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Elevators leading to the sky or the installation of elevators in the Emirates

Burj Dubai skyscraper, from the very beginning under development by order of the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as the tallest building in the world. For this reason, its final height at the time of construction was strictly classified (and suddenly outdo competitors?). As, however, and specifications, including the number and appointment of the lifts in the building.


Dubai miracle

January 4, 2010, Dubai shocked the entire world, solemnly presenting a building area of over 1 million square meters, the height of 828 meters. 162-storied building, essentially vertical city, hotels, shopping centres, public institutions, entertainment centers, journalists on the same day dubbed «the Dubai miracle».
The owners of the former high-rise records (Guangzhou TV Tower, a height of 600 metres), Chinese, потупили head and declared that beat this record in 2014, built in Changsha skyscraper «Sky City»height 838 meters. Interestingly, developers initially planned, that the height of «the Celestial town» will only 666 metres, however, the Chinese authorities unequivocally hinted that they need самоей tallest building in the world.
However, match the skyscrapers has long been a favorite pastime of the world powers.


Lifts and myths

Various news agencies rushed excitedly pour figures, reflecting the various settings «Dubai miracle». And it is no wonder that these numbers, which at times, so different from the declared competitors-that there is some confusion in the minds of people.
Some media claimed that the building is fitted with more than 100 lifts, the other that of their slightly more than 30, but still rise they are from -2 to +162 floors. Exploded all the myths official site of the building where the information appeared that the only Burj Khalifa installed 57 elevators and 8 escalators.

Installation of elevators in the Burj Khalifa, by the way, began to be even when the height of the building is not reached and three hundred meters. The fact that the building, outside reminiscent of a single, monolithic, сталагмитоподобную design, inside strictly divided into blocks, each of which has 3 separate entrances: hotels, restaurants, Nightclubs and other entertainment; in the personal apartments; in offices and public institutions. Each block is serviced by individual Elevator

On this unscrupulous media't calm down, taking vying to praise lifts in Burj Dubai, as the fastest in the world, they say, their rate of up to 18 meters per second. However, these tales denied the press service of the American manufacturer of elevators «Otis Elevator», manufactured and directed the installation of elevators and escalators in the Burj Khalifa. According to the information of «Otis Elevator», the maximum speed of lifts in the building reaches only 10 meters per second.


In fact, the world's fastest elevators manufactured by Japanese company Toshiba Elevator installed in a skyscraper «Taipei 101» in Taiwan. Their maximum speed - 16, 8 meters per second.
The last (and most unfortunate) myth, born media, about the elevators to the Burj Dubai, became a bike that lifts the building of the high-rise in the world. The myth is unfortunate because the palm in this respect for a long time already occupies a tourist Elevator, located in Chamonix, France. Mine it was cut in the rock, and the maximum lifting height - 3777 meters.


Maintenance of the highest level

Perhaps, the only one Elevator in the Burj Khalifa can claim the title of «the best in the world». This freight Elevator Elevator emergency service, capacity in five and a half tons, which is the only one running nearly through the whole building, rising up to 162 floors. In its design, by the way, applied a unique mechanism of inhibition, able to stop the decline of 16-ton lift, a patented «Otis Elevator» even in the nineteenth century

Installation of all the elevators of the building took over five years to 5 years and cost the developer in more than 35 million dollars. Now maintenance of lifts in the building is carried out under strict control: all elevators have a system software evacuation in case of emergency, that is especially important at such a height.

Maintenance of the elevators is held on the highest level. Besides the technical aspects, like the replacement of oil and regular health check cables and guides, great attention is paid to aesthetic elements: several times a day in each lift cleaned and fumigate its specific «Arab» aroma developed and patented specifically for the Burj Khalifa.

Because «in the sky» is able to rise only one Elevator, residents and visitors of the Burj Dubai have to do is not one transplant, to reach its destination.

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