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Installation of elevators. From the world of elevator 2

Installation of elevators. Elevator, Philharmonic Hall, Chelyabinsk ...

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As usual, once a month mitol does for you a selection of funny, funny, touching, and most importantly - interesting events related to the elevators. This time we'll tell you about what a lift is able to do simple Chelyabinsk pensioner fraudsters, posing as employees of the lift emergency service, iPhones stolen from citizens, as well as how one governor, at the right time in the right place, can provide lifts for the disabled half of the city institutions.

Installation of an elevator for the grandchildren


Elevators for handicapped people began recently installed all over the world. Most often, they differ from ordinary passenger elevators only in that the elevator call button at the door, but the scoreboard inside the cab are on a lower level - to a person in a wheelchair could easily reach them. In some cases, all the input-output panel in the car equipped with Braille for the visually impaired.

Practice installation of elevators for people with disabilities is widely used in Russia. Mitol already told readers about how the company works, perform assembling before the Paralympics in Sochi, a Russian city to make as accessible as possible. But in Sochi lift maintenance carried out dozens of the world's best companies, and we'll tell you about the elevator, who built a single person, 66-year-old pensioner from Chelyabinsk Alexander Shustov.


Alexander last engineer. He has three grandchildren. Two of them, 20-year-old Nikita and 3-year-old Michael, can not walk.
The family lives on the second floor. At the entrance of their house, as in most Soviet-built buildings, there are no ramps. In addition, at the entrance of the old sample set decorative metal column, which prevents drive a wheelchair. To the grandchildren could spend more time outdoors, Alexander Shustov designed and performed the installation of the elevator, where the grandchildren down from the balcony straight into the yard. The guide is based in part on the elevator panel house, but an experienced engineer has calculated everything to the last detail - thanks to the foundation of the house does not spoil, but only to stabilize. Winch mechanism craftsman ordered - they can withstand up to 500 kilograms. Passenger lift starts at the touch of a button.

Maintenance lift pensioner produces itself, and periodically lubricating patching mechanism. At first, without knowing what was going on, local public utilities was tried to stop the construction of questionable design, but understood not only left alone a passenger lift and its creator, but also promised to help draw up the documents that will legalize the construction.

Maintenance of lifts. The scam century

krazha tel lifteElevator stuck. People relate differently to this situation. Some terribly afraid of it turn out otherwise - just do not care, others fantasize with whom it would be best to spend time stuck in the passenger lift. But certainly hardly anyone wants to be stuck in an elevator with a crook.

The original method invented by the Moscow crooks looting. No, they are not with you in the elevator and the elevator did not initiate a stop to the narrow space to fleece your pockets. Driving is much easier with the claim by some genius.
So presentable (as evidenced expensive shoes and the latest model of iPhone in hand) passenger enters the elevator. The doors closed, the lift goes up, but stops halfway and does not respond to the drumbeat that hapless passenger fingers or fist fights off on the keypad. Of course, the passenger tries to contact the lift emergency service, whose staff probably already know about the damage to race and did her resolve.

That seems to the elevator and the emergency services. Someone goes down into the mine, sunroof opens the elevator and assures its passengers that worry about - it now pull out. Then the man on the roof and trying to get the phone to call colleagues. Because they somehow did not answer, he asks for the phone from the passenger cabin. He holds out his iPhone, which took a man on the roof disappears forever in an unknown direction. A few minutes later comes a real elevator emergency service and the passenger cabin is safe and saved. But - without the phone.

Installation of elevators under the supervision of the Governor

Tomskaya filarmoniya

Continuing the theme of passenger lifts for the disabled. One of these lifts was established in Tomsk, a Siberian university town, where, finally, also got the program "Accessibility".
It all happened so. Once the governor of the Tomsk region attended a concert at the Philharmonic. On leaving the building, he saw the following picture: the students will wear on the high porch of two people in wheelchairs. Officer did not like it, and he gave the order management Philharmonic consider creating a barrier-free environment in the building. Traditional variant with ramps there was no good - a majestic architectural appearance of the building would be ruined by such a structure that, because of the height of the porch was also completely useless. Attracted engineers who developed the project of installation of elevators.
The governor, meanwhile, are not sitting idly by how magically from the budget of Tomsk have been allocated 98 million rubles for the creation of an accessible environment in the city. By the end of 2015 in 19 schools of Tomsk appear lifts for the disabled. A few of these elevators will be installed in city hospitals.

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