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Installation of lifts. Where to start?

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Installation of lifts. Where to start?

Installation of lifts 1Installation of any lift begins with a specification for designers that you should write clear and understandable:

  • Appointment lift
  • Type of lift
  • Type of construction of the elevator shaft (blind or ladders)
  • View of the car
  • Capacity
  • Lift height lift
  • Speed ​​elevators
  • Lighting and so on

Whatever building or facility you are planning to install a lift, it all starts with the specification, preparation of construction documents, and then the construction itself.
That is, you put the task, and then carry it out!
Let us analyze in detail the items to make it clear that the demand from the designers and what data they need necessarily.
1) New construction.
It's very simple. We already know what materials we build frame of the building and from that designers have already identified the material from which to construct an elevator shaft. What today are building houses?

  • Brick
  • Large-
  • Monolithic
  • Mixed framework

But this does not mean that in a wooden country house you can not install an elevator. Of course you can, but only for a need for a separate foundation to lift your self-supporting was, like Russian stove in a wooden house or a stove in the sauna. Here, I think, is clear. But they do decide, and whether you need a lift in a country house? If the house is three stories and a basement, it would be appropriate, and if the two stories - it's just a tribute to fashion.
2) If the building is constructed and it was not provided a lift, and very necessary, you can set up addl lift, that is, all the construction elevator shaft will be brought out of the building. This type of lift is widespread in European countries. Usually it metallokarkasnye design and can be both carriers and non-carriers, that is, the entire load is lift shaft frame building. Designers figure out all the additional stress on the building and will give the result of what can be done elevator installation.
Installation of lifts 2Appointment of a lift.
What is an elevator? It is a vehicle for the movement of people or goods from one level to another, the cabin is moving strictly on rails set in the mine vertically. The elevator provides charging floor with closing doors and lighting and navigation.
By appointment elevators are divided into:

  • passenger
  • combi
  • hospital
  • Cargo accompanied
  • unaccompanied freight
  • small cargo

There are of course, also the division for the purpose: cottage, panoramic, building, home, fire, etc.
Type-lifts are divided into:

  • deaf, the elevator shaft is located inside the building
  • ladders, elevator shaft installed outside a building

Also, there is a separation of the placement of the engine room and the design of the control.
Elevator machine room can be located both at the top of the shaft, and at the bottom (Clutch release elevators).
According to the construction of the drive goes to the division of elevators:

  • electrically driven
  • with the winch, where rigid connections counter-cab through the drum
  • winch traction, where the elevator car is not strictly related to the counter-
  • with hydraulic drive cylinder which is mounted under the elevator car
  • with pneumatic actuator, where the movement is due to the difference in pressure between the chambers under the lift and the lift of the

View of the elevator car. Here the division goes to the cockpit:

  • closed
  • open (panoramic)

Installation of lifts 3Here also is the division by type door opening:

  • Double, which open inwards elevator shaft
  • exterior, which open on a platform in front of the elevator.

Also, the elevator car could be through (opening the doors on two sides) and not communicating.
Lift capacity depends on the destination and type of lift:

  • 100-200 kg - small cargo
  • 400 kg - passenger
  • 500 kg - freight and hospital
  • 630 kg - passenger
  • 1000 kg - Cargo
  • 2000 kg - Cargo
  • 3200 kg - freight and car
  • 5000 kg - freight and car

Lift height lift

It can be very different. For mine hoists it may be - 2000 m, and the tallest building, which is now being built 1,000 m Choose your height.

Speed ​​elevators depending on their purpose and is divided into:

  • 0.25 m / s - for freight elevators
  • 0.5 m / s - for freight elevators
  • 1.0 m / s - for passenger lifts
  • 1.4-1.6 m / s - for passenger lifts.

Lighting elevator and navigation are considered individually for each type of elevator and its destination.
Now you have an idea of ​​where to start installation of lifts and you may already own to make the technical tasks for us.
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