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360 degrees. Installation panoramic elevators. Part 2.

Installation of lifts. panoramic elevators

Detention cell for up to two minutes - so long wags dubbed passenger elevators. Unfortunately, a trip to the old creaking and shaking lifts, one look at that enough to realize that they need help lift the emergency services, and indeed sometimes seems an ordeal, "period." But all this has nothing to do with three amazing and beautiful panoramic elevators, which we'll tell you.

Elevator hundred dragons

$ 18 million was spent on the installation of an elevator, which rightly bears the title of the highest panoramic lift in the world. Speaking about the installation of elevators in Europe, we have already mentioned that the height of this engineering marvel called "Lift Hundred Dragons", or simply "Baylong" neither more nor less - 330 meters.

Lift sto drakonov

In the Chinese province of Hunan Nature Reserve is "Zhangjiajie", which is cut in two quartzite rocks "Vulinyuan", reaching a height of up to 3 kilometers. Climbers climb on them admiringly describe landscape opening out like a different world: white clouds underfoot and greens dotted with lines of rivers and waterfalls at the foot of commas, far below. Reserve administration decided that such beauty should be available to everyone, but it needs to perform elevator installation that instantly takes visitors to the reserve "Zhangjiajie" on one of the slopes "Vulinyuan."

In 1998, the elevator "Baylong" was still in the project, which is already in jeopardy. The fact that the organization UNESCO considered elevator installation at which its panoramic mine was integrated directly into the rock, a threat to the local ecology. Disputes lasted almost a year and in 1999 finally began elevator installation, completed in 2002.
Each of the three two-story glass elevator cars "Baylong" per trip can raise the height of 330 meters up to 50 passengers. Glass window in the floor - really check the strength of the nerves. For particularly busiest days "Lift Hundred Dragons" carries up to 1,400 people per hour.

Lift maintenance is performed regularly. Lift emergency services primarily closely monitoring the serviceability earthquake sensors and evacuation system, whereby in an emergency, passengers can leave the cabin in less than 20 seconds.
"Lift the Hundred Dragons" written in the Guinness Book of Records, not only as the highest panoramic lift, but as the highest in the world two-story elevator. Some time "Baylong" kept the world in the palm nomination "speed".

Bar in the elevator

Lift Oasis Seas

Imagine a passenger lift cabin which rises to 30 meters in 8 minutes. No, it is not about that same lift, Mr. Otis built in the 19th century. We're talking about the world's first outdoor panoramic elevator, part-time - bar, «Rising Tide Elevator», established on the world's largest cruise ship «Oasis of the Seas».

Lift Rising Tide Elevator

Elevator installation was planned originally, and transporting functions lifts were not a priority for the developers. «Rising Tide Elevator» unites the two decks of the ship; inside his bar with all her attributes entitlements, including the bartender. As already mentioned, a trip to this wonderful lift is 8 minutes, which is enough to miss a couple of cocktails or a glass of wine. Lift emergency services are constantly on the liner, or simply impossible. Indeed, «Oasis of the Seas» all the time in the open sea.

Lift for cyclists

I'll bet that the reader is reading the title, ahead of time already imagined this lift and how cyclists go inside, their two-wheeled friends leans up against the wall and patiently waiting for the elevator car to reach the designated floor. Perhaps the reader an idea was a little different, but I assure you - no less erroneous.

Lift Velo-brauceju

Trondheim, in Norway, you can call the Russian analogue of Tomsk - a student city. That's just the youth there is not an example simpler: 90% of students who are in Trondheim more than 30 thousand, prefer to travel by bicycle. The city administration is encouraging this useful, both in terms of ecology and - improvement of the nation, and the habit of investing strongly led infrastructure development. For 20 years to build in the town network of bicycle paths, parking lots and other such veloatributiki of Gdańsk budget allocated more than 30 million kroons. Some of that money went to the elevator installation, which analogues in the world still do not have. It, in general, at a glance, and lift do not call.

Lift Velo-brauceju 2

This elevator, named «Trampe Bicycle Lift», located on a 130-meter street Brubakken, which is a very steep slope asphalt. Along Brubakken, from start to finish, metal rail stretches unusual shape. On the rail mounted special footing; same second leg remains on the bicycle pedal. A couple of minutes - and a cyclist in a different part of the street without any effort.

Lift Velo-brauceju 3

Maintenance lift «Trampe Bicycle Lift» pay themselves cyclists: lift is driven by touching the panel a special card, which can be inexpensive to purchase rental bicycles.

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