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News about elevators

A Benidorm Skyscraper's Elevator Disaster

And as for the installation of elevators forgotten?

When there is no agreement ,
On the way they will not do ,
And come out of it is not the case , only flour ...
Yes , the Spaniards did not read Krylov , how do they know !

In 2006, on the southeastern coast of Spain in Benidorm decided to build a residential complex in the form of two twin towers connected by a glassed inverted cone. Great project by Spanish architect Roberto Perez Guerras to the resort town . But the trouble is , the customer because of their greed , and as the building was planned to build 20 floors , decided to attach another 27 floors and 269 apartments already sold .

Installation of elevators in Benidorm

Constructors saluted quickly counted the foundation for other loads , and builders have already started working drawings of the construction of high-rise buildings in the EU tower InTempo. The problem is that you forget about the installation of elevators, lifts nodes because buildings are designed only up to 20 floors . But what next? In a healthy body - healthy mind ! In fact the city is a resort . Morning jog on the stairs and in the evening , and you can dine in the restaurant.
Well, seriously, in the 2008 outbreak of the global crisis , not the payment of salaries to workers and the withdrawal of funding led to a freeze of construction. But it was built 23 floors .

But what about the technical supervision ? Architectural control ? That in Spain there is no such structures ? Yes there certainly . Just so where big money is involved it does not work at first. After all, in all countries is technical supervision structure that employs the customer, and that it can be understood in the construction. It seems everything is based on the approved drawings .

Twin Towers in Benidorm

Only in January 2012 , when the frame of the building was ready , the question arose : " What about the people will overcome another 27 floors ? " No, elevator components and diaphragm stiffness , of course, strengthened , but then lifts must then goes at the speed of light , the same load on them has also increased . To get from home to work to get up at five o'clock and take their turn on the elevator . Very strange!  And what about the apartment , already all sold ? No, when the price for one-bedroom apartments in 358,000 euros, sold only 35 % of the area . Spain is not yet ready to engage in such activities , it's not football, and running up the stairs . Not yet this sport in the classification.

Release is scheduled for December 2013 , but has since mid-December , when the Spaniards will cut the ribbon . Still unknown ! After all, nothing has changed .

And while the Spaniards sing their folk : " Quizas,Quizas,Quizas! " waiting for resettlement.

P.S. How to help the Spaniards?

First, Ivan Krylov translate into Spanish.

Second, to design and build a panoramic elevators and do not pay attention to the architecture.

What kind of architecture here ...


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