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Panoramic elevator-raisin home

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Panoramic lift-expensive

Panoramic elevator in the cottage - very expensive pleasure, but what is the effect! These elevators are often installed in homes where the scenic views from the top or in the buildings, in the outer design which takes a lot of large areas of glass.

Panoramic elevator. MiTOL


What a panoramic lift shaft better internal or external? 

Panoramic elevators/ MiTOLOne of the conditions of the installation panoramic elevator inside the cottage - a large room size. The car is made of tinted or clear glass and because of that the elevator does not look like something bulky and takes up space. But internal installation panoramic elevator shall be provided at the design stage of the cottage. After all, if it is not provided for the elevator shaft, it does not mean that the car will be in the air. Difficulty for builders lies in the fact that the attachment is via the elevator rails embedded in the bearing walls and floor slabs are provided individual size or monolithic slab. Installation of indoor panoramic lift is performed manually by mounting winches and hoists.

Outdoor panoramic elevator can be installed or attach to the available country house or cottage, doing some additional work on the project documentation. Installation of outdoor panoramic lift is performed using a crane and turnaround time is much reduced.

One of the features panoramic lift that does not require a device of mine, as the basis of its design - self-supporting cabin.

On the one hand it is a plus - technical documentation easier, but on the other hand is due to the unique design of the equipment itself is characterized by high cost. Normal lift with the same parameters do twice cheaper panorama.

On the other hand, the panoramic elevators provide broad horizons for implementation of the most daring and creative design solutions. For example, the shape of the elevator car can be made as a quadrangle, a circle, an oval.

Wall panoramic elevator can be fully transparent glass or leave only the middle of the cabin. Incredible feeling guaranteed to anyone who will travel in the elevator with a transparent floor.
Despite the seeming transparency and fragility, panoramic elevators - the device is very reliable and safe.

For the manufacture of the cockpit using the latest materials with a large margin of safety. So quite smoothly lifts installed in homes with children, since it is impossible to damage the walls.

Availability in the cottage panoramic lift shows luxury and prestige.

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