private individuals - for convenience and to increase their own prestige in the eyes of neighbors.

Car lift - parking

Lift car8

Initially, it must be said, was one of the smart way to increase the number of seats on the covered parking lot. Recently, this idea was used in not very large in area institutions: business centers, restaurants, and even in apartment buildings affluent areas.
The design and installation of an elevator is very simple: between two racks mounted a broad platform lift. It is made usually of durable, multi-layer stainless.

The owner of the car pulls into the platform stops the engine, down to earth and a touch of a button raises his four-wheeled friend to a height of a couple of meters. Formed under the platform usable space, which immediately takes another car. However, the one who is located directly on the platform, often for good reason there are problems with the departure. However, it is not uncommon for standard parking.

Lift car5

Such an idea - a treasure trove for large sites. If an installation of two elevators, one of the pillars usually becomes common to both, which is very profitable.
Not disdain innovation and the owners of cottages, slowly increase the usable area of your garage. However, many have to deepen the garage so that he could accommodate two cars in height.

Car lift - lift

Lift car1

It is this simple design - namely, four post car lift type - often used in multi-level parking, large warehouses, service centers and distribution centers. The design is simple, but in this case - is practical and more convenient.
Elevator installation is carried out just like all brilliant. Four strong steel rack, they - the guides, set loading platform, driven by strong chain drives. On the level of strength and the number of racks and power drives depends on carrying capacity of the elevator car. For parking is often - 5000 - 6000 kilograms.

Lift car6

Vehicle Lifts four-post type necessarily equipped with reliable security system, including an emergency brake device monitors the status of the chains and, of course, a function of emergency braking.
The platform on which the calls in the car, opened the front and rear, making transport can be downloaded at any level of the parking lot, in any direction.
Large enterprises, building and parking for transport of personnel, more often and bought large amounts of assembling automotive lifts, seeking to more efficiently use the area.

Car lift - exhibition

Lift car9

Who has ever been to a large, international automobile exhibition, certainly remembers how effectively the new models appear as if from nowhere, and slowly rotate before the astonished eyes of the spectators.
The secret is that the car ahead of time put on a special 360-degree rotating platform, the so-called turntable. At first glance it may seem that the use of the turntable purely decorative - for effect, but where to make the maneuver by car is not possible, the turntable - perhaps the only way out. That is why car lifts in large car parks, often equipped with them.

Car lift - garage

 Lift car7

If the machine takes up space on the plot, you're thinking about building a garage, and money do not mind, you can order the creation of an underground garage, where transport will be effectively lowered on the lift.
That is the garage, in fact, will lift. In the raised position, it is a sort of canopy fixed to four racks. Moves this edifice extremely powerful electric drive.

In general version of this seductive only because the chance of stealing a car from the garage of the virtually zero. When closed, the garage is invisible on the roof it can be broken lawn with sun loungers or, for example, put the doghouse. How effectively will be the appearance of the car from the ground in the morning ...
That's the neighbors will be jealous!

Miracle Lift Autostadt.

The world's largest vehicle delivery center Autostadt.

Assembling on the Brazilian system

Assembling in Brazil

Average Russian Brazil is known already that gave the world the carnival, "Slave Izaura" as well as Pele and his ilk. This sunny carnival-edge football, seems to know worries, and its inhabitants only do they watch soap operas and white-toothed smile. Write about Brazil can be infinite, but as soon as we are interested in assembling, you start with one of the most famous lift this country, and one of the world famous ski lifts.

Elevator between the two cities

Lacerda - the so-called colossal height of 72 meters construction of two towers in the city of Salvador, one of which conceals four elevator shaft. In the other is a clever mechanism with counterweights leading elevators in motion. In the mines, made the installation of elevators, each of which can accommodate up to 32 passengers and 30 seconds to raise them to 50 meters.
It is clear that after all of this information, the reader there is only one question: "Why did he actually raises them there?" And to answer it, you need to move in 1869.


