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News about elevators

Elevators. Why do we behave strangely in them?


Lyoudi v lifte

All elevators in the world use every day, and hold them for a few minutes. Coming out of the apartment, we get in the elevator and down to the first floor or the parking lot. When he reached the office, we go up to my floor, and during the day a few times using the elevator. Coming back from work, we go to the supermarket and we are cruising on the floors by elevator or escalator.

Have you ever wondered why the choice of the lift or escalator, we choose the second? No? Yes, everything is very simple. All of us instinctively protect their space and, stepping into the elevator, it is broken. That is, people are forced to be in a confined space in close proximity to each other. Here and there a hidden worry and anxiety.
In the elevator, we're kind of hidden from the outside world. Press the button for the floor and we're standing still. But where to move it, because all around the walls.

But that said, "Man of the elevator" - Dr. Lee Gray, of the University of North Carolina, who led the study of this type of transport:
"Elevators are curious social space, which has a peculiar etiquette. From a social point of view, they are very interesting, but it is often quite uncomfortable place. "

And so it is. Any lively conversation stopped when the sides are in the elevator and coming out of it, again resumed.

Let's look at the behavior of people in the elevator, depending on the workload:

  • You go alone in the elevator and the whole cabin at your disposal. You can do everything you want, but in any case, turn your face to the elevator doors
  • You go to the elevator and there already people. Of course, you take the position, the opposition of his corner. That is on the diagonal, but in any case facing the door.
  • You walk into the elevator and it has three. What place do you take? That's right, one of the empty corners. That is, do not realize how far away from the people there.
  • When the elevator is three, you take the free corner. After all, he is left alone, and there is no choice.
  • And what place you take the elevator, all the angles are busy? Here and start dancing like Pas in the quadrille. The whole elevator begins to move, but is a series of movements, no matter how much they did not last, it is still necessary for someone to stand in the center and learn or your mobile phone or coloring floor elevator.

But here's the lift stops and one person leaves. So what? All with a sigh of relief and comfort, almost restored. Ever wonder why that is?
Meeting people on the street, in the office, shop or subway, we usually find them at arm's length. And this is our "security zone." Stepping into the elevator, we seem to lose this protection and end up in an unpleasant and unusual position. Being in a confined space with other people need to get your behavior did not seem threatening or ambiguous. We must try to avoid eye contact and do not disturb others.
We want to quickly leave the elevator, and be outdoors.

What if the opt out of the elevator?

Can. But then you have to stop work and live in the city, where many skyscrapers and move into the village. That's it. More choice is not there.

Meanwhile, millions of people travel easily in elevators, because to date, it is the safest form of transportation in the world.

And now look at a short video about saving tourists from Columbus monument in Barcelona. Just a broken elevator.


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