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Birthplace of skyscrapers. Installation of elevators in the United States. Part 1

Installation of elevators in America. Part 1.

Lift New York

Lifts in our lives long ago became as commonplace as automobiles or personal computers. On banners and banners along the roads every day we see ads offering to perform installation of lifts, lift maintenance, and accessing the Internet is simply impossible minutes past the tempting offer service elevator emergency service. Passenger elevators installed in high-rise buildings, and in small private homes, where they are, rather, an indicator of wealth owners. Yet, the main 'clients' companies performing assembly lifts are skyscrapers.
The tallest building in New York The Empire State Building third tallest in the United States. That's how it was built.

Lift EmpireStateBuilding


Pioneer skyscrapers

What do you have of the word "skyscraper"? There may be many, but in this list certainly emerge the word "America." The first skyscraper was built there, and it happened because of ... cows.

Dark windy night October 8, 1871 one of the members of the Chicago family O'Leary left a candle burning in his barn. Waking up, the cow kicked it - hay caught fire. Fire engulfed the barn, the house O'Leary, then spread to the next house. Thus began the Great Chicago Fire, which lasted three days. The fire, which covered 8 square kilometers, is survived by his 48 blocks completely destroyed, burned 17,500 buildings (one-third of the city).

Chicagoans did not lose heart and truly industrious ant began to rebuild the city, taking on board solution: henceforth Chicago City will grow up. The first building, called skyscraper, Chicago Insurance Company was ten floors, passenger elevator and fire escape across the front. By the way, after a fire all buildings Chicago necessarily supplied with external fire escapes on the facades of buildings right (remember the movie "Brother 2"), and in buildings postmodern certainly performed installation of lifts emergency evacuation, which are regularly checked lift emergency services.

By the way, it turned out later that the story about the cow - fiction: M.Ahern journalist wrote this bike to be witty, what subsequently admitted frankly.

Father brakes.

history elevatorI hope the reader will forgive the author his love for a few extravagant titles. The author, in turn, assures truth in them certainly is.

Speaking of elevators and skyscrapers, not to mention a man who is often mistakenly called the father lifts - Elisha Graves Otis, children who later founded the company giant elevator construction and installation of lifts «Otis Elevator».

Passenger lifts used by mankind long before the landing of the first settlers on the shores of America, but that Otis invented an extremely reliable and easy, as all ingenious mechanism lifts emergency braking. Banal system: on the sides of the elevator shaft set teeth, and the main cable is not fixed to the elevator car itself, but to the foldaway spring, firmly attached to its roof. If the cable breaks, the tension weakens spring straightens and, caught in the teeth meet mine firmly stops the elevator car. Otis personally gave a presentation of his invention: he stood under the elevator, and his assistant, holding her severed rope. Cab stopped, Otis was unhurt, the audience - in delight.

If this key to opening the Americans do not really trust the elevators as a result of their mortality incidence was high enough, after the companies producing the installation of elevators equipped with brake Otis was not lack of customers. And given the fact that the skyscrapers in the late 19th - early 20th century were built in large numbers in all the major cities in the U.S., work enough and lift the emergency services and offices, offering a lift maintenance.

Heavenly deck

Lift willistower

The tallest building in the U.S. is the Willis Tower - a skyscraper located in Chicago again, the tenth highest in the world. According to the official website of the City of Chicago, every day in the Willis Tower come to 25 thousand people. Go only to tickle your nerves on the observation deck of the building, which is completely balconies, including the floor, made of durable glass. Observation deck of this grand building, located at an altitude of 412 meters, is a majestic and truly deserved title Heavenly deck Chicago.

And the first thing that will be remembered guest who chooses to visit the tower - is a passenger lift. To Heaven deck rise 2 high speed elevators. Installation of elevators, however, as the subsequent maintenance of elevators of the building fulfilled the Chicago office «Otis Elevator». Inside elevator cars lined glowing screens, on which, as the following indicates the height at which the elevator is. From rising to high-speed lift (takes less than a minute) to 103 floor deafened.

Lift WillisTower Glass

If you are lucky and the day will stand out cloudless, wonderful panorama opens eyes: all the skyscrapers, bottom seemingly huge, slightly pressing on the subconscious, making feel bug, suddenly find themselves far down underfoot. From there you can see immediately the territory of 4 states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana, 80 km in the district.

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