City Salvador - Duplex. "Lower City" is located at sea level, it is thriving trade, mining and oil refining, tourism and beach holidays, there come marine vessels. "Upper Town" - cultural administrative region of El Salvador. That there are government buildings, museums, churches. Until 1873 to get out of the "upper" in the "lower city" could only walk.
So was 1869. Businessman, and in combination - a talented engineer Antonio de Lacerda had the idea of a giant hydraulic lift that would connect the two cities. He shared his idea with his brother Augusta immediately sat down to design the project. When the project was ready to implement his father joined the brothers Antonio Francisco de Lacerda, allocate considerable sums of money for the construction.
In December 1873 lift, equipped with a pair of hydraulic elevators, was opened and received the name «Elevador do Parafuso». And only 23 years later, in 1896, the design was just named after its creators - Lacerda. After 10 years of hydraulic lifts were equipped with electric motors, and in 1930, in addition to maintenance of elevators, was rebuilt tower construction, and added 2 more cabins.
In our time, the passenger elevator transports about 28 000 people a day. Lacerda lift imprinted on many stamps and postcards, and is one of the most visited places in Brazil.
That's the story of how a family project has become one of the main attractions of El Salvador.

Elevators for Champions

Present the World Cup almost threw Brazil into mourning. Recall, "Kings of Football" first team lost to Germany 1: 7, and then the Netherlands 0: 3, depriving themselves of a place on the podium. In general, whether the Japanese Brazilians, there were would be no mass seppuku ...
But it's, you guessed it, will not defeat this football century, but the passenger and freight elevators, the company «Thyssen Krupp Elevator» manufactured specifically for football stadiums in which it happened.

Arena Castelao

Installation of 16 elevators was performed at the stadium «Arena Castelao» in the city of Fortaleza. Most of these lifts - passenger elevators model «Synergy»: without machine room. These lifts have reduced power consumption, ease of installation and great value for the speed and capacity - 1 m / s from 8-12 passengers. Car parking «Arena Castelao» has three freight elevators.

Gremio Arena

The stadium «Gremio Arena» in Allegri «Thyssen Krupp Elevator» completed installation of 18 elevators. Design lifts designed individually for a VIP-zone, press and mixed zones, the main playground and restaurants. Cabins all passenger lifts are made of stainless steel, fitted with LED lamps.
In addition, these lifts are environmentally friendly and do not require frequent maintenance of elevators.

The most terrible elevator

Imagine the situation:
You need on the 10th floor and you alone take the elevator, press the button, the doors are closed. Cab soft push begins almost silent movement, which indicates perfect lift maintenance. Figures floors for light bursts. Suddenly, the light starts to blink, then goes out. The elevator stops, there is a loud rattle, and - silence ...

After ten seconds, the emergency lighting. You can see that you are faced with a small blond girl in white dress. Her face monotonous dirty gray. In the hands of a girl holding an absolutely bald rubber Pups. She looks up at you sad eyes, silently watching a couple of seconds and then starts screaming hysterically ...
So here's raffle, it is able to turn the passenger elevator in the factory for the production of organic fertilizer, Brazilian TV crew entertained the spectators. Victims of the draw came in tow, where it was installed a hidden camera. Girl made up as a corpse, penetrated into the elevator through a small hidden door.
Movie was a huge success, and after a while the author withdrew its continuation. Scene of action was again a passenger lift, and a bogey at this time was "reviving the dead" in a coffin, which allegedly had to lift to the top floor.
Here's a she, the Brazilian system ...

Maintenance of elevators through the prism of humor

Maintenance of elevators through the prism of humor

Nikolai Petrovich was a master of his craft. It is recognized and superiors and subordinates. Despite the fact that he, the foreman, was supposed to watch his soldiers conduct installation of elevators, he in his 50 without hesitation went down into the mine and showed a master class. If any team for several days could not launch a new passenger elevator, first called colleagues maintenance of elevators, then - skilled elevator emergency services, followed - in the head office, to the authorities and only then, if all of this was in vain - uncle Kolya.

Lift ne rabotaet1

Maybe - from an excess of respect, and perhaps out of skepticism: Nikolai seriously believed in God lifts. And, interestingly, always found the problem.
Nikolai lives in our house knows how many years. Now Uncle Nick - Director of the largest company engaged in the field of our lift maintenance, and before he was foreman of the team who install elevators across the country. Home then he appeared short visits.
- Well you like a sea captain - teased him spouse. - Remember though, that our youngest something already went to school?
Humour - this is their family trait. Uncle Nick just frowned - "youngest" Serge recently dembelnulsya.

