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Birthplace of skyscrapers. Installation of elevators in the United States. Part 2

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Birthplace of skyscrapers. Installation of lifts in the U.S. Part 2

According to international standards, is considered a skyscraper residential or business, ie office building whose height is more than 150 meters from ground level. Ultra-high skyscrapers called buildings taller than 300 meters. The figures of these standards are constantly increasing, high-rise buildings on the planet is becoming more and, therefore, the installation of lifts and service lifts are becoming more popular services.

Water skyscraper.

Installation of elevators in America.

In a couple of blocks from Willis Tower, not far from Lake Michigan is a building that seems to the observer from afar one of the many nondescript skyscrapers. However, it should come closer, and it seems that you see a mirage on the wall of a skyscraper flow stream of water ...

This 82-story architectural wonder and skyscraper called "Aqua". In 2010, architects all over the world unanimously found him one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Water building mirage created by the fact that the overlap of the building straight, curved lines appear on the edge of its facade. If you look at the skyscraper from the bottom up, standing at the foot of it, the walls resemble a piece of silk with pleats. From a distance, thanks to the fact that 60% of each wall - window glass, it looks like a sparkling waterfall.

In 2007, the tender for the supply, installation and maintenance of elevators of the building was won by Otis Elevator. The skyscraper "Aqua" at checkout services for maintenance of elevators consist of 22 units of cargo and passenger lifts and two technicians who used the elevator emergency service.

American world market leader

The authorities of the city of Chicago and the owners of the city's skyscrapers has long had warm relationship with Otis Elevator. First, it was her staff conducted the installation of elevators in the most iconic buildings in the city. Second, lift emergency services Otis Elevator in Chicago work very quickly, with a very large staff of skilled employees. And thirdly, it is thanks to the work of the company's passenger elevator is one of the safest modes of transport. And not just in Chicago.
U.S. city where the installation and maintenance of elevators in the greatest demand is, of course, New York. In the economic capital of the United States, with a population of 8.3 million people, and has over 6,000 high-rises (in Chicago, for comparison - about 1130).

Installation of elevators in America.

The first passenger elevator was equipped in 1957, one of the skyscrapers in New York. In 1961 in the same city was patented first lift with electric drive. In both cases, the key person was the company Otis Elevator.

Currently Otis Elevator is the most popular company in the manufacture and installation of elevators in the world. According to data released by United Technologies in 2003, one in nine passenger elevator installed in the skyscrapers of the world, more than 300 meters in height, made Otis Elevator. The company manufactures elevators installation and maintenance of elevators in many homes and condominiums in the world. Lift emergency services are working daily with lifts Ā«Otis ElevatorĀ», established in hotels, hotels and shopping centers across the globe.

Installation of elevators in America. Empire State Building

Among them the most famous skyscraper, which is considered a benchmark of American architectural culture - Building "Empire State Building", which stands in New York, in Manhattan.

In October 2013, Otis Elevator won the largest contract in its history: the firm in the short term will mount 670 elevators and escalators in metro Indian Hyderabad. Prior to this, the most profitable venture company had a contract for the supply and maintenance of 349 elevators for the Hangzhou Metro.

Is no longer the leader

Installation of elevators in America.

Time when the whole world was talking about breathy Willis Tower, as the tallest building in the world have sunk into oblivion. Chicago giant (and with it, and the United States) first yielded the palm in the "Altitude" Taipei 101, which is in China, and then gradually dropped to tenth place in the rating of the highest buildings in the world, where safely stays still.

The title of the world record in the number of high-rises also lost by the United States for a long time: it is the undisputed leader of China, where the number of skyscrapers inexorably approaching one thousand. It is understandable, with the figure of 1.3 billion in the "population" is not particularly extensive choice of either - up or - in any way. However, this list of U.S. still occupies the second place, having on its territory, about 680 buildings over 150 meters tall.

And certainly no one can take away from the rights of States deserved proudly cited birthplace of skyscrapers and passenger lifts - such as we know them today.

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