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360 degrees. Installation panoramic elevators. Part 1.

Installation of lifts. Panoramic elevators

Lift FalkirkWheelSide

Installation of elevators has occupied its niche in the market. Elevators, the first prototypes of which have been known since ancient times, entered into a person's life, turning from a vital necessity, and exotics in everyday, commonplace. However, with the development of technology and tourism, development and installation of lifts become a real art that requires not just technical filigree precision measurements and, of course, the "direct" hands, but also a fair share of creative inspiration. First and foremost is, of course, refers to the panoramic elevators.

From Archimedes ...

Lift arhimedAccording to the annals of history, one of the first creative designers elevators was known to every schoolchild Archimedes. At that time was already quite popular lift its design, in fact, an analogue of modern freight elevators - elevators, acting by the manual or "coffin" forces: the elevator car suspended on a rope slung over vertical beam with a hinge. In general, if at that time there were lifts and emergency services, they engage in maintenance of lifts was just a joy.

As we all remember from school course, Archimedes most famous for his dip in the tub. Soon after a dip in the water, incidentally discovered physical law immortalized Archimedean name and exclamation "Eureka!" After water poured out of the bath on the floor (bottom exclamation neighbors sources wisely silenced), the scientist began to actively experiment with various dipping items water. What do we do?

... Until today.

In 2002, Scotland was installed panoramic lift, which is quite unusual assignment: lifting vessels. This boat lift, length of 100 meters, weighing 14,000 tons, proudly called Folkerskim wheel, and it cost the local government in the 17, 5 million pounds.

Lift-falkirk wheel

Folkerskoe wheel connects the two channels, one located above the other at a height of 24 meters. This structure, in appearance resembling a double-edged (Celtic) double ax, transfers from the lower court in the upper channel, and vice versa. Where the axes should be the blade, he - "bowl" for vessels filled with water, each of which, in fact, the elevator car. Between them - a powerful mechanism for defining a circular motion. Two bowls, each of which accommodates five vessels moving in a circle, opposite each other. Passengers ships are at this time on the deck enjoying a 360 degrees around and fascinating journey, which looks more like an attraction than the elevator ride.
Vessel floated in the bowl, the weight of which varies. From such an unequal load quickly lift parts would come into disrepair, but to help designers came the same Archimedes. Once the ship floated in a bowl, aboard her tightly closed, it pushes out the mass of water equal to its weight. Eureka!

Beauty in German.

"The Germans - our teachers," - said one young rake Turgenev. Is it possible to include this statement in the field of installation of lifts - a moot point. In Russia, after all, while Germany has raised its elevator cars on donkeys, a great inventor Ivan Kulibin already designed a fully automatic screw passenger lift to the Imperial Palace. But it was a long time ago, and now, when it would seem, even a panoramic elevator no surprise, the Germans built a pumping machine, the trip which is just breathtaking. Just imagine: you go down in the cockpit panoramic glass lift to ... the ocean floor.

Lift Berlin ocean

And this is not the plot of the sci-fi movie. Visitors to Berlin oceanarium "Sea Life Centre" have such an opportunity. The main attraction of the center is the biggest cylindrical aquarium in the world «AuqaDom». Inside the two-story aquarium installed panoramic elevator and the shaft wall is made of transparent acrylic glass. Installation of the elevator was made in 2003. Lift itself is hydraulically driven, raises and lowers the car to 25 meters in an aquarium "Akvadiv" with a diameter of 11.5 meters.
Of course, unusual conditions greatly complicate the work of the elevator and there the emergency services organizations performing maintenance of elevators. But the main problem is not that the service elevator has to perform in a suit diver - elevator shaft, as time is tight. But here's a side to her not to get close, and inside, to put it mildly, a bit crowded.

Snow bun.

Lift Skyview

As long as we are talking about the size, we should talk about the largest spherical building in the world - sports and concert arena «Globen Skyview» in Sweden, where (hello 2014 Olympics!) Trains Swedish ice hockey team.

Lift Skyview bildspel

Arena «Globen Skyview», located in Stockholm, on top of the bun resembles snow, half buried in the ground. On the wall of the building, until he can climb to the top of a panoramic glass elevator, called «SkyView». This is a very popular tourist attraction. Elevator installation SkyView »was originally planned in the first year it climbed more than 160 thousand people. But now attendance panoramic lift is not much lower than that of most «Globen Skyview», which creates a lot of work to lift the emergency services.

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