Needless to say, not without funny stories with elevators.

So, Uncle Nick - master installation of lifts. And, of course, ironically passenger elevators in our home with him even Khrushchev era, with all the consequences: burning button of the elevator car, wedging the door of old age. In short, the staff elevator emergency service we were frequent guests ... And everything is nothing, if not eternal scourge of "disadvantaged" neighborhoods - teenagers in doorways, perceptive (and more insulting - used) elevator car as a toilet.
We, the residents, and has a new lock on the door set - nothing helped. Shantrapa like seeped into the entrance, spreading the smell of bulls and fume. It was suspected that they opened the door a couple of students who lived in our porch. Subsequently, the suspicion was confirmed.

Lift ne rabotaet2a

On Sunday morning, I did not have a cigarette. I got dressed and left the apartment. Elevator somehow did not want to be called, and had to go down the stairs. On the first floor I saw Uncle Kolya. He stood in the elevator shaft, the cabin is hung between the first and second floors. Petrovic was squatting and enthusiasm to drill holes in the floor of the cabin, not noticing me. Thinking that the service elevators in our house once, will be held at the highest level, I silently went to the store for cigarettes.
When I returned, Nikolai Petrovich had already finished drilling. Now he took a pair of interior panels in the car and did something with wires. Me he still did not notice and decided that it should not distract, I went into the apartment, wondering what he was doing.

An hour later - the doorbell. Opens - Nikolai Petrovich. Stands and smiles.
- Come on, - said. - I have invented such a thing! Instantly forget how to lift shit!
We went up in the elevator, the door of which was open.
- Look, - he pointed to the floor - you can see the pins?
From the floor really stuck out a couple of short metal bars, each not more than half a centimeter.
- This sensor - continued Uncle Nick. - The pins are connected to the electronics. Eh, I do not envy him who is here to go to small pleases.
- What are you doing! - I'm scared. - And if it so shandarahnet that snaps.
- No, - he laughed Uncle Kolya, lighting - the current one will not be beat. Just if someone piss floor elevator, and hence the pins, the relay contacts will close the "Stop" button. It was then, and we ...
... And Petrovich ran a finger across his throat.

Late in the evening of the same day someone banged on the door of the elevator car from the inside. I rushed to the site and saw the epic picture: Nikolai Petrovich, in shorts and torn vest, armed imposing thick stick on type - metal, runs down the stairs with a straight face rottweiler who stepped on the tail of the elephant.
A little later there was a cry, remarkably similar to the pig squeal.
Then all was quiet. I started to go downhill. After a while he heard the terrible:
- And what would your foot was not here!
Raging tramp and slamming the front door. After passing a couple of missions, I found Uncle Kolya, panting at the open elevator. He relied on his formidable stick.
- Iron? - I asked.
- Do not! Bamboo in rubber - explained Petrovic. - Brother three years ago in Beijing went - brought, gave.
- Strongly you hit him?
- Do not even touch - Nikolai Petrovich laughed. - He's like me with a stick saw him almost seizure did not happen - screamed bloody murder.
I looked into the elevator - in the cabin was surprisingly clean.
- So I have this - it made wipe - apologetically explained Uncle Nick.
- What he wiped?
- Sweatshirts her. Or jackets, it would seem.
We stood at a little cabin and began to climb the stairs.
- Similarly, jackets, - I heard a thoughtful voice of Uncle Kolya behind him.
More in the elevator with us, no one crapped out.

Order installation of lifts can be in the company of "mitol" by phone +7(495)523-63-49 or make a request in the form of feedback.

Installation of elevators. Lifts on autopilot

In Moscow, presented the elevator that can go "on autopilot."

Cab will continue to move to the desired floor even during a power failure.
Openings metropolitan elevators become wider, and their cabin will automatically get off to the nearest floor when power is off. The concept of "Lift the future" for Moscow was developed by experts in the field of elevators.

