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News about elevators

French or installing an elevator boom lifts on the Cote d'Azur

Installation of elevators and elevator emergency services in France.

With the installation of elevators France familiar for a long time. There is a legend that the apartments of Louis XV in the room of his mistress Countess Du Barry led the passenger lift, hidden from prying eyes. In the same XX century, when production giants like «Otis Elevator» and his ilk gross flows rushed to Europe, in France happened literally an elevator boom.

Lifts the Côte d'Azur


At this time on the Cote d'Azur like mushrooms after the rain appeared firm operating installation of elevators. The most in demand installation of elevators was in Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, in general - French resorts, which were built with great speed numerous "skyscrapers". On the Cote d'Azur from ancient years as butterflies flock to fire aristocrats, artists, businessmen, politicians and other people not of this world. The sea has long ceased to be the main attraction of the Côte d'Azur, now his main "trick" - restaurants, casinos and other entertainment. And demand is known, always creates supply - the infrastructure of cities and resorts on the Cote d'Azur, will satisfy even the most exacting guest.

Almost every self-respecting hotel Côte d'Azur is committed to establish a panoramic elevator overlooking the sea. Cabins same conventional passenger elevators in hotels encrusted sea stones, corals and shells, painted in every way so that, coming in one lift, you will find yourself on the deck of the ship. In another cabin lift - a desert island. A passenger lift one of the hotels in Nice and at all is a cabin with a bunk against the wall, lifeline, and other marine paraphernalia

City lifts

Lift Paris

If the theater begins with a hanger, we can say that Paris begins with elevators. Largest Paris airport Charles de Gaulle is designed in such a way that without the help of the elevator, do not get out of the arrival hall to vehicles parked. And this is only the beginning of their travels to Paris, you will continue to use the passenger elevators.
It is unclear for what reasons, in relatively shallow multilevel Paris Metro elevators installed. Often the entrance to the metro station is a kind of well, with a small staircase and automatic elevator that shrill buzzing before departure. Due to constant load, lift emergency services often have to deal with the technical maintenance of elevators on the Paris Metro.

Lift France

Could not do without high-rise elevators and department stores in Paris. Almost every one of them installed through elevators and experienced buyers, going for shopping, first raised the elevator to the very dome - where people least
By the way, the numbering of floors on the scoreboard elevator cars in France otherwise than in Russia. First floor is indicated at 0, the second, as a consequence - the unit. And so on ... Underground floors as shown abbreviated SS or minus sign before the figure.
Most recognizable and photographed place in Paris - Eiffel Tower - once equipped with five lifts, linking its three observation platforms. Currently lift emergency services regularly involved in technical maintenance of elevators, which were installed in the tower in 1899, the east and west. Until the end of XX century, they rose and fell due to hydraulic pumps, which are now replaced elektropodemnymi mechanisms of Otis.

Lift Eiffel-Tower-Tram

There is an interesting and beautiful legend that in 1940 Hitler came to occupied Paris, was not able to climb the Eiffel Tower because it lifts suddenly came to a fault. And in 1944, Hitler ordered one of his generals to destroy the tower, but did not have time to do this: the German troops were driven out of Paris, the city was liberated, and the lift mechanism, as if by magic, he earned the same day.

Reverse side

But in the sleeping quarters of French cities elevators are not experiencing the best of times. Mass installation of lifts produced in homes of French cities XX century, led to the fact that now there are elevators in almost any building in France, which is higher than three floors, but most passenger lifts are under constant control of elevator emergency services, as has long been obsolete and spare parts for some models no longer produced.
In recent years, old elevators began to be replaced by new, modern, however, in most cases in elevator emergency services have to perform repairs and maintenance hoists, spare parts to which it is already impossible to buy. And so for months without working elevator in the house for the inhabitants of Paris is not uncommon. As, however, and for the Russians. In Paris, even created a youth volunteer organization whose members are on duty near residential buildings with faulty elevators and help the elderly and women lift bags, strollers and other gravity on the upper floors of stairs.

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