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Opening "Serpukhov Elevator Factory"

In the Moscow region opened Elevator Factory.

SLZ 3 On Friday, August 23, 2013 in Moscow has opened its doors "Serpukhov Elevator Factory."
GC "SU-155" realized the largest private investment project for the creation of a "from scratch" of a new high-tech production facilities which will allow the company for two years to become a leader in the industry. Start of the first robotic production line gave the head of Moscow Andrei Vorobyov. The volume of investments GC "SU-155" in the project amounted to 3,000,000,000 rubles.

Serpukhov Elevator Plant (hereinafter - HLS) is the first company of its profile, built in Russia "from scratch" in the last 60 years. GC "SU-155" sent to the construction and equipping of Serpukhov Elevator Factory 3 billion rubles. It is located in the territory of 150,000 m2, of which 50,000 m2 is designated production area.

plant will produce passenger and freight elevators business-class branded wellmaks, combining the most successful engineering and design solutions Russian specialists and high-quality parts and components produced in Europe.


Business Productivity in the short term will be 4,000 elevators a year and when you come to full capacity in 2014-2016. - 12,000 lifts per year, which will provide elevators near Moscow production needs of the entire country and will give a new impetus to the modernization of elevator facilities in Russia. With access to the full capacity of the plant will reach an annual turnover of 12 billion rubles.

Today, the need for elevators in Russia is more than 35,000 per year, while the demand for elevators business class on the Russian market, according to the research company, growing by 16%.

In the housing stock of the Moscow region today uses about 37,000 elevators, of which 17,000 have already worn out and must be replaced. Each year, the critical wear reach more than 1000 elevators. Designed to stabilize the regional program of modernization elevator facilities. In 2013, at the expense of the regional budget in 1100 is planned to replace the elevators. Production capacities of Serpukhov Elevator Factory, focused primarily on the needs of "home" in the Moscow region, will intensify the updater elevator fund.

first stone of the PPE was laid in 2008. Training, development and introduction of new production by specialists Scherbinsk lift the plant, as well as European consultants. The plant will create in the Moscow region about 800 jobs. Staff reserve already is training.


On the basis of the CoD will be deployed full-cycle production line, which includes automated folding and welding, laser cutting, painting two lines of parts and other necessary equipment European brands (TRUMPF, Klaeger, GEMA, Cemsa, etc.). Application of advanced European technology will allow the Russian company to automate the manufacturing process and produce modern elevators business class, corresponding to Russian standards and requirements.

In the near future CoD will start testing center, which has no analogues in Russia and Eastern Europe. 33-storey tower will be tested simultaneously to 9 elevator cabs various capacities. Maximum lifting speed of 8 m / s. For comparison, the rate of passenger elevators installed in the Ostankino television tower - 4 m / s, and in homes up to 17 floors - 1 m / s.
Completion of Serpukhov Elevator Plant has completed one of the most important stages of the industrial complex GC " SU-155. " The modernization and development of industrial production GC "SU-155" only in the current year to spend about 6 billion rubles. Over the past 12 years in the reconstruction of the enterprise group has invested about 27 billion rubles.

Article Submissions are taken from the official website Russian Real Estate .

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