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Interview with the director of "MiTOL-Bogorodsk"
krasnovWithout elevators is difficult to imagine the economic structure of the city. That Noginsk one after another rise tower blocks in District 1-2, at ul.Lesnova, ul.3 International, on the village. October. So, "MiTOL-Bogorodsk" LLC, which is engaged in installation and maintenance of elevators, concerns are increasing. To learn how to lift economy expanded over the years to solve problems with its service, today said Igor K. Krasnov, director of "MiTOL-Bogorodsk."
- Igor Konstantinovich as coverage increased your activity over the past few years?
- In recent years, growth in the number of lifts by commissioning new buildings house was small, but the scope of our business has expanded, in light of our organization by replacing a large number of lifts, used standard life. All elevators were equipped with automatic scheduling. As the volume of services increased by the fact that in addition to the maintenance of lifts we have undertaken a comprehensive service and process control for industrial safety operation of elevators, and we got a numerous staff lifters.
- Who you supply lifting equipment, spare parts for existing units?
- For the supply of equipment, our company cooperates with major elevator manufacturers such as Karacharovsky, Shcherbinsky, Mogilev Elevator Plant, as well as with leading foreign companies. Spare parts needed for the smooth operation and maintenance of elevators, we gain on the above plants and in specialized organizations, as well as enterprises that have retained their capacity. If possible with own bases, which are part of enterprise "MiTOL."
- Your opinion on the quality, technical reliability of old and new equipment?
- The quality and technical reliability of the old equipment are rather high, but it is morally and physically obsolete and requires a lot of effort for their content. The new equipment is safer and resistant to vandalism and more comfortable. Control system of new lifts performed on microelectronics and more demanding operating conditions and service quality. When building new apartment buildings, our organization provides technical specifications, which specify the manufacturer and the elevator control system. But in spite of this, many developers do not comply with the specifications. For example, on a building site situated ul.Samodeyatelnoy Noginsk, houses a lift with the experimental control stations, the issue of which shall consist of no more than 30 units. This suggests that in the future our company may have difficulty in trouble-free and smooth operation of the elevators.
- The specific work demands and specially trained personnel. Do you have enough to service their municipal services, established a school?
- To service the increasingly complex equipment requires specially trained staff. Staff of qualified personnel to service the urban staffed. The basis of their consists of experienced electricians and service engineer. They pass on their knowledge and skills of young people. Classroom training and certification are novices in training centers and engineering centers. With the increase of the amount of work our company periodically attracts new professionals.
- When your service is set up, its prospects?
- Company LLC "MiTOL" was established in September 1998. Noginsk area entered its members in January 2000. In May 2006 at the site was established enterprise "MiTOL-Bogorodsk." In the future, we intend not to miss gains and improve the level of service elevators. Elevator car will be equipped with video surveillance systems, improve laboratory for repair and adjustment of electronic devices.
- Will the new year increase payment for use of the lift and what it means for the population?
- Increased use of payment for a lift in the new year will be about 10-12% to the order of the Ministry of Economics of Moscow region on approval of tariffs.
- How many complaints and acknowledgments arrive in your address and whether you have a "hot line" for citizens?
- In the area of ​​our services is difficult to expect gratitude, as trouble-free operation of elevators is perceived as a matter of course. Failures in the same elevator cause complaints and criticism. However, long delays elevators in most cases associated with the barbaric attitude to them. Teens often practiced karate on the doors and walls of elevators, hunters nonferrous metals dismantle electrical some residents hurt lifts oversized cargoes. When carrying out repairs in the apartment in the elevators carrying bricks, cement, metal, does not care about the safety of doors and fences booths.
If the residents of apartment buildings there comments or suggestions about the work they lift clock can report it to the control room on the telephone number listed in the table at the elevator or in the emergency service by phone 511-46-36, and 9-00 to 17 - 00 hours in office at 511-89-35.

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