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In Burj Khalifa disconnect lifts

In Burj Khalifa not pay for the service elevators

Lift Burj Khalifa

Disconnecting air conditioners and elevators threaten Dubai's public services to residents of the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa, if they do not pay utility bills. Last weekend ads with urgent requirement to repay appeared in the 160-story building. Debtors received warning letters with similar content.

"Some tenants, never bother to pay utility bills after check in 2012. We strongly recommend that they immediately make a payment. Otherwise, our company reserves the right to disable the air conditioning and to stop lift maintenance - said in an interview with U.S. television channel CNN spokesman largest in the United Arab Emirates investment company Emaar Properties, which developed and built the 828-meter Burj Khalifa.

Lift Burj Khalifa 1

From the outset, renters and owners of apartments in a skyscraper regularly complained about the high utility fees - 25 thousand dollars per annum. Housing in Burj Khalifa already not cheap: annual rent studio apartment costs 55 thousand dollars.
Dubai posts by the local branch of the Information Agency «The National», building developers were not limited to empty threats and have already begun to punish debtors canceling their passes to the garage passes to the gym, pool and tennis courts.

Shutdown imminent elevators and air conditioners in the building until that hangs in the air, risking about to become a reality. However, if the maintenance of elevators in the building will be terminated, will suffer from not only the debtor, but also bona fide residents of 900 apartments located from 12 to 108 floors of Burj Khalifa. Perhaps only this keeps Emaar Properties from taking extreme measures.

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