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News about elevators

God lift or lifts iontazh eyes of a journalist

Essay journalist about installation of lifts

Lift kar5

Uncle Kolya - he Nikolay Petrovich - Director of the branch of the largest company operating in our area installation of elevators, and I am a journalist,was still on holiday - drinking tea in the kitchen, talking about nothing. From my holiday, there were still three days to work not like.
In a half-ear I heard uncle Kolya talks about the upcoming delivery of the object - passenger lifts in one of the building of 20 floors «major» quarter. Installation of the lift was completed just recently, there was only a report, to present a lift and a calm and send it to the Elevator emergency services.
- And heard about God lifts, - said suddenly, between business, uncle Kolya, pouring me a Cup of tea, milk.
- A Pro? I thought misheard.
- About himself, Elevator God, - smiled Nikolay Petrovich and noticed my sarcastic mockery grin, he added. - I'm not kidding! Tell useless you wouldn't believe it. Come with me on objects of tomorrow will show, if you're lucky, of course! and, before I could open his mouth, he added, glancing at his watch. - And now it is time to sleep.
To say that I was intrigued - to say nothing!

Riding the Elevator

Lift kar20

- Installation of the lift lasted for almost a month, because collected «loose,» said uncle Kolya, when in the morning we entered the new building. Is when the plant he comes in parts and assembled on site.
Installation of the lift was already at the last stage: two young guys in overalls» slowly established a mirror in the Elevator.
- Maintenance of lifts also your firm is engaged? - I asked.
- Of course, only the other team. The division of labour, - laughed Nikolay Petrovich. Some perform the assembling elevators, responsible for the maintenance of lifts. And if the failure of what happens here there is a lift emergency services are connected. Cables checked? - he turned to the boys.
- Looks like everything's OK, - he responded one of the guys.
Like, ' " uncle Kolya. The ladder bring.
Climbing the stairs to the square open window on the ceiling of the Elevator, he hid it, and then invited me to rise.
- Careful - roping in oil, " said Nikolai Petrovich. - That, I wonder?
It was interesting. Far up, lost in the dark left vertical channel, equipped with various metal lying on the walls in the manner of rails, and also with lines of different thickness, which kept the cabin lift. Suddenly the cab went. Uncle nick laughed.
- With the wind swept! he concluded that, when we climbed to the top floor of riding the Elevator, went out on the roof of the skyscraper. Height I was never afraid, but the sight of simply breathtaking. - Here, look at it and imagine how much effort should be spent on the installation of elevators. And it's not just banal crackdown. Before that still need to calculate, to chart the lighthouse test and check. Yes and maintenance of the elevators is not that easy: was a breakage to find it. Twenty floors - 60 meters.
- Of course all this is interesting, but you said something about God lifts. He is somewhere there's gotta be? - I smiled.
- Wait until the evening is still far away. Himself to see everything.

Lift to the dungeon

Lift kar17

- Now - under the ground, laughing, said Nikolai Petrovich, when we drove up to one of the big supermarkets.
Having entered in a huge building, we passed into the storerooms where the escalator descended on the underground floor. There were warehouses.
- What are we doing here, " mused I. - Do you live with your God lifts?
"Patience, my friend, uncle Kolya went on one of the long corridors of tunnels that as the rays radiated from a spacious warehouse.
The room in which we were, was nothing remarkable, with bare concrete walls and boxes of bananas. The only thing that fell think the big square platform beside the wall, leading to her steps, one of which sat a man in uniform worn by employees of the company on installation of lifts. Seeing us, he rose and said:
- Finished Petrovich!
- That's odd, " grinned Nikolai Petrovich, jumped on the platform, beckoned me inside. I came up to the platform shuddered and started up the stairs.
Is the Elevator-lift. Hydraulic, incidentally, ketch - explained uncle Kolya. - Today only finished installation. Withstands up to three tons
- Why there needs Elevator-lift?
- Now you will understand.
Meanwhile, ceiling above us раздвигался. Outside this should be looked so like the earth opened. We were in the back yard of the supermarket, where it conducted unloading of the goods: working set of crates and boxes on the same lifts, which was under us. All I counted five of them.
- Large shopping centers are often bought us installation of lifts, - said Nikolai Petrovich. - All these lifts are installed by our company.

God lifts

Lift kar7

We drove around for another couple of objects. One of them just started the installation of the lift, on the other team performed the maintenance of lifts. The day was drawing towards evening, I'm tired.
- Uncle Kolya, so there with God lifts?
- Well, no such luck, see - he became very sad Petrovich.
- So do you even tell? Intrigued!
You wouldn't believe it anyhow. Okay, let me another object, uh, and on the way home I am, " he promised.
Residential house, near which stopped uncle Kolya, was built over half a century ago. Go did not feel like (on the installation of elevators today I've seen plenty) and, more out of habit than desire, I came after Nikolai Petrovich.
There was an Elevator emergency service. Three young men.
- Petrovich, Hello - I turned to my companion to be one of the working emergency Elevator services, the eldest. - It does not go beyond the fourth, anywhere! And mine checked, and wiring ten times - everything is fine, everything works! I have no idea what they have done here, and turned around, the guy in the hearts kicked cabin.
"Hey, Sergei, " said uncle Kolya. I'm what you said? With the technique should be like a child. Here you God lifts asked to help? - I was suspicious, and guys, as one, turned away, hiding a spiteful grin. "And why are you laughing at? - addressed him head, why they fell silent. - Lifting emergency service called...
Uncle Kolya went into the Elevator, I - followed. He stroked his fingers old scoreboard on the buttons which digits long been blurred and were re-painted in black marker.
- Come on, mother, help. Everything's in order, you know yourself! - with these words, uncle Kolya clicked on the number 9 - the last floor.
The door closed, the little old cabin shuddered and went smoothly upwards. 1, 2, 3-digit flashed one after another. 4 - cabin continued to move, as if nothing had happened. Nine!
Uncle Kolya winner and looked at me.
"You see?
"Hey, just a coincidence, " I said incredulously.
"You know, " he continued to smile uncle Kolya. - I installation and maintenance of lifts'm already more than thirty years. How many times have: install the guys a new Elevator, all details, calculating, and he never moves. While the transaction is in order, cables, too, mine is precise to the millimetre. Think тыкаются. And all because without respect technique worked, God lifts offended. But it's often not vindictive: sorry - lift launch.
- You really believe that?
- Sanya, in that in our time is it to believe? - slyly replied uncle Kolya smiled even wider.
The doors opened. The guys on the ground floor with strange eyes looked at the head.
- Well, guys, go home, " he said. And he added in a voice of the announcer, with irony. - Valiant Elevator emergency service.

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