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Installation of lifts. Belarus

Assembling in Minsk

Belarus Minsk

While the US reigns supreme company «Otis Elevator Company», in Japan and China enjoys the greatest authority «Toshiba Elevator», and the European market manufacturing and installation of elevators filled products «KONE», Belarus as usual decided to go their own way.

Belarusian installation

"Lifts domestic production of cheaper foreign counterparts and are better adapted to our conditions - safely say representatives of the plant" Mogilevliftmash. " - Lifts produced in Belarus, created by modern technology, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. "
In recent years, new buildings Minsk increasingly performed assembling Belarusian producers. Perhaps one of the reasons for this was the last year's incident with passenger elevators that occurred in a residential complex Stone Hill. There was held assembling the infamous German company «ThyssenKrupp», which for some reason refused in three homes, entering into confusion lifts emergency services of the city.
However, in a statement, "Mogilevliftmash" not thrown a single stone in the garden of the famous brands of lift. Claims about the poor quality of equipment and services maintenance of elevators they presented small producers lifts from Greece and China. What agree and their Russian colleagues with Scherbinsk lift plant. According to them, the Chinese lifts do not meet any standards.

Assembling in rombokubooktaedre

Belarus A

No, the author has not dropped his forehead on the keyboard, typing the title. In the geometry of this gibberish is a polyhedron consisting of 18 squares and 8 triangles. It is a form of National Library of Belarus. This 23-storey Rhombicuboctahedron height 73 meters was held elevator installation, which rightfully can stand on a par with the most beautiful panoramic lifts in the world.

The majestic building of the National Library of Belarus, which is rightly considered one of the largest libraries in the world, weighs 135,000 tons, 20,000 tons - is the weight of the books. After sunset on the faces Rhombicuboctahedron, each of which is essentially a color screen, here and there there are patterns, flowers, greeting. Minsk residents proudly (and deservedly!) Called the building of the National Library of diamond and very offended when some tourists compare it with a nut.

Despite assurances from the Belarusian producers lifts the high quality of domestic products, the installation of elevators in the building of the National Library was entrusted to the Finnish giant company «KONE» - one of the main European competitors «Otis Elevator Company».

Panoramic elevator installed on the back side of the main entrance to the library and raises the guests on the 23rd floor, the observation deck. Passenger lift rises slowly, allowing a library to fully enjoy the feeling of floating above the city. Of the elevator car through the transparent prismatic wall a wonderful view of Minsk.
On weekends, from the panoramic elevator doors NLB constantly stretches and turn so that visitors can at any time, down to earth, they are also open freight elevators and lifts, which in ordinary days use only lift the emergency services.

Installation of elevators in "Capital"

Nowadays, almost every celebrity has a community in social networks started normally, the fans. Do you know about the elevators, which are devoted to these communities? Mitol know!

Belarus1 A

Minsk shopping center "Capital" is often compared with the Moscow "willingly close." He goes underground on three floors and, according to Belarusian media, could easily fit a Eiffel tower on its side. And its area, according to the same sources, is equal to the square of ten football fields.
In 2006, the shopping center "Capital" was produced by assembling company «KONE». The Finnish giant then produced to order 3 elevators, 5 trucks, as well as several elevators designed for technicians and lift the emergency services. However, the most delicate work entrusted to do «Otis Elevator Company» - fabrication and installation of two panoramic elevators that connect the three tiers of the building trade.
It is this complex devoted Lifting Vkontakte group, which bears the name of unequivocal: "We love the elevator in the mall capital (Minsk)." Do not believe me? See for yourself - http://vk.com/stolica_lift. Community has a little more than a hundred people, which is not too bad for a passenger elevator.

Installation of lifts in the Red Church

Belarus red Church A

Few people know that in the most famous Catholic church in Minsk - the Church of Saints Simon and Helena, which is popularly referred to only as the Red Church, there is an elevator. - Or rather, was.

Belarus red Church1 AThe Soviet government could not ignore the Red Church. In 1932, all the Christian relics were taken out, and the building was adapted for film studio. It was then and there was made the installation of the elevator to move kinorekvizita the storage chamber, which, for some reason, was located on the top of one of the towers of the church.

In 1990, when the building of the church returned to the Catholic community, maintenance elevator stopped unnecessary. And since the dismantling of the passenger poldemnika and the elevator shaft was to perform expensive and time, owners of the building came easier: top shut out of the lift cabinet and bottom, at the very bottom of the mine made a "grotto Uterine Bosco" - exposition, stone-built, with a statue of the Mother of God in Full-length inside.

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