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News about elevators

Installation of lifts in St. Petersburg

The most beautiful and unusual lifts the cultural capital of Russia.

Zimniy dvorets

Re-start with a story. Putting aside lifts, driven by oxen, and peasant land force, the history of the installation of elevators in Russia should be calculated from the 18th century. It begins in St. Petersburg: it was there, in 1793 an engineer Ivan Kulibin by order of Empress Catherine II completed the installation of the elevator in the Winter Palace.

Installation of lifts for the Empress

Lift Zimniy1"The car of the two large, fixed-pole screws. They like Karetny body place with hoisting it seats, sat with them special, with the rescue of two people who are near, should climb up and down a vertical line "- a documented description of the passenger elevator kulibinskoy design came to our days.
Portions of this elevator were discovered only recently, during the restoration of the Winter Palace in the early 21st century. After the death of the great empress responsible for the maintenance of lifts is not, and the elevator shaft Kulibina laid bricks. However, having heard about the new product, the court of Catherine II as one picked up the idea and began to set in their residences screw elevators and their lackeys, obviously, had to learn the wisdom of elevator maintenance. And in the 19th century elevators, custom, began to appear in state institutions in St. Petersburg. As a rule, the cabin lifts while certainly were faced with precious woods, inlaid ornaments of precious metals and stones, and inside the lifts were installed comfortable sofas.
I must say that lifts themselves, and installation of elevators and lift maintenance carried out so efficiently, that some of these delightful structures have survived to this day.

Assembling for an architect

Not so much the fashion trends as an opportunity to take the more expensive apartments (as mentioned in the ads), led by architect Alexander Khrenova perform the installation of the elevator in his apartment house on the street Tauris, 5, which was built in 1909 in the Art Nouveau style. Admirers of Eldar Ryazanov know that in this house the director filmed a wonderful comedy "The key to the bedroom." In several episodes, and this marked the most lift.

S.Peterburg Tavricheskaya5

To be precise, at the time of the shooting, in the elevator shaft at home Khrenova Alexander has already been completed installation of electric elevator. The old steam hoist and impractical, requiring constant monitoring of lift emergency services, as well as in apartment house merchant Eliseev, dismantled. But the elevator shaft unusual round shape has reached our days, has not changed.

Installation of lifts for the merchant

Lift Fontanka64More precisely - in the apartment house of the merchant Eliseev, which stands on the Fontanka River, 64. It is believed that this is the elevator in the building, designed by the author of many buildings, the architect Gabriel Vasilyevich Baranovsky, was the first steam lift installed in St. Petersburg. Anyway - a first.

Passing through the courtyard of the house with a beautiful facade to the front door, jamb which is lined with decorative ceramics, you will immediately notice the spiral staircase behind the door, lit on both sides of the light entering the lobby of the windows facing into the courtyard on either side of her. The entrance of the house of the people dubbed "Daisy". Unusual shape, painted in yellow color, inlaid fancy moldings, he really resembles a flower.

Steam elevator, located just behind the stairs, according to one version was discharged from America. The assumption that its design was also designed by Gabriel Baranovsky, easily refuted by the fact that the spacious elevator car outside looks flashy and clearly does not fit into the design of the building.
In our time, the elevator in the apartment house of the merchant Eliseev was only round the mine, which employs quite a common sovdepovsky passenger lift with electric.

Installation of lifts for captain

Lift Vitebskiy vokzal2At the main entrance of the apartment building Captain S. V.Muyaki street Rebellion 18 - per. Kovno, 17, central to the main entrance for the passenger elevator, built in the early 20th century, which has every right to be called one of the most beautiful ski lifts in St. Petersburg. But mine forged ornament and a soft leather sofa inside the cabin passenger elevator now serve only a local landmark, which runs a few times a year, elevator emergency services during elevator maintenance to verify that the lift.

Installation of lifts for the "Singer"

Nevsky Prospect, 28 - at this address is "Zinger House", where now based house and office books "VKontakte", and in the early 20th century, as the name implies, has an office of the American company "Singer", which built it in the execution of a large order for tailoring forms for the Russian army.
Three elevators established experts was already world-famous company Otis. Installation was bodices Art Nouveau (in what was then, of course, sense of the word): the cabin was tiled with patterned fabrics, and mine dveripokryty gilded ornament. To date, only one survived from the lifts, which renovated elevator emergency services and is equipped with new modern drive.

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