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News about elevators

Installation of elevators. Lifts on autopilot

In Moscow, presented the elevator that can go "on autopilot."

Cab will continue to move to the desired floor even during a power failure.
Openings metropolitan elevators become wider, and their cabin will automatically get off to the nearest floor when power is off. The concept of "Lift the future" for Moscow was developed by experts in the field of elevators.

Lift MiTOL1

As the "MK", the main know-how were new elevator cabs, which may be installed even in the mines of old houses. Their doors open by folding, "Telescopic" principle, which is why the size of the elevator opening increased from 65-70 cm to 80 cm. This feature is able to greatly simplify the life of the elderly and the disabled. In addition, scientists have created a special elevator winch, particularly silent, smooth acceleration and braking, as well as precision stop on the floor. Another its advantage - the ability to bring the elevator to the nearest floor even at full power down. Also Capital "Lift Future" received information display hidden behind the anti-vandal glass. It is supposed to broadcast news of city life, public service announcements and other useful information. The display is equipped with a camera; over time the device is planned to "teach" to distinguish passengers by gender, and depending on it to choose what information they show.

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