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Installation of elevators in cities without skyscrapers

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Installation of lifts in megacities.

Construction of high-rise buildings for the majority of world cities - it is rather a necessary measure due to lack of land. But in some cities, for various reasons, high-rise construction is prohibited, as large buildings obstruct the review of historical urban landscape, changing terrain review.

Capitol 1

The most famous example of such a ban is the U.S. capital Washington, which is forbidden to build buildings that exceed the height of the Capitol dome. Many such examples in Russia.


July 13, 2013 Moscow city authorities have approved zoning laws, according to which within the MKAD (Moscow Ring Road) is completely forbidden to build buildings higher than 75 meters, that is 24-25 floors, and historic places, even far from the center, and even less.


Ban touched only new projects that are under development and not out on the market. Ban authorities explain the need, above all, the preservation and historical city-types, as well as load on the social and transport network. Including it is due and fire regulations, as the issue of security of residents of high-rises in case of emergencies - painful enough.
However, some Russian economists believe that the construction of low-rise buildings in the capital of Russia - it is an inefficient use of expensive land (especially in the city center). Some experts believe that Moscow and Moscow region this regulation may result in a possible increase in house prices of up to 50%.

St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, the law "On the boundaries of zones of protection of cultural heritage in the territory of St. Petersburg and modes of use of land within the boundaries of the zones" from December 24, 2008, whereby the height of buildings in the city center is severely restricted: the height of buildings shall not exceed the level of the eaves of the Winter Palace. In more remote areas of the city center this limitation is kept at 28-40 meters, but only if there is an appropriate conclusion of historical and cultural examination.

St. Peterburg

Interestingly, in the 18-19 centuries in St. Petersburg was forbidden to build a building that would be higher than the Winter Palace (the former Imperial Palace, now part of the main complex of the State Hermitage Museum). But architects who wanted to keep in shape Petersburg own trail, cheat, bypassed the ban in an interesting way. They created buildings in which there were as many floors as in the imperial palace, but builds on top of the attic and tower through which the buildings looked higher.

Kemerovo region

November 12 Kemerovo Governor Aman Tuleyev following a meeting with builders and experts instructed MOE regional management of architecture and urban planning to amend the town planning regulations prohibiting building in the city of Kemerovo home above 16 floors. The journalists reported on November 12, the press service of the regional administration.
This decision is due to the June earthquake, incurring costs of about two billion rubles, and the effects are eliminated so far.
- Nature of our region is unpredictable, so the construction of skyscrapers - not for the Kemerovo region, "- said Aman Tuleyev.
It is noteworthy that in the Kemerovo region now has four houses in which more than 16 floors.


Suzdal - an ancient Russian city, the first mention of which dates back to the 11th century. In the ancient town of Suzdal Rus' was one of the most significant and was the capital of Vladimir-Suzdal principality (now he - the administrative center of Suzdal, Vladimir region). To this day, Suzdal, the same old Russian town with wooden houses and fanciful architecture and atmosphere of ancient Russia. On its territory there are more than 50 landmarks.


In Suzdal, perhaps, the most stringent building codes in Russia can not build buildings higher than 2 floors, not to destroy the historical integrity of the city with modern infrastructure.


In Novosibirsk city administration since mid-2013 is preparing regulations that will restrict the construction of skyscrapers in the city center. The need to introduce regulations altitude guide explains the desire to streamline the City Hall building in Novosibirsk, including height.
- This document will become part of the existing land use and development of Novosibirsk - says chief architect Vladimir Fefelov. - Regulation is designed to ensure the comfort of the urban environment in the subsequent development or redevelopment
According to the press-center of City Hall, in the historic area of ​​the city the maximum altitude buildings will be limited to the level of 7-9th floors in the residential sector, the newly constructed buildings should not be higher than 4 floors.

Whatever restrictions on height of buildings in the cities did not take, without elevators can not do. Indeed, in any high-rise building must perform the installation of elevators and lift maintenance, as passenger elevators and freight elevators.

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