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Lifts creative. Installation of lifts in Europe

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Installation of elevators in Europe and beyond ...

First prototypes of modern elevators were created before our era. It is known that freight platform lifts, as well as passenger elevators used in Europe - in ancient Greece and Rome - even in the years 200-300 BC. But now, with the advent of massive skyscrapers, the elevator industry has grown to unimaginable proportions, and the installation of elevators has become perhaps one of the most sought after services of modern times. And the elevators themselves sometimes take quite unusual shapes, performing often the most incredible destinations.

Go "in a little" in the elevator ...

lift pissuar

It is not about access vandals, about whom you're thinking.
Gobs of tourists, land scarcity and extreme reluctance to spoil the landscape of cities traditional "privacy booths," was the reason that the owners of restaurants in the center of Copenhagen in the morning had to wash off, so to say, the waste products of tourists from walls and steps institutions. Over time, the mayor's office rather tired constant complaints of businessmen, and its order in the city center was installed elevators that doubles as a urinal.

The idea is simple, like an orange: nightfall comes out of the ground two meters round the elevator car in which three sides there are niches with urinals. With the dawn of a new elevator is hidden underground, "disguised" as an ordinary round hatch. Lift maintenance takes place in auto mode: cab, supplied to the sewage system, automatically flushes waste. I wonder whether employees are required to lift the emergency services to meet maintenance of elevators, plumbers have the skills?

Recently, by the authorities of Paris, Brussels and London, these European cities have also been installed elevators-urinals. Currently under development the same lift-toilets for ladies.

Bridge or a freight elevator?


The trend of building drawbridges, apparently rooted in the past. Now in vogue - drawbridges, in other words, bridges Elevating mechanisms. In September 2008, in northern France, in the city over the river Seine in Rouen was established one of the most powerful electric hoists world, enduring the weight of 2600 (!) Tons. Design, which he raises, can not be called a lift or hoist - this drawbridge, the highest in Europe (height - 55 meters, length - 1088 meters). However, the design of the lifting mechanism is identical Lifting analog, and it was designed by the best engineers of the world, specializing in the installation of just lifts. Service this colossus engaged several elevator emergency services.

The longest lift


Installation of this lift cost 156 million euros. It again on the bridge with Lifts, Hydraulic this time. And again - France.
In the spring of 2013 in Bordeaux was commissioned Europe's longest vertical lift bridge, 110 meters long, the name of the former mayor of the city and the country's Prime Minister Jacques Chaban-Delmas. More than 120 times in a year, this 77-meter-lift bridge over the river Garonne rises 50 meters, passing under a large court.

Elevator veteran

Slightly more than 85 years working passenger elevator Slovenian supermarket in the Polish city of Slupsk. Of course, many details of the mechanism have been replaced several times, but the shape of them, as this elevator cab and its decoration made of ... wood, preserved in its original form.
In the early 20th century elevator installation made Carl Fleur - specialist from Berlin. Then in Poland still very few people knew about such miracles of technology, and the emergence of this lift provoked strong excitement. Guests from neighboring countries specially came to look at the wooden elevator, ordered in Germany, Linkage lift.
In our time, this passenger elevator, which is considered the oldest (from acting) in Europe, is under close supervision elevator emergency, still entertaining the tourists.

Higher only in China ...


Hammetschwand - so that's formidable to the Russian ear the name of the Swiss awarded the highest lift in Europe, while being one of the fastest on the planet panoramic lifts. With this panoramic lift tourists can easily climb to 153 meters (which takes less than one minute), and once at an altitude of 1132 meters above sea level, to admire the Lake Lucerne and the Alps, and visit the local cuisine at the very top of the mountain.

Elevator installation was produced back in 1905. Then Hammetschwand was a blank metal enclosure and raised at a speed of one meter per second. But now this elevator - translucent cabin that can simultaneously carry up to 15 people and has a maximum speed of 3.2 meters per second.


However, despite all its greatness Hammetschwand almost twice less than the highest panoramic lift in the world (330 meters) - "Lift Hundred Dragons" in China.

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