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From the world of the elevator. Installation unusual lifts

Assembling original and not conventional.

This article will tell you mitol which lifts worth their weight in gold, both in mind and not for other purposes, you can use the elevator shaft, and how designers «Otis Elevator» made of several ordinary elevators quite extraordinary, almost artistic complex.

Installation of lifts gold

Hotel Parus

The subtitle makes believe that it will be a very expensive on the elevators. However, it should be understood in all senses - mitol tell you about the passenger elevators are made of the real gold.
On the coast, especially in backlight, at sunset, the building can be taken as a huge sailing ship. How much does it cost the building, no one knows, because the owners of the building keep such information confidential. The building is one of the best hotels in the world, which many call the "seven-star". The hotel is located in the United Arab Emirates, and her name - "Burj Al Arab".

For the construction of this monumental building was undoubtedly given the fabulous sum. This can be judged only because earlier at the site of the island, which was built "Burj Al Arab" was the sea, and the island, which is the foundation - artificial. The hotel has the world's highest lobby, and is one of the champions of the cost of living - the amount varies from a thousand to 28 thousand US dollars.

Hotel Parus lift

Passenger elevators in the building are each in a separate circular shaft. Installation of elevators made the specialists of «Otis Elevator», which probably were surprised by the fact that the elevator car on the project should be covered with a layer of the gold leaf.

How many temptations otkolupnut a piece of the elevator ...
However, even without the gold coating, these high-speed elevators, designed and created the world's best professionals, for sure, too, "gold" - in terms of money.

Installation of the lift-toilet

Lift tualet

Elevator, about which we will tell you now, in fact, not a lift. It's just a toilet, which for several reasons was undeveloped in the elevator shaft. How did this happen?
In one of the old Mexican town, whose name is read from the first time will not all - of Guadalajara, has fifteen-old house, which was built in the 70s of the last century. The building is in colonial style and when you look at it, satisfied tourists exclaim, "Bueno!".

Despite a presentable appearance, interior layout of the building, in terms of convenience for the residents, it leaves much to be desired: small apartments and narrow rooms. In some apartments there is no toilet, so creatives design studio, which received an order from the highest paid of the owner of one of the housing on the fifteenth floor, had pretty smash his head as vtesnit restroom in a narrow space. The decision came unexpectedly ...

During the construction of the house it was planned that there will be two elevators, but in the end the elevator installation was performed only in one of the mines, and the other was left vacant for more than thirty years. By happy coincidence, the apartment, which took in the design studio, was just next door to the mine lift.

Instantly solving organizational problems with local house management, our experts carried washroom in the mine. Are not limited to, the Mexican creators made the floor "lift-toilet" transparent and mine equipped with illumination that lights up with the light bulb in the bathroom, covering fifteen-defeating.
Now the landlord really is where to reflect on "high."

Installation of the elevator. Classic and speed

Sheraton Nashville

Four magnificent passenger and freight elevator in the hotel «Sheraton Hotel Nashville» US state of Tennessee, in fact, are the usual lifts one of the basic configuration of the company «Otis Elevator». However, the designers gave it "to the full" in order to enter the elevators in the design of the hotel and make quite an unusual standard lifts visually complex.
The function of the guide lift metal structures operate on the edges of open mine, and she recalls the railroad tracks. From the hall of the hotel it can be seen that the wall up and down scurry small cylindrical capsule, like a mini-train of the future. Taken together, this is reminiscent of a certain sound visualization system, which bars are jumping up and down in a chaotic manner.

Inside the cabin, through the glass wall can be seen as a rush by the many floors of the hotel. The speed of the elevator car - about seven meters per second.

The company «Otis Elevator» - recognized the world leader in the production of passenger lifts. Some of the company's projects, such as installation of lifts gold, immediately become the subject of heated debate in some circles, but the company is making a major bet on the standard passenger lifts. Maybe that's why «Otis Elevator» has always been a leader in this market.

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