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Lift innovation. Installation of elevators in Japan.

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Installation of lifts and service lifts in Japan.

Land of the rising sun for more than half a century, is a leader in advanced high technology. If using as a basis the Soviet sports motto "Faster ! Above ! Stronger! " Japanese overtake the world , create new projects , looking at that you can only shake his head in admiration , they say, during , samurai give!
The figures speak for themselves: in 2010, Japanese scientists and engineers has been patented ( Warning) over 5 million inventions. Distinguished , including companies producing and operating lifts and installation of lifts .

Priority - speed

Lift Taipei 101

In previous publications we have repeatedly mentioned the Otis Elevator - American company that produces and performs installation lifts elevators worldwide. And if she is at home practically has no real competition , and in Europe these should still be far behind in terms of products, passenger and freight elevators in the East rivals at Otis Elevator abound. And each of them has their trump card up his sleeve.
A striking example - the company for installation of elevators with a worldwide reputation - Toshiba Elevator, which is part of a huge concern Toshiba Corporation. It went with her conveyors fastest elevators in the world - passenger lifts Taiwan Taipei 101 , speeds in excess of 1000 meters per minute.
Currently, Toshiba Elevator develops new innovative lift - lift maglev . The system works this lift would be akin to the operating principles of magnetic levitation trains , which are already widely used in China and Japan. The company has officially stated that the elevators working due to the forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion are at times more comfortable for passengers. Lifts will move smoothly and gently , the main thing - completely silent , and the installation of elevators will be many times easier.

Priority - volume

Lift mitsubishi

But speed - is not the only quality that can boast passenger lifts Japanese manufacturers. In 2010, another "titanium" - the company «Mitsubishi Electric» - has published the most voluminous and roomy elevator in the world. And, if initially it was clear that it would be the largest in terms of lift throughout Japan, a world leader on became known only after the project to the public .
This passenger lift giant can lift up to 5.5 tons and accommodate up to 80 people , for its dimensions (hello residents "Khrushchev" ! ) Constitute 3.4h2.8 meters, that is, the order of 10 "squares." Ceiling height - 2.6 meters. Wow little room !

Lift UmedaHankyuBuilding

Installation of elevators was made ​​in the Osaka business center Umeda Hankyu Building - a 41- storey building . Now there are five of these lifts , which can simultaneously raise up to 400 people .
By the way, these elevators were produced specially commissioned business center , many thousands of workers who previously had to stand in line to the lift . So that the passengers were safe , the walls of these elevators equipped with windows through which you see the neighborhood of Osaka.

Priority - quality

Interestingly, the personal lifts , which are becoming increasingly popular in our country , in Japan no demand at all. This is due to lack of space : the tradition of the roof and ceilings private Japanese homes are low. Tour these homes seem almost simple boxes with flat roofs . What else can you expect from a nation that traditionally eats , squatting and sleeping on mattresses spread on the floor. Save space ...

Lift tokyo-sky-tree

And , paradoxically , for the same reason, Japan is in high demand installation of lifts : lack of land fund long forcing the city to stretch skyward roofs of skyscrapers , and designers - to explore new , more adapted to the conditions of island frames and foundations of tall buildings , passenger lifts .
However, the dimensions - this is what the draw is not only the company's production and installation of lifts, but all and sundry . The main feature elevators from Japanese manufacturers are not the volume and speed , and the quality , reliability and safety .
For maintenance of elevators in Japan imposed very strict requirements. When accepting the passenger elevator in the building , checking commissions measure the everything from energy consumption and the thickness of the rope , to suppress vibration and noise in the mine, the level of air resistance . Pays great attention to the security aspect . Japanese employees lift emergency tested long training and ongoing training .
Of course , all these measures are not a good life : the constant earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural misfortune and piled on her head the Japanese people , causing them to develop more and more new technical tools that will make them more earthquake-proof buildings , city - comfortably , elevators - quality and safe .

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