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News about elevators

Installation of elevators. Fish, vacuum, pedestrians

Installation of lifts for pedestrians and fish.


We have been told that there are many varieties, types and purposes of elevators. But mostly, they are divided into passenger and freight. There are exceptions, such as elevators for animals and ships. Today we tell about one more such exceptions, as well as to acquaint the reader with a vacuum lifts, which serves as an excellent alternative to a pedestrian crossing.

Installing elevators for fish

Lift fishNo, it is not about the mediocre mini-lift, which serves specialties in fish. Elevator, which was built in the State of Konektikut (on the river of the same name), in fact is intended solely for the transport of fish - more precisely, its rise. What For?

Connecticut River is famous for its shad. This fish, a species of river herring that spawn upstream rises, overcoming thus even small waterfalls. However, CT is not just a big waterfall - the river is blocked by a giant dam, the height of which is about a hundred meters. If a person does not think about the inhabitants of the river, they would be in Connecticut, certainly extinct. But the man thought, and the river was completed installation of elevators.

The lift installed at the dam, about three square meters in size. During spawning, which shad river dwellers the opportunity to continue their family.
Maintenance of elevators at the dam, as well as installation of elevators, was executed by «Holyoke Power».

Installation of elevators. Vacuum

Lift Vacuum

The innovative invention which mitol tell you now, is a marvel of modern engineering thought, who once again proved that all genius is simple. This innovation - namely, the vacuum lifter in recent years complements the standard kompletatsiyu low-rise houses in the state of Florida United States of America.

Mine combined with the mechanism of vacuum elevator resembles a medical syringe. Round polycarbonate elevator shaft completely sealed, its walls are very close contact with the wall round the cabin. Motor powerful pump actuates valve, which is evacuated from the upper part of the shaft, so the cabin starts to rise. The descent is similar: in the space above the elevator shaft begins gradually to the air, and it sinks.

Installation of elevators that rise through the creation of a vacuum in the mine, is quite simple and does not take long: the tightness of the structure provided by the fact that most of the parts assembled at the factory. Maintenance of elevators of this type is also simplified by eliminating the complex multi-level system of cables and winches.

But there are drawbacks. On average, this lift is able to raise just over 200 kilograms. Though, given the fact that holiday cottages where mainly made maintenance of elevators of this kind, they work perfectly, it can hardly be considered a serious drawback.

Installation of elevators. People mover

Lift Schmid Peoplemover1

"People mover Schmidt" - so you can literally translate the name of another unusual elevator constructed in Germany (Schmid Peoplemover). Now the technology that was used in its creation, innovation can not be called since it was assembled fourteen years ago, in 2001.

Lift Schmid PeoplemoverFour-lane federal highway with number 132 in Germany has always been too busy, both in terms of scurrying back and forth cars, and from the point of view of motorists, the road which is constantly trying to cross the residents of neighboring houses. This prompted the authorities to think about the device at this location of a pedestrian crossing, but instead pave the usual tunnel under the highway, it was decided skreativit and build on the track lift.

And, as it turned out, the idea was not so bad. As well as its implementation. "People mover Schmidt" is a semblance of a viaduct over the road: two towers connected by a large cross-section design. And tower and cross rails are supplied, which moves the elevator car, which can hold up to ten people. At first passenger elevator moves up and then freezes at the intersection of tower and cross, it switches to horizontal movement. Designers start two thousandth tried to glory: the elevator car is equipped with a large porthole through which can be seen streaking under the floor line of cars.

Design, installation and maintenance of lifts performed German company «Schmid Maschinenbau». Installers and engineers have worked on glory: cab rides smoothly, with a speed of one meter per second horizontal half meter per second - vertically. In order to overcome the road, the elevator takes less than a minute. During the day, this time to make a passenger lift for about two and a half thousand flights.

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