Lift MiTOL1

As the "MK", the main know-how were new elevator cabs, which may be installed even in the mines of old houses. Their doors open by folding, "Telescopic" principle, which is why the size of the elevator opening increased from 65-70 cm to 80 cm. This feature is able to greatly simplify the life of the elderly and the disabled. In addition, scientists have created a special elevator winch, particularly silent, smooth acceleration and braking, as well as precision stop on the floor. Another its advantage - the ability to bring the elevator to the nearest floor even at full power down. Also Capital "Lift Future" received information display hidden behind the anti-vandal glass. It is supposed to broadcast news of city life, public service announcements and other useful information. The display is equipped with a camera; over time the device is planned to "teach" to distinguish passengers by gender, and depending on it to choose what information they show.

excerpt site "MK"

Paralympic lifts . Installation of lifts for the disabled.

Installation of lifts for the disabled. Paralympic lifts .

Sochi para 1

Paralympics in Sochi ended March 16 , and slightly inferior older sister , Olympics , on the status and mass , did not lose her to inflame the passions of sports and energy. Many guests also recognized competitions Paralympics in Sochi, one of the best on the level of the organization , providing amenities and comfortable travel accommodations for people with disabilities . Here significant role played by quality installation of elevators for the disabled, produced by the best specialists in the world .

Nebezbarerny city

Sochi para 2

A few weeks before the Sochi Paralympics experts international organization that monitors human rights and providing a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities , «Human Rights Watch» Been Sochi railway station and came to the conclusion that the rights of persons with disabilities in the Paralympic capital (at least - at the entrance to it) is not going to infringe on anybody . The verdict was as follows : there is no problem : the angle of the ramps convenient , passenger lifts and other lifts are working fine .

Sochi Train Station is equipped according to the standards , all kinds of lifts for the disabled, since the passenger elevators open and ending cargo lifts and crawler ( travelators ) replacing people with disabilities stairs . Wheelchair users living in Sochi well remember that earlier in their place were long , steep ramps on which people with disabilities could not climb unaided.

Sochi para 4

Station, fortunately, did not stop. Staff «Human Rights Watch», toured for Sochi , during which the most studied traditionally difficult for disabled parts of the city .

Especially for the Sochi Olympics by many highways were laid underground passages, which made ​​the installation of lifts for the disabled. For each such elevator was attached volunteer advising people with disabilities , helping them get to the other side. Although in most cases this is not required - the system of passenger elevators for the disabled , according to «Human Rights Watch», simple and convenient. Importantly , they believe that the elevators were always in working condition, and regular maintenance of elevators.
Not all elements of the infrastructure of the city is also well adapted to the needs of people with disabilities . Experts noted that the stairwells in private homes Sochi , ramps of small shops and supermarkets , as well as excessively high curbs in the city center - almost insurmountable barrier for the disabled. However, the elevators were not satisfactory .

Eyes on the West

Sochi para 5

What seemingly ordinary passenger elevator must be different from the elevator for people with disabilities? First - this is a special safety and reliability , strict compliance with all technical requirements and mandatory certifications . Lift for disabled should have a minimum width of 1.9 meters in length - 1.4 meters ( that remained to maneuver inside) , though the doorway should be 800-900 centimeters only have automatic sliding doors and extremely simple control system.

Try to simulate . Imagine that you drive up to the door of the elevator car in a wheelchair and pull the arm to the call button . Ah, yes - in addition you do not see and hear , that is can not determine not only whether the elevator car arrives , but you called her? Creepy! But people with disabilities have to face such obstacles every day , and before the passenger lifts manufacturers and companies who install elevators are constantly thinking about how to facilitate the disabled life.

Sochi para 6

In the West and East today every major institution , every self-respecting mall to the maximum equipped attributes create a barrier-free environment : elevators established a multi scoreboard and low-set call button outside cabin . Company performing installation of elevators equipped with additional special cab handrails for disabled, backup power supply and protection from falling , lift maintenance , involves constant monitoring of the anti-slip floors and elevator emergency services regularly check the level of preparedness evacuation systems lifts.

In Russia , unfortunately , the level of barrier-free environment for people with disabilities in general very low, which in particular is reflected in the field of installation and maintenance of elevators. Recently, however, there have been positive developments and some large cities of our country have no way inferior to Europe . It is hoped that the Paralympics has triggered ( kick ) for large-scale launch of this remarkable trend - creating widespread in Russia barrier-free environment and care for people with disabilities.

Order installation of elevators for the disabled can be in "MiTOL" by phone +7 (495) 523-63-49 or make a request in the form of feedback.

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