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Building maintenance - that we, mere tenants in this phrase? At first glance - nothing. The technical term that relates to professionals: builders, workers of housing - public services and others like them, which is governed by some SNiPs there, GOST, etc..

LuhovitsiyWe, mere tenants, simple and complex multi-family houses, so it seems. Or do we want to keep it, but ... it turns out that we have a direct relation to this term, and to the very operation of its real estate. It was his. After all, it, at this very property, invested our money.

And, given the above, I want to share my observations that neither any way related professionals, and only us, just tenants, just houses. For the most part, 70% of the population live in apartment buildings.

And many do not think about the fact that it was on us, on our attitude to his dwelling, no, not an apartment, the apartment is all right - it "renovation", namely the house as an object depends on the expiration date for operation .

In technology, operation, maintenance, infrastructure and housing is a whole lot of categories that we encounter in everyday life systematically.

Electrical system -, water -, heat -, gas supply, drainage, ventilation and air conditioning, outdoor protection from the elements, lift facilities. This is a small part of our life that provides comfort and coziness.

Now, look around and remember how we treat your mnogoetazh ... no, the long-suffering home.

On the roofs we break the lightning protection system, trying to fix the antenna in the ventilation holes in the survey, are plastic bottles, beer cans and juice, a variety of household and construction debris, broken storm drains.

About Fire Safety can only dream of. In the presence of powerful modern electrical appliances, not many people think about redeveloping its wiring, although all are well aware that the rules and regulations of electrical equipment 70-80s no longer meet today's realities.

Drains we use both intra waste container by pouring into it the paint, varnishes, throwing solid waste. Elevator, designed to lift 4 people ... and so on. Why ... I enumerate all this, because we are, knowing we do it all, forgetting that all deviations from the rules lead to accidents, and sometimes to tragedy.

There comes a time when residents are turning in unison to the housing office (call the old, now a lot of abbreviations, but only a little help). A housing office throws up his hands. He is not all-powerful - the housing office. He can not. He, as the structure has become obsolete. And let it not sound sedition, that's a fact. Remain or association of tenants, which in principle for the residents themselves tiring, or ...

Now I hear the question: "You are the most intelligent? If you know - that, then tell me - how! ". And to help us ordinary people ordinary houses, experience comes civilization, which has come down to us in the form of a rapidly developing real estate management companies.

I understand your confusion, as we have read and heard about them, naively assuming that they only work with industrial - commercial facilities. No. In the framework of the existing laws and regional regulations have the opportunity to use their collective trust property in the hands of professionals.

This requires our collective will and ... forward. The advantages are obvious. The whole process takes place on a contractual basis. Setting out all the activities, the timing of implementation and monitoring. There is already a lot of companies, I will refer you to a specific program. This question is answered on the spot.

Let me just say one thing. Professional maintenance of the housing stock in times increases its life, prevents the occurrence of accidents, lower operating costs and extra costs. So - to be home, and we are in him - to live.

We are already 5 years of services management company "Comfort" and our house in order. I want to thank the company CEO Anatoly Volkov for a good team that on the first call to make quick decisions and resolve issues.

Happiness to your home!

Alexander Sergeyev Trofymovych - retired

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