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News about elevators

Installation of elevators. Antiquity and today

Installation of elevators. How things have changed

What do the ancient Roman Colosseum and modern hotels in China and America? Since you went to the site of "mitol" You, of course, already know the answer to this question - "elevator". We continue to acquaint you with the beautiful and the terrible, ancient and ultramodern, covert and overt passenger lifts in all the earth. Let's start with the ancient ...

Installation of lifts at the Coliseum


The inventor of the first elevator is often called Archimedes scholar. Historians, meanwhile, argue that the elevator was invented much earlier. Who is right and not judge us. However, it is known that during the Roman Empire, passenger lift, as well as his brother had been in the cargo load and is widely used for its intended purpose. A striking example - passenger lifts at the Coliseum.

Historical movies about gladiators, we often suggest that a fighter before entering the arena, sitting in his closet, and after the announcement of his name mouthpiece slowly gets up and straightens his shoulders - "Going to die salute you, Caesar!". Actually closet gladiators were at the lower, ground floor of the Colosseum. How much groundwater levels were in the Coliseum while historians can not say so far - of the dungeons was littered with hundreds of years ago.
On the lower floors of the arena gladiator raised just the same passenger elevators, driven by the most popular at the time the device - slaves. Slaves were pulling winch - the elevator car drove up with a gladiator. Of course, no winch or wooden cabin lifts up to now have not been preserved, but the number of elevator shafts, historians have determined that the Coliseum was just 12 passenger lifts for the gladiators.

Lifts at the Coliseum actively remodel, reconstruct ancient drawings on hunches and modern designers. Most recently, the Minister of Culture of Italy made a presentation of the first in the restored Coliseum elevators for a few hundred kilograms. Use the lift to the scene of the Colosseum brought large animals. This invention is an engineering marvel of the ancient world: the cunning system of ropes, counterweights and balances, with the rise could handle eight people.

Installation of elevators in the pyramid

Hotel Luksor

Mitol already acquainted its readers with the "theory of the lift", according to which, the tomb of the Pharaoh Cheops in the largest Egyptian pyramid, is a great one elevator that worked once, down to the bottom of the deceased ruler's facilities, where it is still lacking. This time we will focus on the modern pyramid and how it makes installation and maintenance of elevators.
Pyramid - this hotel is "like Luxor and Casino," which was named in honor of the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor. He is among the fifty best hotels in the two continents of America and represents tridtsatietazhny body in the form of a pyramid made of dark glass. At the entrance visitors are greeted by a giant pyramid Sphinx, which, actually, is that of the entrance: a passage to the hotel is located between his huge paws.
However, Sphinx wonders for guests' would Luxor and Casino "does not end there. After registration, the visitor will sail on a boat through the hall, decorated with statues of the pharaohs. After the boat trip is a guest at the door of one of the four passenger lifts, which are an interesting feature - are not raised vertically and at an angle of 39 degrees (practically the same slope of the walls of the pyramid). Elevators are also mini-pyramids and the corners move away, to the roof, making stop on floors, each of which protrudes slightly forward relative to the lower. A cage inside is dotted with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, fancy badges and sustained in earthy tones. Installation of lifts at the pyramid "like Luxor and Casino was performed by« Otis Elevator ».

Installation of elevators in Chinese tower

Zhemchuzhina Vostoka

In 1997, Shanghai Pudong TV tower was built, which is dubbed the "Pearl of the Orient". The grand building, which from the spire to the ground - 468 meters, until 2007 it was the tallest building in China and to this day remains the world's third television tower height.
The peculiarity of the TV tower in its device. It justifies its name, indeed resembles a string, strung with pearls on it. Supporting structure strong three columns, the diameter of each of which is ten meters. On the "trunk" of the tower there are two large areas that, in fact, are the "pearls", and several smaller areas. In these areas are located the various agencies as the official appointment (TV studio) and entertainment - restaurants, supermarkets. At the top of the sphere is a panoramic viewing platform, where a cloudless day has a beautiful view of the city on the Yangtze River.
Between the spheres runs the double lift that can carry at a time up to fifty people. Besides, in the barrel of the tower is made assembling who develop speed up to seven meters per second. Such lifts in the building of seven, one of which - panoramic. Works on installation of lifts and maintenance of elevators in the building are made firm «Otis Elevator».

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