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News about elevators

Maintenance of elevators through the prism of humor

Nikolai Petrovich was a master of his craft. It is recognized and superiors and subordinates. Despite the fact that he, the foreman, was supposed to watch his soldiers conduct installation of elevators, he in his 50 without hesitation went down into the mine and showed a master class. If any team for several days could not launch a new passenger elevator, first called colleagues maintenance of elevators, then - skilled elevator emergency services, followed - in the head office, to the authorities and only then, if all of this was in vain - uncle Kolya.

Lift ne rabotaet1

Maybe - from an excess of respect, and perhaps out of skepticism: Nikolai seriously believed in God lifts. And, interestingly, always found the problem.
Nikolai lives in our house knows how many years. Now Uncle Nick - Director of the largest company engaged in the field of our lift maintenance, and before he was foreman of the team who install elevators across the country. Home then he appeared short visits.
- Well you like a sea captain - teased him spouse. - Remember though, that our youngest something already went to school?
Humour - this is their family trait. Uncle Nick just frowned - "youngest" Serge recently dembelnulsya.

Needless to say, not without funny stories with elevators.

So, Uncle Nick - master installation of lifts. And, of course, ironically passenger elevators in our home with him even Khrushchev era, with all the consequences: burning button of the elevator car, wedging the door of old age. In short, the staff elevator emergency service we were frequent guests ... And everything is nothing, if not eternal scourge of "disadvantaged" neighborhoods - teenagers in doorways, perceptive (and more insulting - used) elevator car as a toilet.
We, the residents, and has a new lock on the door set - nothing helped. Shantrapa like seeped into the entrance, spreading the smell of bulls and fume. It was suspected that they opened the door a couple of students who lived in our porch. Subsequently, the suspicion was confirmed.

Lift ne rabotaet2a

On Sunday morning, I did not have a cigarette. I got dressed and left the apartment. Elevator somehow did not want to be called, and had to go down the stairs. On the first floor I saw Uncle Kolya. He stood in the elevator shaft, the cabin is hung between the first and second floors. Petrovic was squatting and enthusiasm to drill holes in the floor of the cabin, not noticing me. Thinking that the service elevators in our house once, will be held at the highest level, I silently went to the store for cigarettes.
When I returned, Nikolai Petrovich had already finished drilling. Now he took a pair of interior panels in the car and did something with wires. Me he still did not notice and decided that it should not distract, I went into the apartment, wondering what he was doing.

An hour later - the doorbell. Opens - Nikolai Petrovich. Stands and smiles.
- Come on, - said. - I have invented such a thing! Instantly forget how to lift shit!
We went up in the elevator, the door of which was open.
- Look, - he pointed to the floor - you can see the pins?
From the floor really stuck out a couple of short metal bars, each not more than half a centimeter.
- This sensor - continued Uncle Nick. - The pins are connected to the electronics. Eh, I do not envy him who is here to go to small pleases.
- What are you doing! - I'm scared. - And if it so shandarahnet that snaps.
- No, - he laughed Uncle Kolya, lighting - the current one will not be beat. Just if someone piss floor elevator, and hence the pins, the relay contacts will close the "Stop" button. It was then, and we ...
... And Petrovich ran a finger across his throat.

Late in the evening of the same day someone banged on the door of the elevator car from the inside. I rushed to the site and saw the epic picture: Nikolai Petrovich, in shorts and torn vest, armed imposing thick stick on type - metal, runs down the stairs with a straight face rottweiler who stepped on the tail of the elephant.
A little later there was a cry, remarkably similar to the pig squeal.
Then all was quiet. I started to go downhill. After a while he heard the terrible:
- And what would your foot was not here!
Raging tramp and slamming the front door. After passing a couple of missions, I found Uncle Kolya, panting at the open elevator. He relied on his formidable stick.
- Iron? - I asked.
- Do not! Bamboo in rubber - explained Petrovic. - Brother three years ago in Beijing went - brought, gave.
- Strongly you hit him?
- Do not even touch - Nikolai Petrovich laughed. - He's like me with a stick saw him almost seizure did not happen - screamed bloody murder.
I looked into the elevator - in the cabin was surprisingly clean.
- So I have this - it made wipe - apologetically explained Uncle Nick.
- What he wiped?
- Sweatshirts her. Or jackets, it would seem.
We stood at a little cabin and began to climb the stairs.
- Similarly, jackets, - I heard a thoughtful voice of Uncle Kolya behind him.
More in the elevator with us, no one crapped out.

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