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Elevador de Santa Justa

Santa Justa Elevator in Lisbon

Elevador de Santa Justa Incio sec XX Foto Paulo Guedes 1
All probably interested to know about the first elevator that appeared on Earth. Now on one of them we'll tell you. In the late 19th century in Lisbon, there was a problem with the movement of people from one quarter to another. The first option proposed military engineer Roberto Armenia in 1876 and built the first inclined transport on a horse pull, and then from 1882 to the mechanical, on metal rails. Now it is a Lisbon tram.

Lift Santa Justa Redakt The second option offered to a young architect Raoul du Ponsard Messne in 1896. It was a vertical lift, which connected the Rua do Ouro to Largo do Carmo. Raul was more artist than an engineer and builder in his creation invested Gothic Revival style. Since Raul was a disciple of Eiffel, the metal structure of its structure visible notes of Gustav, but the design of the elevator Ponsard borrowed classmate Eiffel engineer Edu. But first, for the movement of the elevator, he used a steam engine with steam furnace, which was later replaced by an electric motor. Lift construction began in 1898, and August 31, 1901 King Carlos opens the metal bridge with a tent and a seven-story 45-foot tower with two spiral staircases. A year later, the tower was launched two elevators with a capacity of 24 people each. Booths feature decorative wood, mirrors and brass parts and windows, for review during the ascent and descent. Construction of the mine consists of dozens of cross beams, which form a double lattice.
Dvigateli lift Santa JusnaElevator car moving along guides in the shaft with bearings in the engine, a gearbox with ropes. Located at the top of an observation platform from which all Lisbon, at a glance. Panorama overlooks the lower area of ​​Baixa Pombalina, Karmilitov church, St George's Castle, the Tagus River and other attractions. After going on a viaduct, we can get to the Bairro Alto and visit the most high-rise café capital of Portugal.
Cafe Santa JustaFinanced the construction of the royal house. Lift the opening day sold more than 3000 tickets and a year in the elevators to get more than half a million passengers and raising it immediately paid off. Huge metal structure Raul turned into a work of art by a cast filigree patterns and spikes. Night Light Santa Justa Lift gives the building a unique appearance. If you're in Lisbon, be sure to visit this national landmark. Now watch our video.

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