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News about elevators

Installation of elevators for transport

Installation of elevators for transport

Installation of automotive lifts

Lift car3

On the roads - traffic jams, the courtyards of houses, organizations and enterprises causing the car, parking space every year becomes more expensive - this is, unfortunately, the reality of each major city of the world. Car is becoming more and it has long been not just a means of transportation, and the whole culture. Everywhere for them arise tire service centers, electronic diagnostics. Why are there - even special movie theaters and cafes. And elevators, of course.

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Car lifts are used throughout and all. Car services they purchase in order to repair the car, car dealers and multi-level garages - to transport cars from level to level, car parks - to save space, private individuals - for convenience and to increase their own prestige in the eyes of neighbors.

Car lift - parking

Lift car8

Initially, it must be said, was one of the smart way to increase the number of seats on the covered parking lot. Recently, this idea was used in not very large in area institutions: business centers, restaurants, and even in apartment buildings affluent areas.
The design and installation of an elevator is very simple: between two racks mounted a broad platform lift. It is made usually of durable, multi-layer stainless.

The owner of the car pulls into the platform stops the engine, down to earth and a touch of a button raises his four-wheeled friend to a height of a couple of meters. Formed under the platform usable space, which immediately takes another car. However, the one who is located directly on the platform, often for good reason there are problems with the departure. However, it is not uncommon for standard parking.

Lift car5

Such an idea - a treasure trove for large sites. If an installation of two elevators, one of the pillars usually becomes common to both, which is very profitable.
Not disdain innovation and the owners of cottages, slowly increase the usable area of your garage. However, many have to deepen the garage so that he could accommodate two cars in height.

Car lift - lift

Lift car1

It is this simple design - namely, four post car lift type - often used in multi-level parking, large warehouses, service centers and distribution centers. The design is simple, but in this case - is practical and more convenient.
Elevator installation is carried out just like all brilliant. Four strong steel rack, they - the guides, set loading platform, driven by strong chain drives. On the level of strength and the number of racks and power drives depends on carrying capacity of the elevator car. For parking is often - 5000 - 6000 kilograms.

Lift car6

Vehicle Lifts four-post type necessarily equipped with reliable security system, including an emergency brake device monitors the status of the chains and, of course, a function of emergency braking.
The platform on which the calls in the car, opened the front and rear, making transport can be downloaded at any level of the parking lot, in any direction.
Large enterprises, building and parking for transport of personnel, more often and bought large amounts of assembling automotive lifts, seeking to more efficiently use the area.

Car lift - exhibition

Lift car9

Who has ever been to a large, international automobile exhibition, certainly remembers how effectively the new models appear as if from nowhere, and slowly rotate before the astonished eyes of the spectators.
The secret is that the car ahead of time put on a special 360-degree rotating platform, the so-called turntable. At first glance it may seem that the use of the turntable purely decorative - for effect, but where to make the maneuver by car is not possible, the turntable - perhaps the only way out. That is why car lifts in large car parks, often equipped with them.

Car lift - garage

 Lift car7

If the machine takes up space on the plot, you're thinking about building a garage, and money do not mind, you can order the creation of an underground garage, where transport will be effectively lowered on the lift.
That is the garage, in fact, will lift. In the raised position, it is a sort of canopy fixed to four racks. Moves this edifice extremely powerful electric drive.

In general version of this seductive only because the chance of stealing a car from the garage of the virtually zero. When closed, the garage is invisible on the roof it can be broken lawn with sun loungers or, for example, put the doghouse. How effectively will be the appearance of the car from the ground in the morning ...
That's the neighbors will be jealous!

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