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Paralympic lifts . Installation of lifts for the disabled.

Installation of lifts for the disabled. Paralympic lifts .

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Paralympics in Sochi ended March 16 , and slightly inferior older sister , Olympics , on the status and mass , did not lose her to inflame the passions of sports and energy. Many guests also recognized competitions Paralympics in Sochi, one of the best on the level of the organization , providing amenities and comfortable travel accommodations for people with disabilities . Here significant role played by quality installation of elevators for the disabled, produced by the best specialists in the world .

Nebezbarerny city

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A few weeks before the Sochi Paralympics experts international organization that monitors human rights and providing a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities , «Human Rights Watch» Been Sochi railway station and came to the conclusion that the rights of persons with disabilities in the Paralympic capital (at least - at the entrance to it) is not going to infringe on anybody . The verdict was as follows : there is no problem : the angle of the ramps convenient , passenger lifts and other lifts are working fine .

Sochi Train Station is equipped according to the standards , all kinds of lifts for the disabled, since the passenger elevators open and ending cargo lifts and crawler ( travelators ) replacing people with disabilities stairs . Wheelchair users living in Sochi well remember that earlier in their place were long , steep ramps on which people with disabilities could not climb unaided.

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Station, fortunately, did not stop. Staff «Human Rights Watch», toured for Sochi , during which the most studied traditionally difficult for disabled parts of the city .

Especially for the Sochi Olympics by many highways were laid underground passages, which made ​​the installation of lifts for the disabled. For each such elevator was attached volunteer advising people with disabilities , helping them get to the other side. Although in most cases this is not required - the system of passenger elevators for the disabled , according to «Human Rights Watch», simple and convenient. Importantly , they believe that the elevators were always in working condition, and regular maintenance of elevators.
Not all elements of the infrastructure of the city is also well adapted to the needs of people with disabilities . Experts noted that the stairwells in private homes Sochi , ramps of small shops and supermarkets , as well as excessively high curbs in the city center - almost insurmountable barrier for the disabled. However, the elevators were not satisfactory .

Eyes on the West

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What seemingly ordinary passenger elevator must be different from the elevator for people with disabilities? First - this is a special safety and reliability , strict compliance with all technical requirements and mandatory certifications . Lift for disabled should have a minimum width of 1.9 meters in length - 1.4 meters ( that remained to maneuver inside) , though the doorway should be 800-900 centimeters only have automatic sliding doors and extremely simple control system.

Try to simulate . Imagine that you drive up to the door of the elevator car in a wheelchair and pull the arm to the call button . Ah, yes - in addition you do not see and hear , that is can not determine not only whether the elevator car arrives , but you called her? Creepy! But people with disabilities have to face such obstacles every day , and before the passenger lifts manufacturers and companies who install elevators are constantly thinking about how to facilitate the disabled life.

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In the West and East today every major institution , every self-respecting mall to the maximum equipped attributes create a barrier-free environment : elevators established a multi scoreboard and low-set call button outside cabin . Company performing installation of elevators equipped with additional special cab handrails for disabled, backup power supply and protection from falling , lift maintenance , involves constant monitoring of the anti-slip floors and elevator emergency services regularly check the level of preparedness evacuation systems lifts.

In Russia , unfortunately , the level of barrier-free environment for people with disabilities in general very low, which in particular is reflected in the field of installation and maintenance of elevators. Recently, however, there have been positive developments and some large cities of our country have no way inferior to Europe . It is hoped that the Paralympics has triggered ( kick ) for large-scale launch of this remarkable trend - creating widespread in Russia barrier-free environment and care for people with disabilities.

Order installation of elevators for the disabled can be in "MiTOL" by phone +7 (495) 523-63-49 or make a request in the form of feedback.

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