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News about elevators

Installation of lifts at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Olympic Games in Sochi. installation of lifts


Winter Olympics - most importantly for the past 33 years sporting event for our country - left behind. Sochi Olympic triumph lit in the hearts of Russian athletes and fans, has spawned thousands of web memes and left great impression and show competitions held by foreigners. And that is good news, now in our country is a beautiful winter training ground, snow resorts in the subtropics, equipped with the latest technology. And far from insignificant role in this was played by the great work of those who made the installation of elevators at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Lifts stadium "Fischt"

Sochi otkrytie

Russian Olympics made the world stand still enthusiastically already at the opening ceremony. It makes no sense to repeat all the colorful action now takes place in the night at the stadium "Fischt" - all this, and in particular that "the ring is not revealed" did not look / read not just lazy.

Empty 40000th stadium "Fischt", combining his appearance images sink and snowy peaks, the impression of an ordinary football stadium: light roof, stands with plastic chairs, four massive screen and weight spotlights. But we need only recall the discovery, it is clear that this impression is deceptive. The engineers who designed the installation of elevators stadium was set extremely ambitious goal: to build the most ambitious and technically innovative games in the history of the underground system of lifting machinery. And they coped with it.

Under the artificial turf stadium, an area of ​​over 8500 square meters, 25 hidden hoists for decorations. How powerful mechanisms driven hoists can judge decorations, who designed the best Russian and foreign engineers. Weight "islands", for example, starts from five tons.

Elevators Ice Arena

large arena 2a

To naivelichayshemu Unfortunately, the Russian hockey players in this time is not particularly shine on the Olympic ice. However judge triple (counting only the last six years) world champions, who for some reason desperately unlucky at the Olympics, we do not undertake. But we can judge the high quality of the installation of elevators, which was performed at the Grand Ice Arena in Sochi.

On a huge ice arena at the same time capable to accommodate up to 12,000 spectators, was 22 lifts with capacity from half a ton to two tons, and 6 escalators. Engineering, planning the future installation of elevators, primarily take into account the giant passenger traffic, which will move almost continuously between all six levels of the Great Ice Arena. Six passenger elevators were equipped specifically for comfortable and quick movement of people with disabilities.

All passenger lifts ice arena equipped with ultramodern systems rapid evacuation in case of fire or any another cataclysm. By the way, the building is equipped with three firefighters lift.
There is no doubt that lift maintenance of large ice arena passed to the highest category: several passenger elevators led straight to the presidential box and adjacent hallways. And our President, as you know, a big fan of ice shows ...

Not without "Otis"

And really, where do without him? Several pre-Olympic tenders for the installation of elevators in the city of Sochi was won by one of the largest companies in the world, "Otis." The company carried out an installation of elevators «OtisGen2» with the latest regenerative drive «Regen», which reduces power consumption by 75% lift. In total, the company "Otis" made in Sochi installation and maintenance of about 500 elevators and escalators.

Over 300 otisovskih passenger elevators were installed on the sporting and social facilities in Imereti lowland: the main press center, skating center and curling arena.
80 panoramic elevators were installed at the ski resort "Rose Farm". For each hotel resort Engineering "Otis" developed individual elevator car with the design presented finishing bright palette of wood, glass and metal. 40 passenger elevators and escalators were installed in the building of the Olympic University.

And laughter, and an elevator ...

JohnnyWinter Olympics in Sochi, among other things, was the most fruitful on oddities, one way or another connected with elevators.
- I took the time to interview, waiting for the elevator to go down, but as it turned out, this elevator does not go down - with the signature CBC reporter Monika Platek published in its tweeted photo buttons in the elevator. Tweet gathered many reviews disgruntled visitors of Sochi, which unanimously outraged that lift maintenance is carried out very badly, and the buttons of elevators in some hotels in the city are not numbered in order.
Immediately afterwards there was a funny thing with the head coach of the Finnish national team ski jumping Pekka Niemelä. Finn called the elevator and after the beep that heralded his arrival, habitually stepped in and open the doors ... fell into the pit.
Fortunately, the elevator car stopped on the floor below, and therefore the height of the fall of the coach was not more than a meter, and it has got a fright.
- I was lucky that the elevator stopped on the lower meter, instead of 10 - ironically commented himself Pekka Niemelä.
And the most famous an elevator curiosity Olympic bobsleigh team happened to USA Johnny Quinn, who a few days earlier and was stuck in the bathroom, unable to open the door, it has broken out.
"We got in trouble again. Stuck in an elevator "- published on Twitter Johnny. Responded to the message immediately lift emergency services to rescue the poor man and several of his companions in misfortune.

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