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Replacement of lifts

Replacement of lifts

elevator replacement MiTOLAs machines and mechanisms, all the lifts are standard period of operation, which is 25 years. When this period of technical examination committee decides on the need to replace or upgrade the elevator. But sometimes the elevators did not live up to the standard term operation and need to be replaced earlier due to misuse or vandalism residents.
What is involved in the process of replacing the lift:
1) assessment of the technical condition of the elevator expert committee
2) the issuance of technical specifications for replacement of elevator
3) replacement of the elevator project
4) coordination with the expertise of industrial safety
5) The order and lift equipment, according to the project
6) works on dismantling and assembling the lift
7) commissioning
8) providing a declaration of conformity Technical Regulations
9) Enter the elevator in operation

to2So which is better, the replacement or modernization of the elevator?

Here it is necessary to consider each case separately, and to understand the difference, we give the following examples.

No matter where the replacement or modernization of the elevator in an apartment building, a hospital facility or an office building, it always leads to inconvenience for the residents and workers of buildings and structures. Indeed, in the period of the construction works and the lift does not work all have to walk the walk.

Replacement of the elevator in the building is much more complicated than installing an elevator in the new building.
1) First, no one installer does not prevent
2) Secondly, there is a possibility of installation of machinery crane or saving devices
3) Third, do not need to remove the old lift
In our company MiTOL work to replace the elevator made by high quality experts quickly, from 30 to 45 days, depending on:
1) The construction of the mine
2) the type of buildings
3) the amount of additional work on the project (due to not standard equipment).
When you need a lift replacement and upgrade will not work.
1) finished the normative life of the lift
2) The failure of elevator equipment, which can not be restored
3) Repair and maintenance of old elevator is not economically profitable, it is cheaper to install a new
4) When major repairs of the building, when you need to replace the old model of the elevator or to update the look.

Replacement lift a long and costly operation and sometimes you just need to upgrade the elevator equipment or replacement of individual structural elements. With the modernization of the elevator does not include work to replace the structures of the elevator shaft, cab chassis and frame counter. Usually, the subject of modernization:
1) The design of the cabin
2) all wiring
3) The winch drive
4) The door of mines
5) Management System
6) drives car door
7) buttons and pointers
8) alert system
9) and other parts and mechanisms
After upgrading the elevator customer gets updated Linkage, in no way inferior to the new, without resorting to complex change.
When putting the lift into operation conducted technical examination and compliance with new equipment and Technical Regulations PUBEL.

Group mitol for 15 years has been working on installation, replacement and modernization of elevators and elevator equipment. Our highly trained specialists will work efficiently and on time. Thanks to its own production facilities MiTOL and the laboratory MiTOL quality of materials and tools are always at the highest level.


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