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Installation of elevators in the Ostankino TV tower

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Ostankino Tower. Installation of lifts


When the Ostankino Tower was built, it is rightly called the tallest building of the world. It was 1967. Now this position, she lost much more ambitious competitors. However, most of the buildings towering over the Russian capital, the Ostankino TV tower remains the tallest tower in Europe and the fifth tallest in the world.

However, we are more interested in not how much time will step "meter", reaching the top of the Ostankino tower (by the way, 540 times), and that in 70 years this building was completed installation of elevators, which, according to some sources, are first in Russia high-speed elevators.

Installation of elevators. Ground speed


It is difficult to say what are the characteristics of the first high-speed passenger elevator installed in the Ostankino television tower, but, according to some accounts, he developed a speed of six meters per second. Such parameters even today can boast not every passenger lift from those established in the Moscow skyscrapers.

Anyway, lift maintenance was conducted regularly in Ostankino until 2000, when it suffered a major fire. The fire occurred as a result of fault in the cables at a height of about 450 meters. As a result of the accident, all passenger elevators in the building are out of order.
For the reconstruction of the Ostankino television tower, again - according to rumors, it took about a billion rubles.

Installation of elevators. Attempt number 2


Restoration of the tower was under way. Simultaneously with the construction of new structures and ceilings workers makes installation of five elevators, four of which have been specially made in Germany.

These lifts still serve faithfully for employees and visitors Ostankino. Three high-speed elevators working for tourists, raising them to the viewing platform, which offers a beautiful view of the metropolis. The fourth is a high-speed elevator, suddenly, for the transportation of products in the restaurant complex. However, the passenger elevators rise only to the ninth floor. Above - 12 level - goes only one elevator, which has no relation to Germany.

Fifth elevator, large and robust, was made especially for the staff of the Ostankino television tower. Production and installation of elevators made Scherbinsk lift plant, which is a reliable partner mitol.

Installation of elevators. New level


New lifts in "Ostankino" different from the old as "Audi" from "Victory" - introduced himself as TV reporters new passenger lifts in Ostankino. New lifts differ primarily in that the energy supply system in them was the new generation. Previously, each supplied by a separate elevator battery, whereby after a few hours the lift had to be sent to a forced charging is now in each elevator shaft was laid special rail that supplies power. But we should not think that this is the usual guide rails, like bare wires. Power transmission is performed in a contactless manner, the type of transformer. Rails in the shaft - is, in essence, the inductive energy transfer element, and the elevator car is provided with a current collector.

The sad experience of two thousand years has not been forgotten. Elevator shaft, as well as cables and other components are made of non-combustible materials and fire alarm system immediately informs the emergency services to lift the slightest fault in the system. Elevator maintenance is done regularly, and all the equipment is contained in a state of readiness.

Installation of elevators. Facts and Figures


Metal and glass, as well as a minimum of plastic - on this principle have been triggered passenger lifts Ostankino television tower. Elevators for guests climb to the observation deck, which is located on the seventh level of the building, less than a minute. Lift is able to carry up to thirteen people at a time (about 2015 kg), while moving at a speed of about seven meters per second.

Indicators to show the height of the passenger lift. Lighting of the elevator car changes as recovery. On the lower floors of the green light, then it turns blue, and in the end - blue, the color of the sky.
Elevator that transports products in a restaurant, and can accelerate to seven meters per second, or even higher, but for reasons of safety (products rather than humans), it is limited to the speed of four meters per second. He is able to raise up to five hundred kilograms at a time.

The television tower Ostankino has seven lifts, but they work only five. The two remaining mines is simply used as a trough for communication and, judging by the fact that the staff and guests of Ostankino is enough five elevators, mine will never be used for its intended purpose.