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News about elevators

Installation of lifts. Curiosities

Installation of lifts and a bit of humor

Ever since Monsieur Otis launched the world's first assembly-line production of passenger elevators, and installation and maintenance of elevators strongly occupied a niche in the market, elevators become actors stories, jokes and cartoons. And almost every funny story about the elevator based on real events.

Curve mine

Dneprovskie bashni1

Most probably, an elevator loud funny thing happened last year in Kiev in the construction of a housing estate Vigurovschina-Troyeshchyna. This sleeping area can be called there the analogue of the Moscow Southern Butovo. The legend with a touch of humor (it is clear what content) that go to the people of the area, recently added one more - directly related to the installation of lifts.

At the beginning of the two thousandth in Vigurovschine-Troeschina began the construction of a 34-storey high-rise "Dnieper towers." It was originally planned that the six skyscrapers will be one of the most modern residential complexes in Europe, equipped with the latest models of passenger elevators. But if caught defaulting contractor or, as usual in Russia, some of the money had gone the wrong way: Eleven years after the start of construction, when the skeletons of buildings have already been fully prepared, and began their finishing "turnkey", it turned out that every building mowing, deviated an average of 10 yards. The contractor, however, argued that the slope of the building is not more than one or two meters, and only because the ground on which stands the foundation, very watery.

While the expert committee to sort out who and where screwed up, assembling elevators made their disappointing verdict: perform installation of elevators in this building possible. Due to an error builders building already narrow elevator shaft was bent so that the passenger elevator without going in it and half way, firmly stuck would provide work for elevator emergency services.
However, Ukrainian experts in the service sector are confident that the narrow mine - not a sentence. Produce smaller elevator to order, for companies such as «Otis Elevator» or «Kone» - a piece of cake. In addition, the alignment curves buildings - not a new practice in construction.

Captives lift

Ufa Aigul

There is light at the man-citizen, who has never thought about how it - stuck in an elevator together with beauty? And hardly a single man wanted to get stuck in a small narrow passenger elevator with six players.
Next curiosity, not associated with the installation of elevators, but a valued member of which was the passenger elevator, occurred in the city of Ufa with seven players of the football team of the same name. The day when the football stadium was filled Ufa eyeballs fans awaiting the paint match between "Ufa" and "Khimki" almost became fatal for the home team.

When it's time to go to the stadium, seven players "Ufa" simultaneously squeezed into a passenger lift to pull the front door of the hotel "Agulla." Overloads - the lift got stuck. But the funny thing about this story is not overloaded, and that seven players descended on a small passenger elevator ... from the second floor.

Within an hour, lift the emergency services and the Ministry of Emergencies extracted stuck athletes from the elevator. And maintenance of elevators worked, I must say, it's great: all seven players had to the stadium before the match, and "Ufa" beat "Khimki" with a score of 3: 2.

Ufinsky curiosity was appreciated by many sports tabloids and even entered the top ten most ridiculous situations that fall athletes, according to eurosport.ru. And the players have certainly learned from what happened a good lesson, and next time you need to come down from the second floor, take advantage of the stairs. Or, at least, a freight elevator.

Stuck governor

Odessa veteransky dom

Odessa veterans to May 9, 2012 promised to issue an apartment in a new building. The importance and solemnity of the event exaggerate hard, and oversaw the construction of the house took the governor of Odessa Edward Matveichuk. When receiving the visually finished building, it turned out that passenger elevators do not work. The contractor assured that this is temporary, and services running installation of elevators, solemnly assured the head of Odessa, during inspections lift worked like clockwork. Believe in the word, the governor, showing excellent physical shape, walk up to the top floor, the examination of each apartment, and decided to go back to the freight elevator.

On the way down the freight elevator with the governor and journalists are often twitching, it is unclear to vibrate, and between the first and second floor - all stuck. For a while contractors tried on their own to rescue prisoners from the cab of the freight elevator, but in vain - had to call the elevator emergency services, which dealt with this matter in a few minutes.

It is not hard to guess what mood Matveichuk Edward walked out of the elevator. He at no one shouted, and said quietly, representatives of the construction company that in four days again come to the house and personally ride on each passenger elevators, freight elevators will test all for efficiency.

And the problem was solved - maintenance of elevators passed at the highest level.

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