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Installation of lifts. Canada

Installation of elevators in Canada


In this article mitol tell you about the most amazing passenger elevators of the continent in the world of hockey. In addition, we gently introduce you to the traditions, Kojima strictly follow the service carried out the installation of elevators in Canada and not only, and will tell you about a passenger lift from a trip in which shivers running through the body, more like cockroaches.

Installation of lifts and magic numbers

Wandering through the expanses of the Internet, you can often stumble upon the assertion that the streets of the United States can not be found at home with the number "13", and in high-rise buildings States, home of the lift maintenance, there is floor with this number. The legend that Americans are afraid of fire as a baker's dozen, passed from mouth to mouth and ... is a complete fabrication.

And here in Canada, the number 13 is considered to be really bad. Installation of elevators, as well as construction of buildings, carried out in such a way as to protect the inhabitants of the country of the maple leaf from the meeting with a terrible baker's dozen: no floors, no buttons, no house numbers. Of course, this is done at the request of tenants: if a person wants to live in the house with the number 13, no one would prohibit him this.

Fear of a baker's dozen in Canada sometimes so strong that it comes to the ridiculous. This led to the fact that a few of the high-rise buildings of downtown Toronto when replacing lifts lifts embedded board, on which there were no buttons 13 floors. While the 13 stories in the building were. Likely to lift emergency services received from tenants of the house a lot of questions ...
In Russia, as we know, these problems when installing elevators do not happen. We come simpler then click neponravivshegosya floor just burn. Or break out.

Assembling turnkey

Canada Vancouver

No, not in the sense in which that expression is usually consumed Russian marketers. We are talking about a system of key controls access to the elevator - Canadian chip.
We, however, do not undertake to say that this is a Canadian invention, but that it is most popular in this country - is indisputable. Installation of elevators in modern skyscrapers in Canada involves embedding electronic circuitry lift access control functions. That is, without a special key in the elevator does not go.
But that's not all. Going into the elevator, you have to make your key to the button with the number of floors, but not anyhow any, namely yours. Otherwise - does not work. That is, you can use the elevator only to go down to the first or the same - up to my floor.

In the freight elevator Canadian homes under the ceiling has small hooks. If the tenant was going to move, it must notify tamoshnem zhilkontoru about it, the exact date and time of your move. On the appointed day, at a set time, freight elevator transferred to a special regime and moves only with floor tenant claimed at first and back. A hung on hooks special fabric that protects the wall of the elevator from scratches.
In recent years, assembling with key access control system is becoming more common in Russia. It's clear why: great live, knowing that nobody will spoil the elevator, and its staircase you will not meet anyone except her neighbors.
But that the residents of these houses do when they need to, for example, from your floor to go to the ninth - a mystery. Probably go up the stairs. Or call the neighbors from above: "Hey, Lucas, where are you? I'm on the fifth. You go with me? ".

Installation of lifts and TV tower

Canada Toronto

15 thick hippos can simultaneously raise passenger lift the tower CN Tower, which pierces the sky of the Canadian city of Toronto. CN Tower, with a height of 553 meters, which is 13 meters longer than that of the Ostankino television tower and almost twice the height of the Eiffel Tower, was built in 1976 and until 2007 was of the status of the highest buildings in the world. No wonder that the CN Tower is considered the hallmark of Toronto.
Tower CN Tower is equipped with six panoramic passenger lifts from the company «Otis Elevator». In this glass, not only lifts the wall, but also the floor. Assembling glass panel thickness of 6.3 cm is made in such a way that each of these lifts, even fully loaded, literally soars to a height of 346 meters at a speed of 11 meters per second, giving a great shake-up passengers. Of course, to ride with such speed was safe, lift maintenance at the CN Tower is held to the highest rank.

In addition to high-speed passenger elevators, tourists like the CN Tower in the first place for the observation deck, glass floor which rises above the earth at an altitude of 380 meters and offers an overview of 160 kilometers (if you look closely, you can see Niagara Falls). As in Chicago Willis Tower, tourists often get up on all fours, if not fall on the transparent floor, trying to overcome a fear of heights. And, as on the viewing platform of the Chicago giant, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of: the floor easily support the weight of 100 kilograms per centimeter.

Assembling «Double-deck»

Canada Toronto1a

Sixty-one lift established company «Otis Elevator» skyscraper First Canadian Place in Toronto. Building height of 298 meters is one of the few skyscrapers in the world where was performed assembling systems «Double-deck» - two-level ski lifts. Passenger elevators «Double-deck» are the clearest example of the successful creation of a barrier-free environment: buttons, handrails, fire safety systems and appliances elevator call emergency services are in reach of a child or a person in a wheelchair
Of 29 elevators in the building and they do not just pick up visitors upstairs, but also lowered into the ground, where there is one of the largest underground shopping world.

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