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News about elevators

Installation of lifts. Types of installation of lifts

Installation of lifts. All kinds of installation of lifts

montazh liftov1Installation of lifts performed only by specialized construction companies, has a special permit for this type of work in the SROs and the availability of qualified personnel for maintenance work.
Elevator, as the main vertical transport is a source of danger to him and special requirements as to all of hazardous production facilities (the law on industrial safety of hazardous production facilities).
At this point in the world, there are three main types of elevator installation and it does not matter where you want to install elevators in New York, London, Bangkok and Sydney, you need to choose the type of installation:
1) elemental
2) the basic block
3) tyubingovoy
But which method to choose to install an elevator in the cottage, country house or a villa?

We will consider in detail each method of installation of elevators and you will be clear which method is right for your situation.
Exploded view of assembly is mainly used in the event that elevator shaft has already been closed and it is impossible to make installation of the crane. This mounting is mainly produced when replacing old lifts and low-rise construction. All installation and assembly work for this kind of installation are done with construction tools and accessories, manual and electric winch at the construction site in the field.

Elevator installation is performed when the basic block elevator shaft and the engine room is open and there is an opportunity to establish separate units lift cranes.
All units are collected and aggregated are completed at the factory lifting equipment and are delivered to the construction site. Usually this winch to the frame and subframe cage with electromechanical part, the frame counter and block frame of mine. Installer can only install blocks and make the assembly and adjustment of the equipment.

Tyubingovoy elevator installation method is to manufacture concrete products factory separate f / c parts of the elevator shaft (tubing) that at the production plant or production base is established most of the lift equipment: guide brackets for the cab and counterweight Shaft door, part of the electric equipment of the mine . Simply put, the tubing is filled with elevator equipment, and can be performed tubing machine room and pit.This method of installation of lifts performed during the construction of buildings with a construction crane and is the most promising and fastest.

montazh liftov2Important role in choosing the type of elevator installation and installation of elevator cabs is the state structures of the building, the selected equipment and the ability to control the elevator construction works.
Whichever way elevator installation you would not have chosen, in any case, it exploded assembly will be present. It is not possible to set everything at integration method or tyubingovoy way. Some elements of the installation (electrical wiring, some rails, pulling the ropes and filling, assembly and test automation, etc.) are performed elementwise way.

There are some differences in the types of installation of lifts that are dependent on the design and type of lift. This is the location of the engine room, where the winch is installed: the top and bottom. Also, the type of high-speed elevators: slow-moving or fast. But this is some of the subtleties that are only needed engineers and installation of lifts and elevators.

Group MiTOL perform for you any type of installation, according to the construction plans and CPD (project of works).
The presence of a huge manufacturing base allows us to execute any type of installation of elevators and in time.

We are always glad to see you!

Installation Management MiTOL fully staffed by qualified installation of lifts and elevators and perform any order.
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