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News about elevators

Installation of "Gold" lifts

"Golden" lifts

Rubl lift 3"All the loot of the world - on the ruble, and other bubble in the world simply do not have" - ​​once joked one notorious resident "Comedy." How far is this statement from the truth - not judge us, but with only one look at the cottages along Rublevo Assumption highway somewhere taken confidence in its correctness. Residents are Rublevki like an unspoken competition in the height of the cottages in the beautification of the area around them and, of course, their technical equipment, including - lifting machines, in other words - passenger and freight elevators. On them that will be discussed.

For every taste

Cottage elevators nowadays are made for every taste, color and capacity. For consumers with unpretentious taste, companies conducting installation of elevators, always have in stock a few "template options" for the two-storey buildings. Of course, these models of passenger and freight elevators are convenient, easy to use, and high speed for a couple of floors do not just do not need - is dangerous for health.
Maintenance of elevators in this case also standard: examination, diagnosis. Aesthetically cottage standard passenger elevators also are nothing special
Often in the company for installation and maintenance of elevators enters personal order. There are already included in the deal designers and constructors, translating into reality the most complex customer requirements. Any decor, any size, all kinds of precious materials (gold, precious stones, wood, fabric ...) and even personal family coats of arms on the walls and ceiling of the elevator - there would be money. And money from residents Rublevki there.

Hydraulics or "electric"?

Rubl lift 5Most often people choose cottages Rublev hydraulic elevators. They even slower electric, but do not require a separate machine room, and load them due to strong hydraulic drives, much higher. In addition, under this option to produce a hydraulic passenger lift installation requires only one bearing wall + some space for hydraulic. And then as if something in the circuits electric passenger elevator fails, it just stops halfway, providing emergency services work elevator. A hydraulic lift even during a power outage to gently lower the cabin floor 1.
Recently, among the "rublevtsev" demand pneumatic elevators so-called airlift. In fact, it's the same hydraulic passenger elevators, lifts and lowers the cabin due to the difference in air pressure. In this case, lift maintenance becomes much more complicated.

Elevator shaft with a ...

Panoramic elevator shaft - not uncommon for houses on the ruble. It looks very impressive, especially if at the same mine was attached to the cottage, and the cab passenger lift a wonderful view of the neighboring houses, or, say, a private swimming pool. Lift installation costs while, of course, higher. However, many set in a panoramic glazed elevators and mines inside their house.
Elevator door cottage general topic for another article, but their choice primarily depends not only on the customer's wishes, but the free space of the room. If a lot of free space are the best option sliding door (in the manner of the bus). Lovers of art-house often choose door opened manually, and adherents of modernism - telescopic, which moreover allow a very good place to save. However, sliding and telescopic doors tend to break down more often their hand "brothers" that gives a lot of hassle in elevator emergency services.
Rubl lift 6According to the requirements of customers, many elevators are equipped with a variety of "widgets" such as additional lighting control system serviceability elements, fan, mirrors, chairs, handrails, speed regulators, remote control and even number.

Lift-car garage

Most often, freight elevators, as the name implies, are used for lifting at different heights all sorts of goods. However, the inhabitants Rublevki often prefer a variation thereof, as freight elevators, lifts, like those used in multi-level parking, and use them as underground garages.
No daily special elevator maintenance for them is not required: the management of such freight elevators comes with a remote control.
Very impressive looks like from the ground (often - from his lawn) floats on the surface of a powerful platform of the freight elevator, with placed on it by car. That's just to see such a spectacle in our country can be either some big auto show presentation, or else - on the ruble.

Order any elevator for a vacation home, you can in our company mitol. And not only for Rublevki.

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