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News about elevators

Installation of elevators. Cottage elevators from the United Kingdom

Home elevators from the company Life Style Lifts


For people living in a country house, which has more than one floor, there is a need to lift the hedgehog under construction cottage. But not only that staircase takes up space, the elevator takes a few squares of living space. Even if, elevator shaft is outside the house that can be used only in the south of Russia, difficulties in installing the elevator will be enough. Until now, traditional home elevators were very cumbersome and impractical for most houses.

But a miracle occurred, and the company from the UK Life Style Lifts fill a gap in the market of home elevators. Terry lifts, built a new futuristic elevator to the country house and duplex apartments in the city that can be placed in the corner of the elevator shaft, and without which rises along the guide through the hole in the ceiling.


For people with disabilities who reside in a wheelchair or older who had difficulty walking with a stick, Terry lifts just vital. After all, they solve all problems at once by the movement up and down the floors of the house and has a load capacity of 250 kg, ie two adults easily fit in an elevator and you can even grab a grandson.

The first impression of a new lift, as if you install the shower cubicle in the corner of the room, but this is only the first reaction. But when guests turn away, you move to the second floor and that's a miracle, my friends can not understand where are you gone with shower. Real time travel in the Tardis.

Installation of the elevator will take from 4 to 5 days, with all the construction and assembly work and electrical part, that is the key. The elevator has a backup battery that during a power failure, the lift is easy to return to the first floor. Also, the elevator has a standard 30 minute fire protection function of the EU between the sexes, whether the lift is parked upstairs or down.


Security at the height of the elevator, because it is equipped with micro-sensors, pressure-sensitive panel of the lower and upper. Upon contact with any obstacle, instantly stops the movement of the elevator and pinch-point is only 20 mm. If the home has small children or grandchildren, then lift the company will not cause them any harm, even if the child is put under a special toy or a kitten. Lift stops at once and all be healthy.
Also, the lift is equipped with a remote control, with which you can independently move the elevator from floor to floor, even if there are no people.

Life Style Lifts company has already exported more than 200 lifts from the UK to other countries, including France, China and Australia.

Our company MiTOL plans to organize the supply of these wonderful cottage elevators and make installation of lifts at the facilities of Moscow and the Moscow region.

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