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Installation of lifts. From the world of the elevator

Maintenance of elevators from around the world

We continue in our now, as it turned out, the regular column "From the world of the elevator" to tell you about the most unusual passenger elevators, which only a genius could invent human thought. But first, a little about the text bread.
Our regular readers will not just stumble on phrases like "assembling", "lift maintenance," "elevator emergency services," which, like and not to a place in this test, sometimes. Do not rush to criticize it for authors - these words are intended to ensure that the search engines like "Google" and "Yandex" could always find our website for your request. Now that this sorted out, fix, perhaps, "assembling", "lift maintenance," "elevator emergency services." Remember Me? And we begin!

Installation of lifts. Fun and creepy!

floor without elevator1

We will start this time with fun. However, as anyone. Imagine that you, as if nothing had happened, enter the elevator, press the button on the floor board. Lift doors close almost silently, suggesting that maintenance of elevators in this building takes place at the highest level. Cab gently touch it, and it falls to the floor you ...

And if it was just a failure in a mine, it would, perhaps, not so bad. But no - you under fire, hell, and hell. In the first few seconds, must be very scared, and adrenaline (or as it's called?) Just spurts. They say half a meter - not limit the height at which jumped frightened passengers.

The originality of this design, developed by British engineer, designer, and just plain fun guy Andrew Walker specifically for London shopping center «Southside» that passengers do not immediately see the picture (yes, this is the figure) on the floor of the elevator. Only after the elevator car picks up speed, the filter that hides a fiery abyss 3D drawing on the floor, it becomes transparent.

Andrew Walker's idea proved to be very popular. She picked up one of the largest manufacturers of electronics, setting in one of the elevators instead of the floor. When the elevator starts moving, "sex" elevator began to "crumble", but the passengers - frantically jump and grab the handrails for each other.

Assembling in Thailand.

Baiyoke Sky

A ride on the panoramic elevator overlooking the warm blue sea up to 77 floors tower offers visitors "Bayok Sky" - the highest skyscraper in Thailand. And rest assured, dear readers, for this advertising mitol not received from the Government of Thailand penny.
In uninformed circles there is a perception that Thailand - it's just an ordinary, though warm, a third world country. In fact - this is one of the most successful resort powers, which is developing by leaps and bounds. The capital of Thailand - Bangkok - for the abundance of skyscrapers often compared to Chicago. However, a city where a lot of skyscrapers, do not compare to Chicago?

In the 309-meter building "Bayok Sky" (also called "Bayok-2") to place all the necessary infrastructure for life. It's hotels, restaurants, shops of all profiles, museums, observation platforms and even an observatory. The building is being maintenance of elevators in the amount of ten units. Seven of them are designed for guests, three - for technicians and lift the emergency services.
Six standard electric elevators reach speeds of up to five meters per second, and can rightly be considered as high-speed lifts. Panoramic elevator can accelerate up to seven meters per second. That they prefer to use the visitors two viewing platforms buildings. And that is why, in order to take advantage of this lift, it is necessary to defend the multimeter place.

Installation of lifts at sunrise

Tower Sky Tree

Tower "Sky Tree", the highest TV tower of the world and the highest building in Japan, Tokyo rises above the earth at 634 meters. The honorary title of the tallest TV tower "Sky Tree" has selected the "Guangzhou". Build a tower so that it transcend natural disasters that the country of the rising sun like attracts.
Viewing platforms are located in three towers at a height of 340-350 meters. The building work one of the fastest panoramic elevators Japan, rising at a speed of 6 meters per second. If you have strong nerves, lift access to the upper levels of the building, you can drink coffee sitting on a transparent floor observation deck, looking at the capital of Japan, nestled beneath you. However, some of it is enough and dizzying ascent to the top.

Nebesnoe derevo

Assembling was performed by «Toshiba Elevator», which specializes in the design and manufacture of high-speed elevators (which she performed the installation of the fastest elevators in the world Chinese skyscraper "Taipei 101"). Lifts, of course, made to order.

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