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Installation of elevators in Australia

Elevating confrontation . Installation of elevators in Australia

Kangaroo , Sydney , surfing - these are the three key words of which the average Russian's often the impression of Australia. And no wonder, sometimes it seems that this country -continent did not interested in foreign policy and relations with other countries . However, in reality it is not so ; Commonwealth - one of the most developed economically and socially prosperous countries on the planet, regularly developing and technologically. Recently, at the hearing , and Australian companies operating manufacturing, installation and maintenance of elevators .

Number 1

Q1 tower
In our time, it is impossible to imagine without a major skyscraper speed passenger elevators. Was no exception , and the tallest building in Australia - 78 - storey skyscraper «Q1 Tower», built in the Gold Coast. «Q1 Tower», conceived designers, mixes in his guise images Sydney Opera House and the Olympic torch . In 2005 , at the time of completion of construction skyscraper , emblazoned with one of the longest in the world of antennas , while wearing a laurel wreath on the highest residential building in the world .

In the 323 -meter skyscraper «Q1 Tower» found 10 high-speed passenger elevators. Each lift is capable of speeds up to 10 m / c. Installation of elevators, as well as all skyscraper construction was carried out in very short order . Each of these passenger lifts capable of speeds up to 10 m / c, and can be just 43 seconds at a time to raise up to 20 passengers on the 77 floor .

Q1 Tower 2

Here , at an altitude of 230 meters, located observation platform called «Sky Point», which in clear weather you can see some of the Australian states , and even the ocean. Unlike «Sky Point» from most of these lookouts , including " Heaven deck Chicago ," the fact that it - open . On holidays with «Sky Point» launch fireworks and ekstremaly often jump out with a parachute.

Export . One mine - two cabins .

Since the creation of Mr. Otis company named after himself and revolutionary invention of elevator brakes passed for nearly half a century. Industry production, installation and maintenance of elevators in this time stepped forward . Engineers are inventing new ways to make passenger and freight elevators faster , roomy , reliable, safe and practical.

The latest elevator system «TWIN» was presented in 2007 by the Australian company «ThyssenKrupp Elevator». The essence of the system is as follows: two completely independent elevator - in one shaft . Each cabin is equipped with a separate drive , counterbalance , but both move in one guide and use some of the shaft door . In the mines of «TWIN» provides a special emergency evacuation system that facilitates the work of lift emergency services.


Mounting system lifts «TWIN was made with the introduction of new technology tracking stops. When you call the elevator , on the touch screen in front passengers get information on what the cabin ( which, incidentally , all moving at different speeds ) , you can quickly get to the right floor .
The whole world immediately praised Australian innovation ; still would Less mines - more usable space , which can accommodate , say, additional data cables , air conditioning and ventilation . Furthermore , two elevator significantly increase the bandwidth of the shaft. To date, the installation of elevators «TWIN» was produced in skyscrapers more than ten countries , including Russia .

Import . Fierce competition .

Despite the successes of the world in the production of lifts at home «ThyssenKrupp Elevator» is not a monopoly in the field of installation and maintenance of elevators. In Australia, the company plenty of foreign competitors .

Australian city of Brisbane is considered a business , office . Business districts grow in breadth ousting residential areas, and up , blocking the sky skyscrapers . And statistics show that developers prefer to entrust the installation of elevators in reliable, proven , foreign hands .

buld 0001Finnish company «Kone» - is no stranger installation of elevators in Australia. This world famous company that performs fabrication and installation of elevators worldwide, one after another, winning tenders for the supply of equipment in Brisbane . Not so long ago it became known that it was «Kone» will carry out installation and maintenance of elevators in a new 34 - storey office skyscraper city , setting there 19 passenger elevators and four escalators .

According to representatives of «Kone», passenger elevators will be equipped with a new control system «Kone Polaris», provides for the possibility of the account code control the elevator car . All lifting equipment will be controlled by a single electronic system KONE E-Link, allowing emergency services in elevator monitor system at a distance . The company has only recently started manufacturing equipment, but assured that all work will be completed in 2015 .

To «ThyssenKrupp Elevator» company «Kone» - dangerous competitor known fact that often " swallow " smaller companies . Not so long ago part of «Kone» became the largest Irish company on manufacturing , installation and maintenance of elevators «Ennis Lifts Ltd», not sustained confrontation with the Finnish giant. The lift is completed confrontation in Australia - time will tell .

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