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"MiTOL-Bogorodsk": to lift worked.

"MiTOL-Bogorodsk": to lift worked.

Communal land.

Knopka lift2Lift means high risk. This sounds very strange, because the elevator was not used to be in danger. Elevator - it's convenient, it saves time and energy resident apartment building. Elevator should not be dangerous, and the task of the operating organization to provide this security. Unfortunately lift economy is experiencing certain difficulties. About that, what about the maintenance and operation of elevators in our city, we are talking with the head of "MiTOL-Bogorodsk" LLC Igor Krasnov. He was able to clearly organize the work of the enterprise. For achievements, professionalism at work, a great contribution to the development of housing and communal services of the Moscow Region "MiTOL-Bogorodsk" was awarded a diploma of the Moscow Region Governor.

- Igor K., please tell me when it was set up your office, and the prospects.

- Enterprise "MiTOL" was created in September 1998 (the year he ospolnitsya 15), Noginsk area - in May 2006: on the basis of the site and was established enterprise "MiTOL-Bogorodsk."
No elevator is hard to imagine the economic structure of the city. That Noginsk one after another rise skyscrapers. So, "MiTOL-Bogorodsk" LLC oncerns are increasing. Our organization conducts maintenance 635 elevators in Noginsk, Kupavna, Elektrougli, towns Svetly, Green, Obukhov, village Yamkino, Chernogolovka, Elektrostal. In addition to housing our services are used by hospitals, shopping centers, shops, a number of industrial enterprises.

Panel S- The specifics of work requires trained personnel. Do you have enough to maintain their municipal services, established a school?

Staff of qualified employees are fully staffed. The basis of their consists of experienced electricians, engineers, installers, managers, specialists in repair of electronic equipment. They pass on their knowledge and skills of young people. All elevators equipped with automatic dispatching system ASUD-248 and "Ob", which provides an optimal and seamless communication muzhdu elevator car and the control station, and also gives the opportunity to follow the work of elevators, control them stop and respond to the problem. Classroom training and certification are beginners in classes and engineering centers. With the increase of the amount of work our company periodically attracts new professionals. Emergency service is working around the clock.

- Are there many complaints and thanks goes to your address, and whether you have a "hot line" for citizens?

board lift 1- In the sphere of our services is difficult to expect gratitude, as trouble-free operation of elevators is perceived as a matter of course. Failures in the same elevator cause complaints and criticism. However, longer downtimes elevators, in most cases, linked to the barbaric attitude to them. Teens often practiced karate on the doors and walls of the elevators. Broken mirrors, obscene graffiti on the walls of the cabin compartment ... Hunters for the non-ferrous metals disassemble. Sometimes, people are damaged elevators oversized cargo carrying bricks, cement, metal, several times the lift capacity, especially without worrying about keeping doors and fencing enclosure. All this leads to a significant decrease in the life of the elevators. In 2012, the repair of elevators, after hooliganism, cost the Company "MiTOL-Bogorodsk" 1.7 million. Had to rebuild the burnt call buttons, broken lamps, broken doors, etc.
If the residents of high-rise buildings have comments or suggestions for working elevators, they can report it to the control center at (-hour) on the plate or in the rules of using the elevator, at the entrance to the elevator or in the cabin, as well as in emergency service by phone 511-46-36, and from 9.00 to 17.00 - the office (511-89-35) or e-mail: bogorodsk@mitol.ru

- What is the period of operation is provided for elevators?

- In accordance with the government of the Russian Federation № 824 "On approval of technical rules on safety of elevators" lifts, aged for over 25 years, to be replaced within five years. At present, the housing stock served by LLC "MiTOL-Bogorodsk" There are 73 lifts, the life which is essentially left.
Quality and technical reliability of the old equipment are rather high, but it is morally and physically obsolete and requires great effort for their content. The new equipment is safe and resistant to vandalism and more comfortable. Control system of new lifts performed on microelectronics and more demanding operating conditions and service quality.

- Which means should be made replacement of elevators?

- According to the Housing Code, the repair of the common property of an apartment building is paid from the funds of the owner. Since the elevator is to the total assets, to pay the repair or replacement should the owners of premises. But the funds collected from tenants under "repair", it is enough for the diagnosis of elevators, otrabotavschih his term safe operation. Replacing a typical elevator nine homes is about 1.5 million. If in a residential house has four entrances, the replacement will need 6 million. Such funds collected from tenants unrealistic, because in addition to lifts it must pay all other repair work carried out at the house: worn-out capital repairs of hot and cold water supply, repair roofs, porches. Therefore, I believe, require targeted programs at the state, regional or city level, which would perform the work phased replacement of elevators, exhaust term safe operation. Support is needed from the budget.
Now, with the assistance of the administration Noginsk district and the city, in a fund Noginsk 40% of obsolete equipment is replaced by a modern, equipped with the latest developments and technical thought.
Undoubtedly, financial support - one of the main conditions for the normal functioning of the elevators, but the other, equally important challenge for the owners of residential premises - to ensure their safety. Despite the fact that everything is being done to extend the safe operation of elevators (regular examination and repair), all lifts, exhaust standard period must be replaced, but the issue of funding for these activities is still open.
We intend to increase the level of service elevators. The basis of the development of the company on the principle flawless execution of commitments.

Inter with director of LLC "MiTOL-Bogorodsk" held correspondent boston (№ 33 of 28 March 2013)

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