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News about elevators

Assembling, sir!

Passenger lifts Albion


Our regular readers will no doubt have noticed that every country and almost every capital of the world, among other places, as a rule, has some unusual elevator, a kind of lift with a twist. And how could England, the great region of fog, the birthplace of football and noble gentlemen of Sherlock Holmes and Oliver Twist be an exception to this rule? No, sir, could not and did not!

A bit of history

parovoy liftIndustrial enterprises in England were among the first in the world began to use freight elevators, driven by steam. There are documents dating from 1835, which referred to steam elevators. However, the idea was soon abandoned this: to lift acted, the steam engine was run continuously, and for large enterprises, where the lift used sporadically, it was unproductive and unprofitable.
In 1849 an English hotel «Osmaston Manor» elevator was installed - the world's first ski lift with hydraulic cylinder plunger type of direct action.

Tower Bridge

In 1894, the London Tower Bridge was opened, in the towers which were 2 hydraulic lift up to 40 people, one of whom worked on the rise, and the second - on the descent. The two towers were connected by a gallery, which originally served to go on the opposite shore, when the bridge was diluted. But because of the frequent robberies that took place in them in 1910, they were closed and today visitors can see only the outside of the mechanisms of previous years. Now the gallery is a museum of the Tower Bridge and the observation deck offers beautiful views of London from the Thames.

Eternal elevator

PaternosterThree facts: the eternal elevator was invented in England, he is the slowest in the world and it has no doors.

Paternoster - the name is a passenger Paternoster - design, which is a chain of elevator cars that move one after the other, even for a second without stopping. At any time when the cabin paternoster passes through floor, it is possible to enter or exit. This system is perhaps best characterized by one of the translations of the word paternoster - «rosary." Cabins really like beads that in turn, one after the other fingering.

Paternoster were appreciated by large companies and government agencies, is located in multi-storey buildings with a large staff. Elevator installation is not particularly difficult, his cabin, one after another continuously moving through the building, perfectly cope with passenger traffic of any intensity. Needless to say, that the phrase "to wait for the elevator" in such institutions to abolish itself as unnecessary?

In 20-30 years of the last century, several ministries and departments of Moscow were equipped Paternoster. In the current Russian Ministry of Agriculture building these passenger lifts, already assembled in 1933, work fine so far.
Information about the world's first Paternoster very little. Most sources indicate that the pioneer was like an elevator installed in the English town of Essex. Elevator installation was carried out in 1884. Lift this, incidentally, also live to this day!
In our time, the installation of new Paternoster in some countries has been banned because construction lifts are not adapted for the disabled. I wonder what Paternoster, from England quickly spread across Europe, were completely unknown in the United States. However, there is nothing surprising: in terms of lift business America went on its way ahead, I must say, the rest of the world. At the time, while England reveled in Paternoster, American Mr. Otis elevator and created his emergency brake, which still amazes with its simplicity and genius everyone who has anything to do with the installation of lifts.

The most delicious elevator

Have you ever wanted to lick ... lift? It is possible that after reading the following text, want. And while you're trying to figure out what was happening and looking for the catch, we start ...


Remember the tale of the gingerbread house, where she was a witch, has used this very flat as bait for the kids? One of the London-based firm went further, deciding to create a gingerbread elevator.
In order to diversify boring life of clerks and give them a bit of joy, the firm «Engine», office of which is located on Great Portland, decided to decorate the walls of the elevator famous fruit and a jam biscuits «Jaffa Cake». The design of the elevator took in 1300 of cookies. The project a few weeks worked a staff of technicians and artists. According to one of the project leaders, the idea of creating such a lift was not inspired by the tale of the gingerbread house, and the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

However, not all employees of the company «Engine» embraced the idea with enthusiasm, rushed to lick sweet wall. Many confused, to say the least, some unhygienic project. However, the management company says that at the height of hygiene.
- The walls are covered with special wallpaper elevator, on which are mounted «Jaffa Cake». If at least one visit a cookie used to be licked, lifter immediately swap it with fresh. Be sure that any biscuits licking in the elevator, you - the first who did it - assured the representative of the «Engine» in an interview with a British weekly.

It turns out that workers performing maintenance of the elevator, it is necessary, among other things, to change cookies on its walls.
However, this idea has a positive side. For example, for a long time to get stuck in a lift, waiting for the elevator emergency service, not so bad. At least starvation stuck in it just is not threatened.

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